The 8 Greatest Kingdoms in World History, Their Territories Sprawled Across Continents Page all – Based on the area he managed to master, there are several the largest kingdom in the world which has been formed since the beginning of human history. Some of these kingdoms managed to rule over territories that spanned two or more continents. However, over time, the empire gradually became a thing of the … Read more

A giant asteroid flies around the Earth in January. It’s bigger than the Empire State Building

If he crashed into Earth, an apocalypse would ensue. In the following days, a giant asteroid (7482) 1994 PC1 will fly around our planet. The space body is larger than the tallest building in the world. However, humans do not have to worry about this flight, the asteroid will be far enough from Earth. Earth … Read more

NASA reveals asteroid Twice the size of the Empire Building, hitting the world on Jan 18

Asteroid 1994 PC1 is set to fly past Earth, NASA says it’s closest to Earth at a distance of about 1.98 million kilometers. National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA or “NASA” released data on January 7, 65 about the asteroid named 7482 or “1994 PC1” is scheduled to come closest to Earth at a distance … Read more

Top manager of utilities in the capital secretly hides at least 50 billion real estate empire

Imre Mártha, run by Ferenc Gyurcsány and Gergely Karácsony, the head of the Budapest public satellite system, has amassed many billions of wealth in the greatest possible silence. writes the Metropol. The page has access to related documents. Based on these, the interviewed experts estimate the secretly collected assets of the Gyurcsány branch at 50-60 … Read more

Kindle Paperwhite Review: Trapped in the Amazon Empire – eBook

Amazon’s Kindle is an anachronistic product. While smartphones and tablets score with ultra-high resolution, fluid operation and bright colors, the e-book reader will do one thing above all in 2022: display text in black and white. The e-ink technology used and the matt display guarantee a mirror-free display that comes very close to a printed … Read more

Lewis Hamilton Officially Awarded Sir Title by the British Empire

Windsor – Lewis Hamilton awarded the title Sir by the British Empire. This award is given for the 36-year-old racer’s contribution to the world motorsport. Hamilton received his knighthood from Prince Charles on Wednesday (15/12/2021) at Windsor Castle. It had been announced that he would receive the Sir title earlier this year, after becoming Formula … Read more

Ex-bunnies explore the dark side of the Playboy empire

Former girls reveal dark details of life at the Playboy mansion 1:23 (CNN) — Four years after the death of Hugh Hefner, some people around them have started to share what they say was real life within the empire Playboy. The upcoming A&E Network documentary series “Secrets of Playboy” includes interviews with “colleagues, executives, fellow … Read more

A brief history of the American empire: the pendulum of history always strikes in the hour of war

What if the only, real, decisive threat to world peace were the United States of America? The book seems written with the intact and idealistic candor of a child A brief history of the American empire (Fazi). Instead it is a penetrating and fluvial geopolitical essay with a self-evident and documented thesis elaborated by the … Read more