Escalation between host family and Ukrainian family only knows losers: ‘The mobile home will be collected on Wednesday’ | link in bio

It is Tuesday, May 17, late afternoon. Marcello, the 12-year-old son of Marcel and Erna van Scharrenburg, is alone at home. He hears thumping and voices. That in itself is not surprising, because next to the house is a caravan where a Ukrainian woman and her two children have been staying for six weeks. Yet … Read more

Putin demands lifting of sanctions and threatens escalation of humanitarian crisis in Ukraine / Article

Putin demands the lifting of several sanctions, Ukraine warns of intensification of the refugee crisis Controversial news about Lima As the war in southern Ukraine continues, the biggest fighting continues this weekend in Severodonetsk. The city is reported to be fired from different directions and with different types of ammunition. According to military experts, Russian … Read more

Portugal has fewer and fewer houses to sell. Spot price escalation – Real Estate

There is a clear slowdown in the supply of real estate in Portugal. At the end of April, 135,000 properties were available for sale, against 150,000 at the end of last year, which translates into a drop of 6%. A drop in real estate supply that “can cause a short-term price increase, especially in large … Read more

Freight transport unions prepare for escalation

The new rise in fuel prices has once again made professionals in the transport sector react. Prices again flirted with records, reaching more than 15 DH per liter of petrol and 14.45 DH for diesel. The national road freight transport unions, affiliated to the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT), the General Union of Moroccan Workers … Read more

France, Macron: “A project of independence has been chosen in a destabilized world. Prevent escalation of the conflict in Ukraine”

He explained his re-election as the choice by the French of “a independence project in a world destabilized“. And he made it clear that with his stay at the Elysée, France will act “for prevent the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine and to help democracy and courage to prevail “. Emmanuel Macron takes office … Read more

Russia-Ukraine | The tactical nuclear threat, between simulations and precedents: “A cloud over the border would trigger the escalation”

“The Russia has no intend to use nuclear weapons”, The Foreign Minister says today Lavrov, which, however, has repeatedly stated in the past that it does not exclude it at all. So much so that for weeks the news on Russian state TV has been delighting to show viewers the destructive power and speed of … Read more

Fear of interest rate escalation: Wall Street with heavy losses

Fear of interest rate escalation Wall Street with heavy losses 5/5/2022, 8:08 p.m US Fed Chairman Powell has expressly assured that the next interest rate hike will not be higher than recently. But there are doubts in the market. The indices on the US stock exchanges are going down sharply. Investor fears of ever-bigger rate … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war, the Pope: “I suffer and cry. I wonder if there is the will to avoid escalation”

“I suffer and cry thinking about the suffering of the Ukrainian population”. Still Pope francesco appeals for the war in Ukraine, caused by the invasion of Russia, may end. During the Queen Coeli the pontiff asked for humanitarian corridors for Mariupol, the city symbol of the Russian attacks. Inside the steel mill there are soldiers … Read more

New weapons for Ukraine, Travaglio on Nove: “M5S and Lega are against this escalation. And without them Draghi goes home”

“It is or is not a problem that the two parties most represented in Parliament, M5S and Lega, are against this escalation and against sending tanks and offensive weapons to Ukraine? Without them Draghi goes home“. With this question Marco Travaglio in his speech to ‘Agreements & Disagreements’the political talk broadcast on Newcommented the absence … Read more

Escalation continues between Algeria and Cameroon against the background of qualifying for the World Cup

The Algerian Football Federation said, yesterday, Wednesday, that the coach of the national team Jamal BelmadiNo accusation was brought against the Cameroon Federation during his interview with the official channel of the federation on YouTube, earlier this week. she was Algeria On the cusp of reaching the finals World Cup 2022before conceding a goal in … Read more