The Chilean peso is one of the emerging currencies with the best performance of the day and falls below $ 710

The value of the dollar in the local market fell from important support and remains at its lowest value since February 24. The exchange rate ended the day falling almost $ 5 compared to yesterday’s close, so it ended at $ 708.5 This is the lowest value since February 24 There are two factors that … Read more

Bad news falls on Demba Guissé. The artist loses everything!

Demba Guissé would never have imagined that he was going to lose all his data (clips, password…). On Youtube, the artist can no longer access his channel or his email. The artist made the announcement on his Whatsapp status. “My account was hacked. I no longer have Youtube or Gmail. I will never forgive this … Read more

SpaceX rocket wreckage falls on farm

Posted6 avril 2021, 18:58 The second stage of Falcon 9 disintegrated in the atmosphere earlier than expected and a pressurized container crashed in Washington state, luckily without injuring anyone. It is a pressurized container which had contained helium which fell back to earth. Grant County Sheriff Last month, a Falcon 9 rocket put 60 new … Read more

Indonesian Boxing Champion Falls Beaten by TNI Paspampres Soldiers

VIVA – There is an important event military The Indonesian National Army which escapes the public’s spotlight. A soldier TNI just got into a fight against the national boxing champion. In that one-on-one fight, the national boxing champion named David Koswara collapsed as a result of a hard blow sent TNI soldiers the. David Koswara … Read more

Huge chunk of Falcon 9 rocket that burned over Seattle falls on farm

Photo: Grant County Sheriff On March 26, the second stage of a Falcon 9 rocket, which had failed to get out of orbit after a Starlink mission, disintegrated in an uncontrolled manner. over the states of Washington and Oregon, in the northwestern United States, causing an impressive light show. Apparently, the atmospheric reentry did not … Read more

The results of the 2020 Doha Moto3 Race, This is Andi Gilang’s Position, the Indonesian Team Racer Falls

MOTOR – Racing results Moto3 2021, this is a position Andi Gilang and the Indonesian Team racer fell! Racing Moto3 Doha 2021 was just held today, Sunday (4/4/2021) at the Losail circuit. The results achieved by Indonesian racers Andi Gilang alias Andi Farid Izdihar can’t be spelled out In series Moto3 Doha 2021, Andi … Read more

She falls to the ground due to an illness, her dog blocks the traffic and saves her: now he is a hero

April 04, 2021 12:01 pm Clover is the name of the four-legged friend: the entire scene was captured by surveillance cameras in the area, in Ottawa, and after the publication on the web it went viral in a few hours The scene was captured by the neighborhood surveillance cameras and then spread by Cts news; … Read more

During the first half of the year, two hot falls have formed in Latvia

During six months, two hot falls or natural phenomena have formed in Latvia, as a result of which pits tens of meters wide and deep are formed in the ground, reports TV3 Ziņas. The land consists of various layers of rock, which are constantly flushed by groundwater. As the rocks dissolve, a void forms underground. … Read more

Qualifying Results for Moto3 Doha 2021: Indonesian Racing Gresini Moto3 Start Front Line, Andi Gilang Falls in Q1

Gresini Racing Qualifying Results for Moto3 Doha 2021: Indonesian Racing Gresini Moto3 Start from the Front Line, Andi Gilang Falls in Q1 – Jaume Masia managed to grab pole position in the qualifying session Moto3 Doha 2021 held on Saturday, (3/4/2021) night. Masia bloat Jeremy Alcoba and Gabriel Rodrigo each of which must be … Read more

Young man stopped at a roadblock falls ill and dies

He was in the car with two of his friends. Investigations ongoing. CALTANISSETTA – Stopped at a roadblock a 28-year-old young man accuses an illness and dies shortly after. It happened this afternoon in Caltanissetta. The young Nyssian, Gaetano Ferrara, was traveling in a car with two friends when he was stopped by the carabinieri … Read more