Mortgages have stopped getting more expensive –

At its last meeting last week, the Banking Council of the Czech National Bank (ČNB) kept the base interest rate at seven percent, as expected. It was also reflected in the current level of mortgage rates, which do not continue the enormous growth of recent months. Therefore, the average bid rate increased only slightly, by … Read more

Electricity can be twice as expensive this winter – the local company only offers variable contracts – Värnamo News

About Värnamo News In addition to Värnamo, Värnamo Nyheter also has newsrooms in Gislaved, Gnosjö and Vaggeryd. The paper newspaper is published every non-holiday Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Värnamo News is printed at Herenco press in Jönköping. The magazine is also available as a talk magazine (rats) and in a digital version that can … Read more

8 Refillable Women’s Perfumes That Smell Long Lasting, Smell Every Day Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive!

SEWAKTU.COM – Recommendation parfum women refillable which the smell long lasting. Perfume is the embodiment of a person’s character women Many people say that parfum which the smell soft is women who is kind and humble. If a man smells a gentle scent women that he liked, the moment was unforgettable. Now, parfum women refillable … Read more

Discounts available for everyone. Banks offer a prescription for an expensive one, all you need is a mobile phone and a payment card

We have selected the best and most interesting bank offers for all private clients that you can take advantage of during August. Banks generally offer several types of discounts when paying by card. 1. Automatic discount when using the card. Just activate it You don’t have to deal with anything, and when you pay by … Read more

China’s Fast Car Dilemma: Choose the Cheap, the Result Remains Expensive Page all – The Jakarta-Bandung train project, which is being worked on by a consortium of Indonesian companies-China now stumbled upon a series of problems. This project was supposed to be completed in 2019, but it is estimated that it will only be completed in mid-2023. Construction costs have also increased. The cost of constructing the … Read more

PlayStation 5 before price shock? It could be expensive for gamers

A price increase for the PS5 is no longer a taboo subject at Sony. (Image source: GIGA) Hardly available, but still more expensive soon? After Sony has already raised the prices for many products in the entertainment sector, the PlayStation 5 should be next in line. Sony prefers not to comment specifically on the subject. … Read more

Long Covid: bruises, haemorrhages… “blood washing”, an expensive and dangerous experimental treatment?

Patients with long Covid would turn to experimental practices such as “blood washing”. One in eight people with long-term Covid would keep symptoms over the long term, according to a study. This is why thousands of people would be ready to travel to the end of the world in order to have recourse to “blood … Read more

Ranking of the 10 most expensive soccer players in the world

According to the Transfer Market website, which specializes in determining the market value of players, French Kylian Mbappe, 23, the French star of Paris Saint-Germain, tops the list of the 10 most expensive football players in the world, with a value of 160 million euros. And Erling Haaland, 22, recently moved from Borussia Dortmund to … Read more

Expensive tickets, 10 thousand euros to fly to Beijing – Economy

Bad news for latecomers who have not yet decided where to spend their summer holidays and are currently preparing to buy a plane ticket to reach a foreign capital or a foreign tourist destination. Flight fares have in fact reached record levels, as confirmed by Istat which recorded a 160.2% increase in international air tickets … Read more