Central – Elena Svitolina… From the tennis court to the ambassador of a war-torn country

Tennis star Elina Svitolina, who reached number three in the WTA rankings in September 2017, was hoping to one day return to see her 80-year-old grandmother Tamara, who has been stuck in Black Sea Odessa since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Svitolina, 27, was speaking to Agence France-Presse after she, along with football legend Andrey Shevchenko, … Read more

Elena Del Pozzo in kindergarten with her mother: the video of the surveillance cameras

Catania, June 14, 2022 – These are the last images of the little girl Elena del Pozzothe 4-year-old girl killed by her mother in Mascaluciain the province of Catania. Martina Patti she told the magistrates, during the interrogation, that she carried out the crime alone after going to pick up her daughter from kindergarten. And … Read more

Infanta Elena gets back in the saddle during an equestrian week with the Duke of Arjona at the Longines EEF Series

From June 2 to 5, 2022, the European Equestrian Federation (EEF) is organizing its Longines EEF circuit in the Spanish capital, an opportunity for the Infanta Elena to get back in the saddle. The eldest daughter of King Juan Carlos took part in the obstacle course competition and seemed to be totally in her element … Read more

Elena Letuchaya refused to work with stylist Rogov: TV scandal footage

The day before, a new program aired on television, hosted by Elena Letuchaya and stylist Alexander Rogov. After the premiere, the TV personality accused the channel team of cheating and left the project. According to her, the new program was supposed to replace the already existing program of Rogov, who was going to work on … Read more

Happened? Elena Ilyinykh lit up a ring with a weighty diamond from Sergei Polunin

The figure skater hinted at a long-awaited event in her personal life. Elena Ilinykh and Sergei Polunin have been dating for several years, but they never reached the crown. The figure skater and ballet dancer started dating back in 2019. Polunin does not constrain that he does not have a soul in his beloved. “Lena … Read more

Blanka Lipińska AGAIN starred in her film: “Elena is a mafia woman. She has a gun and three children, one of which is in her stomach” (PHOTOS)

Blanka Lipińska she was in everyone’s tongues again. As expected, the continuation of her eroticism attracted a horde of curious viewers to the screens, who probably in most cases wanted to find out if “two” can be even worse than “one”. Well, the answer is yes. Appearance also caused a lot of media hype Lipńska … Read more

Not adhering to the singer’s career, Kong Huai Rai opens the Elena Cafe area. Helping artists who lost their jobs

Kong Huai Rai opens the area Elena Cafe Helping the singer Mo Lam lose his job, sell things, make money, reminding artists, celebrities should not take a single career. Follow the news, press follow, live news Sympathy for colleagues who lost their jobs during the Covid famous country singer Kong Huai Rai thus giving the … Read more

Elena Sofia Ricci turns 60: daughter of the first Italian set designer, the relationship with her father, 9 secrets about her

“As soon as there was something that even resembled a stage I would go up there. The difference in height of a step in the living room of the house in Florence where I grew up was enough: that for me was clearly a stage. I was three or four years old: there I realized … Read more

Honduran scientist María Elena Bottazzi is confident that her vaccine will reach Central America

By Susan Fernández and Israel Pantaleón Honduran scientist María Elena Bottazzi announced that there is a great possibility that the Corbevax vaccine, so far the only one without a patent, could reach Central America and the rest of the Latin American region. For the microbiologist, born in Italy, the possibility of this vaccine being marketed … Read more

Marriage proposal at the Braglia stadium in Modena: Cristian asks Elena to marry him

Modena, 28 March 2022 – Their paths first crossed in Lecce in 2007, away to follow Modena football, the great common passion. Then the love for the favorite team united them more and more and they became a couple also in life. The protagonists are two great Gialloblù fans, Cristian and Elena. Tonight Cristian asked … Read more