Britain sends warships to the Black Sea

UK will send in Black Sea two ships from the Royal Navy against the background of increasing voltage on the eastern borders of Ukraine because of Russian military maneuvers, reports The Sunday Times, citing senior Navy sources. According to the publication, it is about destroyer squadron type 45 with guided missiles and frigate type 23 … Read more

escalation of tension in Donbass, USA ready to intervene

The tension Policy between Russia and Ukraine it is rising again. From the end of March the Russia began to concentrate troops and military assets at the eastern border of Ukraine and in the Crimea region, which was re-annexed by Moscow in 2014 following a referendum held on March 16. The new American President Joe … Read more

USA. Biden on sanctions for Russia: I can take further steps, but I don’t want an escalation

– This week I spoke with Vladimir Putin about mutual relations. In January, I told him that we would look closely at assessing the role of Russians in influencing the elections. If Russia continues to interfere in our democracy, I am ready to take further steps, said Biden. – Today I have approved a number … Read more

Foreign Ministry saw a powerful response to escalation in Donbass

Photo: RBK-Ukraine Foreign Ministry reported on negotiations on Donbass Over the past 11 days, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba spoke with 16 colleagues from other countries about the situation in Donbass. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine held 16 telephone conversations with the heads of the foreign affairs agencies of other countries regarding the … Read more

In a telephone conversation, the Estonian Foreign Minister expressed concern to his Russian counterpart “about the military escalation in and around Ukraine”

In a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, Estonian Foreign Minister Eva Maria Limets expressed to her “serious concerns about the military escalation in and around Ukraine” and raised the issue of ratification of the 2014 Estonian-Russian border agreement. “Estonia and Russia are neighboring countries, so we need to keep in touch, despite … Read more

COMMENT: What about the threat of escalation in eastern Ukraine? – Jan Ludvík

What do the Russian maneuvers mean and how will they continue? Michael Kofmann, quite possibly the greatest Western expert on the Russian army, estimates from the nature of the shifting forces that Russia is only showing strength. By contrast, James Sherr of Estonia’s International Defense and Security Center warns that Russia’s goal is to deploy … Read more

Russia warns of escalation in Ukraine could lead to civil war

loading… MOSCOW – Spokesman Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov said that the escalation in Ukraine can lead to civil war. Peskov said the Ukrainian side may take provocative action in the southeast of the country, which would create a threat of civil war. “We, European countries and all countries in the world do not want the civil … Read more

3 data that pave the way for further escalation between Aoun and Hariri in the coming hours

Nicolas Nassif wrote in Al-Akhbar: “From the first minutes of the half-hour meeting, he seemed tense, about to explode, tinged with provocation. Hariri told Aoun that he refused to receive a letter specifying the mechanism for his formation of the government, as he has the constitutional authority to do so. Then he addressed him by … Read more

What might the escalation of Russia and America look like after a “fatal” remark?

Some critics have watched it Joe Biden’s election A sign that relations between the United States and Russia will become more sincere. Asked if he thought Mr. Putin was a “killer,” Biden replied, “Well, yes, I do.” Russian President Vladimir Putin at a concert. (AP) Rarely have world leaders criticized their foreign opponents so directly … Read more