Eat potatoes to lose weight?

When we talk about healthy foods, we don’t necessarily think of potatoes. These have gained a reputation for causing weight gain and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, and are often found on a list of foods to avoid, especially for people with insulin resistance. Yet a new study from the Pennington Biomedical Research … Read more

Fed up with their game being used in ‘fake news’ about the war in Ukraine, these are the tips from the authors of Arma 3 so you don’t eat any hoaxes – ArmA 3

At the end of February, the world watched in horror as Russia began an invasion of Ukraine, ushering in a time that will be remembered forever. uncertainty, fear and death of thousands of people. This scenario, already bleak in itself, worsened with the viralization of dozens of ‘fake news’ that used images of Arma 3a … Read more

Scientists Find Something in the Stomach of a 120 Million Year Old Dinosaur Fossil – A team of scientists in China managed to find a 120-million-year-old Dromaeosauridae dinosaur fossil with its last meal in its stomach, namely a frog. More than 120 million years ago, the dinosaurs ate frogs. But not long to eat the frog, the dinosaur died. Even though they died, the dinosaur bones were preserved … Read more

It facilitates digestion, instantly removes toxins from the body! If you eat a handful before going to sleep at night…

Pumpkin seeds are one of the foods that do not end with counting benefits. You will add health to your health when you regularly eat 1 handful before going to bed at night. So let’s take a look at its other benefits together. IT IS GOOD FOR HEART HEALTH Pumpkin seeds are very good for … Read more

Marta Kubišová after bowel surgery: She can finally eat!

She didn’t have a single day off around the round jubilee, so we invited Marta Kubišová (80) to a birthday lunch just now. We knew that she liked to go to “china” in Vodičková street, so we took her to where the chef from this once famous restaurant cooks. The singer surprised us, she refused … Read more

The (un)healthy habits of actress Charlotte Vandermeersch. “I like to eat. That used to give me a lot of stress” | Nina

For her film ‘The Eight Mountains’, which she directed together with her husband Felix van Groeningen, Charlotte Vandermeersch (38) lived with her family in the Italian Alps for two years. She talks to journalist Roxanne Wellens about the search for balance: with her body, her motherhood and with her husband. “Felix and I are demanding … Read more

Our restaurant guide to eat deliciously before or after going to the movies in CDMX

We share with you some of the restaurants near movie theaters in CDMX that offer a quality culinary proposal. They are perfect for ‘cinephile foodies’. It is almost a fact that one of the perfect routines to have fun and distract yourself on the weekend is to go to the movies and then eat. This … Read more