Durian Party Collapses Over, Fuel Imports Explode!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia’s surplus is thinning in July 2022 and is expected to be further eroded in the future. The decline in commodity prices, the weakening of the global economy, and the surge in fuel imports were the factors. The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) noted that Indonesia’s exports in July reached US$ 25.57 … Read more

The currently valued market will not last long. It will either explode or it will cover the profits of the companies

Americk inflation has slowed down in erven, what podpoilorst self-confident investor. This appears to be a risk factor in the world economy. The valuation of companies is also very high on average. The end of the results season was solid, but the worst results for companies in the US since the pandemic. The weekly insight … Read more

Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán met again after 103 days and social networks explode

The dancer Toni Costa He revealed last Friday in his stories on his personal Instagram account that he would possibly go on a trip, and it would be to a very particular place because after three months had elapsed he would be able to share with his girlfriend, Evelyn Beltrán. At night both shared a … Read more

Liga 1 Transfer Market Closes: Persebaya Surabaya Squad Worth IDR 65.7 Billion Will Explode

SURYA.co.id, – Here’s the list of players Persebaya Surabaya worth IDR 65.7 billion, believed Aji Santoso will explode in Liga 1 2022. For information, the Liga 1 transfer market will be closed today, Thursday (4/8/2022) at 23.59 WIB. Based on the market value posted on the site Transfermarktsquad Persebaya Surabaya currently has a market value of IDR … Read more

Julia Gama exposes Natalia Alcocer and fans explode in support of the Brazilian: The House of Celebrities

Julia Gama. Photo: Courtesy / Telemundo Julia Gama took advantage of the conflict that arose at yesterday’s gala with the expulsion of Laura Bozzo, in order to expose the apparent inconsistencies of Natalia Alcocer. The Viking made Bozzo see that the treatment she gave to some women in the house was not appropriate, because in … Read more

Elections, Paragone threatens: “Mattarella intervenes on the signatures or the square will explode”

“To collect 750-1000 firm in August it means wanting to delete the anti system forces. But dissent, if it does not find space in Parliament, will explode in the streets. And I’ll be there ». Gianluigi Paragone goes on the attack and calls the President of the Republic into question Sergio Mattarella. Italexitwhich will run … Read more

They filter video of the unrecognized daughter of Anuel AA and the networks explode

An unpublished video of the little baby of the Puerto Rican ragpicker was leaked on social networks, which quickly went viral. A few months ago, a young woman named Melissa Vallecilla, revealed that she had a temporary relationship and was pregnant with Anuel AA, but he would have denied the paternity of the girl despite … Read more

Rush on firewood due to ongoing energy crisis: prices explode

© Rias Immink Due to the ongoing energy crisis, more and more people are switching to heating with wood. The firewood suppliers have their hands full, according to a survey by De Tijd on Friday. As a shortage threatens, prices explode. Bron: BELGIAN Friday 29 July 2022 at 05:48 Now that European gas prices are … Read more

Covid-19 Cases Explode Again, Early Symptoms of Omicron Not Fever

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Along with the development of cases, the initial symptoms of Covid-19 were also found that were different from before. Some patients report that the initial symptom is not fever, but fatigue and tiredness as a sign of being infected with the virus. This was revealed by the Covid symptom study application … Read more

Banks will do this, the dollar will explode. Warning about KKM came from two famous economists. After Alaattin Aktaş, Şenol Babuşçu also warned about Currency Protected Deposits, foreign currency accounts claimed interest.

In his article today, Dünya newspaper columnist Alaattin Aktaş said, “The budgetary payments in KKM are a problem, but the main problem is another… What will the saver who is accustomed to the return of foreign currency do when the KKM application ends? or disaster awaits us.” had claimed. Another claim about KKM came from … Read more