The lifeless paddleboard enthusiast dreamed of changing the world

The paddle board enthusiast who was found lifeless on the beach of Baie-des-Rochers, in Saint-Siméon, Charlevoix, at the end of the day on Tuesday, was a young Liberal Party activist who dreamed of changing the world. • Read also: 11-year-old hero avoids drowning 2-year-old • Read also: Towards another dark year for drowning Étienne Gélinas, … Read more

Enthusiast decoded the Riddler’s message from the Batman trailer | news

User TheMasterD101 decoded the Riddler’s message to Batman in the trailer for the Matt Reeves movie. According to the enthusiast, he used a method of matching characters. And here’s what he ended up with: Batman, what does a liar do when he’s dead? He continues to lie. Alas, without context, it is unlikely that it … Read more

Tesla Cybertuck faces the road, here is the perfect copy created in Bosnia

A Tesla Cybertruck is roaming the streets of Bosnia-Herzegovina but better not to be fooled. It is not in fact the futuristic vehicle created by the queen of the electric but a faithful copy of it. Created by a motor enthusiast and immediately posted on Instagram, the car looks perfect. It has the same square … Read more

The enthusiast turned Bloodborne into a “pixel” action movie in the style of the classic The Legend of Zelda

Everyone is welcome to read the free Yarntown project. Enthusiast Max Mraz has released the Yarntown project on the Solarus engine. The game is a kind of look at Bloodborne from FromSoftware studio. Max Mraz decided to turn Bloodborne into an analogue of the classic parts of The Legend of Zelda. Max recreated Central Yarnam, … Read more

Vinyl enthusiast and founder of “Jersika Records” Ameriks is ready for international circulation / LR3 / / Latvijas Radio

With Jersika Records creator Mareku Ameriku we are talking about the beginnings in Jelgava, getting into Jānis Joņevs’ novel “Jelgava’94”, playing in a group Satellites LV and in the association “Kuba”, infection with the world of vinyl, the art of recording coverings, Jersikas Street, vinyl festivals, choice of material to be cared for, recordings in … Read more