Car Dashboard Camera Function, Can Become Crime Evidence

You need to know the function of the car dashboard camera. Car dashboard cameras or dashcams have a variety of important functions. Dashcam is one of the accessories available on dashboard mobil. The dashboard camera has an important function for motorists. Therefore, a dashcam is very important in a vehicle. Read Also: Car Dashboard Parts, … Read more

Zverev will not be punished for alleged domestic violence, there is no evidence

Zverev was accused by his ex-girlfriend Olga Šarypova the year before. The 25-year-old German tennis player has repeatedly denied her claims, but the ATP has nevertheless launched an investigation commissioned by an external company. She scrutinized Zverev’s behavior at the Shanghai tournaments in 2019, as well as events in Monaco, New York and Geneva. However, … Read more

Murder mystery in a powerful family: New evidence presented in court

EMOTIONAL: Alex Murdaugh was seen crying during the trial that began in Walterboro on Wednesday. Foto: Grace Beahm Alford / AP Top lawyer Alex Murdaugh (53) found his wife and son killed in the family’s hunting cabin. During the trial on Wednesday, more new evidence emerged that Alex Murdagh himself was the perpetrator of the … Read more

Media person: The Football Association confirms that the two high-level officials have not been investigated and will collect evidence for malicious rumors and report them_Chinese Football Association_He Xi_Xu Chi

Original title: Media person: The Football Association confirms that the two high-level officials have not been investigated and will report the evidence collected for malicious rumors Beijing time on January 26th, according to media person Ran Xiongfei, two more high-level officials of the Chinese Football Association were investigated, namely He Xi, deputy secretary-general of the … Read more

Police with new evidence against Georgekutty; Telling the story of ‘Drisham 3’, ChatGPT – Artificial intelligence series | Malayalam News, Editorial News | Manorama Online

The police is coming with a new evidence to Georgekutty, who has cleared the doubts and bad reputation of his name in connection with the murder of Varun Prabhakar. This time, the police is trying to trap George Kutty, who saved his own family, in a false case by turning a real murder into reality. … Read more

Prisoner sentenced to 130 years in Hawaii, acquitted after DNA evidence | Abroad

Albert “Ian” Schweitzer was sentenced to 130 years in prison in 2000 for the 1991 murder, kidnapping and assault of 23-year-old Dana Ireland. The Virginia woman was found badly beaten up on Christmas Eve 1991 in bushes along a fishing trail in Puna, a remote part of the island. She was sexually assaulted and beaten, … Read more

Russian intelligence: “Ukrainians store weapons from the West in nuclear power plants.” But there’s no evidence News from the world

Russian intelligence wrote in a statement that the Ukrainians keep in nuclear power plants in the country, weapons from the West, including those supplied by United States HIMARS rocket launchers. Formulating this dangerous accusation, however, Russian intelligence did not provide any evidence for it. See the video Will Western countries help rebuild Ukraine? Find more … Read more

There is no evidence for Russia’s claims of success in the war in the Zaporizhzhia region / Article

There is no evidence for Russian claims of war success in the Zaporizhia region IN SHORT: Ukraine expects massive Russian invasion in spring; Germany is still exploring the possibility of giving tanks. Ukrainian and Western experts note that there is no evidence of Russian success in Zaporizhzhia. British experts say that it will be difficult … Read more

US hands UN evidence that North Korea is helping Russia with weapons

The North Korean regime has been angered by the actions of North Korean defector organizations and their supporters, launching balloons with leaflets and materials exposing the regime of Kim Jong-un from the South Korean side. Foto: Ahn Young-joon/AP/SCANPIX/LETA 14:55, 21 January 2023 The United States has turned over evidence to the United Nations that North … Read more

‘Handsless Day’ Shin Dong-yeop finds ‘evidence of the body’ in the client’s video collection → hugs and laughs

‘A Day Without Hands’ brought a warm smile and lingering aftertaste by illuminating the challenging spirit of a 48-year-old Daejeon dreamer who pioneered life at his own pace. JTBC’s ‘Day Without Hands’ (directed by Kim Min-seok and Park Geun-hyung/writer Noh Jin-young) is a program that tells the life stories of citizens dreaming of a new … Read more