Former soldier co-orchestrated Capitol storming – now facing 20 years in prison

“Let the fight begin there. Then President Trump will get what he needs.” Stewart Rhodes, founder and leader of the so-called Oath Keepers, a far-right militia, said during a meeting shortly after the US presidential election. Ever since it was clear that Joe Biden had won, Rhodes has inflamed his Oath Keepers with lyrics about … Read more

“Meta” is facing a lawsuit for $ 3.2 billion … the exploitation of personal data of 44 million users

Social media giant Facebook, now known as Meta Platforms, is facing a 2.3 billion pound ($3.2 billion) class action lawsuit in Britain over accusations that the group exploited the personal data of 44 million users between 2015 and 2019. taking advantage of its dominance in the market. The suit, to be heard by the London … Read more

Facing Omicron, nearly 1,500 soldiers as reinforcements in rest homes

On Monday, no less than 1,800 employees in nursing homes were absent due to the epidemic. Soldiers have therefore been deployed in support in rest homes in Brussels and in seven Flemish residences. Currently, there are still some in Pepinster, in Wallonia. To avoid contamination, nursing home employees are required to wear an FFP2 mouth … Read more

The old man called, he was finally starting to act. Czech hockey is facing criticism

Source: Lukáš Filipec, HC Oceláři Třinec COMMENT – Finally some noise. The hockey association turned to the chairman of the National Sports Agency, Filip Neusser, who asked him to cooperate in reconsidering the measures limiting the participation of spectators by a uniform limit, which is set for November 26, 2021 per 1,000 spectators. But why … Read more

Arab-Iranian-Turkish Ministers ‘Facing’ China, Why?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Ministers of Arab countries who are members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are now in China since Monday (10/1/2022). They consist of the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and GCC Secretary General Nahef bin Falah al-Hajrah. The arrival of the Arab ministers and officials will last until … Read more

Many Arab Ministers ‘Facing’ China, What’s Up?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Foreign ministers of oil-rich Arab countries reportedly paid a visit to Beijing, China, Monday (10/1/2022). They came from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and the Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Nahef bin Falah al-Hajrah. There are no direct details as to why this was done. But the arrival … Read more

Investors facing inflation in 2022

LCentral banks are fighting back. They had long underweighted the pros and cons. For nearly a year, they had put inflationary pressures into perspective and delayed their intervention. With the arrival of Omicron, the dilemma was even more serious: should monetary policy be tightened to curb inflation – without any guarantee of success because this … Read more

WWF: We are facing the greatest extinction of species since the extinction of the dinosaurs

Currently, the Red List of Threatened Species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature includes 142.5 thousand. species of animals and plants, and 40 thousand. of them are at risk of extinction. The number of endangered species is at its highest since the publication began in 1964. The protection of endangered species is not … Read more

PLN Formulates Business Outlook Facing Business Competition and Trends in Electricity Consumption

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – President Director of PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) or PLN Darmawan Prasodjo stated that his party had formulated a business outlook to face the increasing competition in the electricity business and the increase in electricity consumption this year. The preparation of the PLN 2022 Business Outlook is carried out using a mega analyst … Read more

In Tréguier, despite growing fatigue, pharmacies are facing the health crisis

The three pharmacies in Tréguier, as in all the others located on the national territory (20,000), have been facing, with force and rigor, for almost two years the current health crisis and this despite growing fatigue of the teams. Indeed, in addition to the classic activity, pharmacies must manage the new missions entrusted to them … Read more