What Happens to ‘Young People’ Being Injected with Parents’ Blood? Rats Give Evidence

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A study Recent studies have found that injecting parental blood into young children has an aging effect. It was known through several experiments on mice who are of different ages. Reported from Science Alert, a new experiment conducted on young mice showed they briefly age when scientists injected the blood of … Read more

The moon could be part of the Earth: new convincing evidence

Some scientists are sure that the satellite of our planet could have formed from the substance formed after the collision of the Earth with an object the size of Mars. Now scientists have found new evidence for this idea. Writes about it Science Alert. Geophysicists from the University of Zurich have found new evidence that … Read more

Putin on the Edge of the Horn, This Voice Recording is the Evidence

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The war between Russia and Ukraine continues to heat up. The latest news, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine released a new video containing wiretapped conversations between Russian soldiers in Ukraine cursing about the failure of Putin’s troops. The footage is considered to be a testament to the broken spirit of … Read more

The Strongest Evidence The Impact of a Giant Meteorite Created Continents on Earth

solarseven/iStock/Getty Images Plus Illustration of a meteor heading towards Earth. Some scientists think such a meteor impact may have led to the formation of the continents as they exist today. Nationalgeographic.co.id—To date, Earth is the only one planet what we know that has continent. How exactly they formed and evolved remains unclear. However, we do … Read more

Human papilloma virus | Now the HPV vaccine is applied in a single dose | Cervical cancer | WHO | | TECHNOLOGY

Initially recommended as a three-dose vaccine, these were reduced to two by the WHO in 2017. And now, in an extraordinarily important decision, only one required. READ ALSO: This is the latest on monkeypox and COVID-19 This measure is Without a doubt, transcendental for countries with medium to low economic incomes such as Peru, which … Read more

A row of evidence of Putin’s defeat is just a matter of time

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine is starting to reach the finish line. Various evidences show that the war that has been going on since February 2022 was won by Ukraine. A British security expert, Professor Anthony Glees revealed, Russian troops are considered to have faced many problems during the war in … Read more

In-depth Interpretation – Exposure to Wuhan Changjiang Supplementary Submission of New Evidence, Football Association Acceptance of Registration of New Players Ban Delayed Implementation_Arbitration_Related_Hubei Sports Bureau

Original title: In-depth Interpretation – Exposure to Wuhan Changjiang Supplementary Submission of New Evidence Football Association Acceptance of Registration of New Players Ban On August 7, Beijing time, according to the schedule of the Chinese Super League, Wuhan Changjiang played away to Meizhou Hakka. According to the relevant guarantee signed by Wuhan Changjiang and the … Read more

Unusual divorce of Wojciechowska and Kossakowski. She had to have strong evidence – o2

Martyna Wojciechowska has never complained about the lack of interest from the opposite sex. As she once admitted, she was engaged five times. She decided to change her marital status only with Przemysław Kossakowski. Unfortunately, while their informal relationship lasted 3 years, the marriage was only for a few months. At the end of July, … Read more

Want to Eradicate the Land Mafia, Where’s the Evidence?

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Role actress Nirina Zubir expressed his disappointment with the demands of the Public Prosecutor (JPU) against West Jakarta PPAT elements in the land mafia case. The three defendants from West Jakarta PPAT were only given charges of under five years and a fine of Rp. 1 billion each. According to Nirina, these … Read more