Polytron Electric Motors Can Be Sold For IDR 16 Million, This Is The Secret

Sunday, November 6, 2022 – 09:35 WIB VIVA Automotive – Polytron participate in enlivening the Indonesian automotive industry, by presenting bicycles electric motor. At the Indonesia International Motor Show or GOING 2022they launched two new products. The first new model presented is the Fox-R, which has a power of 3 kilo Watts and can go … Read more

The Invasion of China’s Electric Motors Today, Unlike the Mocins of the Past

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Electric vehicles are believed to be the future of transportation in Indonesia. The government has also issued a number of regulations so that the trend of electric vehicles is quickly absorbed by the public. In the two-wheeled segment, Chinese manufacturers are seen more aggressively entering the segment motor zero emission. Various products … Read more

The Honda U-GO Electric Motorcycle Has Entered Indonesia, How Much Does It Cost?

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – One electric scooter Honda which has been present since last year, namely Honda U-GO, finally entered the Indonesian market. This motorbike is brought in whole (CBU) by general importers Probike Motor. The scooter launched by Wuyang Honda, Honda’s Brand Holder Agent (APM) in China, is indeed quite interesting. Honda U-GO The price … Read more

Yamaha E01 Electric Motorcycle Has a Fast Charging Feature, 1 Full Hour

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Bicycle electric motor Yamaha E01 is said to be starting road tests in Indonesia before 2023. Currently motor has passed homologation, while tests are carried out to test the advantages and desires of consumers. Asst General Manager Marketing – Public Relation PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) Antonius Widiantoro said, one of … Read more

It runs on the sun instead of gasoline. How to use panels for cheap travel

Jan Staněk has photovoltaic panels on the roof of his family house with a maximum installed power of 10 kWp. The photovoltaic system can cover a significant part of the household’s electricity consumption, including heating. Since 2018, he has even been charging two electric cars with the electricity he produces on his roof. It’s not … Read more

Scary! It’s only been 6 days, this cheap electric scooter shock absorber suddenly broke

Jakarta – Once again serious problems are experienced by the cheap electric scooter made in India, Ola. One of the users, experienced a sudden fracture of the front shock absorber. Quoted from Cart, since its initial launch, the Ola S1 Pro has reportedly experienced several quality and reliability issues related to its software, as well … Read more

Alva One Electric Motorcycle Installments From IDR 470,595 per Month

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Motorcycle artistic Alva One, which was officially launched at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2022 exhibition, has now begun preparations for the initial distribution in November 2022. Managing Director of PT Ilectra Motor Group (IMG) Rainier Haryanto stated, the two-wheeled vehicle, which costs Rp. 34.9 million, is being produced so … Read more

Car of the future: ZEDU-1 aims to be the most environmentally friendly car in the world | Regional

Stuttgart – The most environmentally friendly car in the world is made in Stuttgart and is called ZEDU-1. “When braking, no fine dust gets into the environment, just as no microplastics from tire abrasion,” says project manager Franz Philipps. Read with BILDPlus how the super car works.

One Yamaha E01 Electric Motor Has Passed Homologation

BOGOR, KOMPAS.com – Bicycle electric motor Yamaha E01 will soon start road test in Indonesia before 2023. Currently motor it has passed homologation and declared ready for the test. Asst General Manager Marketing – Public Relation PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) Antonius Widiantoro said that homologation is intended so that it can be used … Read more

Discount of Rp. 4 Million Electric Motor Selis Sold Rp. 11 Million to 14 Million Immediately Buy While at the Exhibition

Selis.co.id Selis Agats discount IDR 4 million MOTOR Plus-online.com – This is an opportunity for those who are looking for electric motor ada discount big. Discount IDR 4 million electric motor selis sold for Rp. 11 million to 14 million, buy it quickly while it is playing, it becomes cheap. As we know selis have … Read more