Fact Check: General Andika Perkasa Descends Mountain, Hundreds of Tons of Drugs belonging to Ferdy Sambo have been confiscated

SEPUTARTANGSEL.COM – The murder case of Brigadier Yosua Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat alias Brigadier J at the official house of the former Head of the Propam Police, Inspector General Ferdy Sambo is still rolling and has entered a new phase. Currently Ferdy Sambo has been named a suspect and is suspected of under Article 340 subside … Read more

Viral Gus Samsudin Calls Husband’s Anger for Breast Cancer, This is the Fact

Jakarta – Recently, Gus Samsudin’s viral statement said that mothers who are often angry with their husbands can get breast cancer. The narration was uploaded in a TikTok video by Richard Lee on his personal account. Dr Richard also joined in questioning the reasons behind anger related to cancer. “Do you know where breast cancer … Read more

Said Didu Becomes in the Spotlight After Commenting on the News ‘Mandalika Circuit Strikes Out’, Even though this is the Real Fact!

KLIKANGGARAN — No Said Didu is now in the spotlight and trending on Twitter, Saturday, July 13, 2022. Said Didu was widely discussed by the public after he commented on a news entitled ‘Mandalika Circuit Crossed out, Check out the MotoGP Test Venue Schedule 2023 ‘on his Twitter account @msaid_didu on Friday, August 12, 2022. … Read more

Brigadier General Hendra’s Wife Confesses about Brigadier J’s Case Scenario: Ferdy Sambo Gentle Lah

Merdeka.com – Brigadier General Hendra Kurniawan transferred from the position of Head of the Internal Security Bureau of the Professional and Security Division (Karo Paminal Div Propam) of the National Police. He was transferred to the National Police Chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, as Pati Yanma Polri. Hendra Kurniawan was transferred because he was suspected … Read more

Leading Persija Jakarta Training, Thomas Doll In fact succeeded in making Jakmania smitten with his appearance

TRIBUNWOW.COM – Team training sessions Persija Jakarta ahead of the opponent Persikabo 1973 successful make Jakmania in love with the figure Thomas Doll. Reported TribunWow.com, Persija Jakarta continue to pursue the team’s preparation to fight Persikabo 1973 in the fourth week Liga 1 2022. Persija Jakarta will visit Pakansari Stadium, Bogor, on Sunday (14/8/2022) night … Read more

Mega Millions: player is told that he did not win any prize, but in fact he had withdrawn $1 million dollars

Meredith was the only person in America to match the first five numbers. Foto: MargJohnsonVA / Shutterstock Malcolm Meredith, a lottery player from Manassas, Virginia, purchased a ticket for the May 20 Mega Millions drawing. Shortly after the draw was made, Meredith showed her ticket to a person, who looked at it and told her … Read more

FilGoal | News | Tariq Al-Ashry reveals the fact that Mustafa Fathi joined the Vanguard of the Army

Tariq Al-Ashry, the technical director of Talaa Al-Jaish, hinted at the possibility of Mustafa Fathi, the Saudi Al-Taawoun player, moving to the team. Mustafa Fathi is absent from the camp of his Saudi team, Al-Taawoun, for the preparation period for the new season. Tariq Al-Ashry said in statements to Al-Mehwar TV: “Mustafa Fathi to the … Read more

FilGoal | News | Ahmed Sami reveals the fact that Ceramica Cleopatra duo signed for Al-Ahly

Ahmed Sami, the technical director of Ceramica Cleopatra team, stressed that he does not know anything about the signing of his players Shadi Hussein and Mustafa Messi for Al-Ahly. Ceramica Cleopatra tied with Enppi without goals in the 30th round of the Egyptian League. Ahmed Sami said in statements to Ontime Sports: “Signing Shadi Hussein … Read more

Knowing 4 Unique Facts of Hagfish, the Smoothest Ancient Fish in the World

In 2017 ago as reported by Nationalgraphics.coma container truck loaded with thousands of kilograms fish Hagfish spilled on the streets, causing severe traffic jams. At that time, the road was filled with fish squirming with mucus so thick that the road was so slippery that it took the firefighters 7 hours to clean it. Well, … Read more

Dead Moskita | The sharp fact that Luciano El Tirri revealed about Paker: «He is the most…»

The debut of “Sing With Me Now” left a lot of material to cut. In the El Trece reality show, the The challenge for the participants will be to achieve, with their performance, that all the jurors get up from their seats, press a button and sing along with them, to achieve a place on … Read more