Official MVP list: Antetokounmpo ranks first, KD slips to third, Curry falls out of TOP5 – yqqlm

Original title: Official MVP list: Antetokounmpo ranks first, KD slips to third, Curry falls out of TOP5 Beijing time on January 15th news, the NBA officially announced the latest MVP list. In this issue of the list, Antetokounmpo and Jokic ranked the top two, KD fell to NO.3, and Curry fell out of TOP5. 1. … Read more

Deputy Regent of Sukabumi Falls Affected by DHF, at Jampangkulon Hospital, Two DHF Patients Have Died

District Contributor Report Sukabumi M Rizal Jalaludin TRIBUNJABAR.ID, SUKABUMI– vice-regent Sukabumi Iyos Somantri is sick dengue fever dengue (DHF). It is not yet known for certain the cause of the second person in the Regency Sukabumi, West Java how can it be infected DBD. During confirmation, Iyos confirmed that his condition was affected DBD. … Read more

[US market conditions]Stocks continue to grow, the dollar falls sharply-US CPI almost as expected-Bloomberg

The US stock market on the 12th continues to grow. US Consumer Price Index last December (CPI) Showed a significant increase for the first time in about 40 years compared to the previous year, but the content was almost in line with market expectations, so buying became dominant. It is expected that the rate hike … Read more

He accidentally shoots himself and falls into the cliff: a 48-year-old hunter dies

A man died this morning in Colli a Volturno in what appears to be a hunting accident. The incident took place in the early hours of the morning in an inaccessible area and according to preliminary information the deceased hunter would have fallen into a cliff while he was engaged in hunting boar. According to … Read more

He falls off a slope, his Alaskan Malamute warms him for 13 hours until help arrives: “ There is no limit to friendship and love between man and dog ”

VOLARICE. The image of North, an 8-year-old Alaskan Malamute and his owner, the first above the second around you lying on a stretcher. An image that tells of a misadventure that took place in the mountains, in Croatia, and of the extraordinary relationship that can develop between a dog and his best friend. To spread … Read more

Algeria national football team falls into a goalless draw against Sierra Leone – Al-Binaa Newspaper

The Algerian national team disappointed its fans, after it fell into the trap of a goalless draw, in its first match in the African Nations Cup, against Sierra Leone. And the balance of the warriors, one point, is equal with the Sierra Leone team, awaiting the second match of Group E, which will bring together … Read more

Kimberly Loaiza falls in love with her fans wearing her spectacular figure in a swimsuit

The Mexican influencer and singer, Kimberly Loaiza, left her millions of followers in social networks speechless by sharing a photo session where she shows off her charms wearing a mini white swimsuit. It was through his Instagram account where he shared the photos that perplexed his almost 33 million followers that he has on said … Read more

Edomex. Subject who used submachine gun to assault combi passengers falls

Tlalnepantla.- Personnel from the Secretariat of Public Security of the State of Mexico reported this Sunday on the arrest of Franco as the alleged assailant who used a submachine gun for rob the passengers of a public transport van that was circulating in the neighboring municipality of Coacalco last January 2. State police “during the … Read more

The number of deaths after rock falls in Brazil rises to ten

Efforts are being made to identify the dead, and divers are still searching the lake in case there are more dead. Police believe it is possible that more are missing. At least 32 people were injured, but most of them were discharged by Saturday night. The landslide took place on Lake Furnas between the villages … Read more