The surprise “concert” on the street by Fedez with Tananai and Mara Sattei: fans in delirium. Video

Editorial board June 07, 2022 1:56 pm Share Special performance on Monday evening for Fedez, who held a mini concert on the street in Milan. As announced on social media, in a live that he himself described as a bit “crazy”, the Milanese singer sang their new “La dolce vita” with Tananai and Mara Sattei, … Read more

Fedez at the Tananai concert, Ferragni is a delirious fan

17 maggio 2022 09:38 The rapper goes wild in the audience, the influencer in the audience “takes him back” “I managed not to spoil that I was at the Tananai concert” writes Fedez by publishing a shot in his colleague’s lap. Together with Ferry he poses with Tananai with irrepressible smiles and emotions. “Like the … Read more

Did J-Ax and Fedez make peace? The singer’s gesture displaces the fans

What are the relationships between Fedez and J-Ax? For a long time, the two have gone through a period in which they have not heard from each other. In fact there was a certain tension that resulted in a situation of frost between one and the other. It is not immediately clear what were the … Read more

Giorgia Soleri talks about Damiano and draws a parallel with Chiara and Fedez

By now we have come to know very well Giorgia Soleri . Not just to be the girlfriend of Damiano David of the Maneskin but above all for his desire to make his personal battles known. The girl told herself in a long interview with FanPage.iton the occasion of the release of his new book … Read more

Fedez: “I received a phone call from Vialli that I will hardly forget”

Read also: “Heartfelt thanks to Luca Vialli and good luck for tonight’s game”. Thus begins the story of Fedez, who appeared just before 9.00 pm today, Thursday 24 March, on his Instagram profile, in which he tells of having received a phone call from Vialli himself a few days before the operation due to a … Read more

Fedez, Chiara Ferragni’s husband, underwent surgery after receiving the worst news

Fedezthe Italian musician and husband of the fashion businesswoman, Chiara Ferragnireceived the worst news a week ago when he revealed to his fans that he was going through a delicate moment of health. “Unfortunately, they have found me a serious health problem, but fortunately on time, which implies that I have a long road ahead … Read more

“A point in favor of the Cav”, the embarrassment of Berlinguer – Libero Quotidiano

One Mauro Corona irrepressible and 360 degrees a CartaBianca, on Rai3. In its traditional “cover”, pressed by the hostess Bianca Berlinguer on current events, the writer, sculptor and mountaineer does not hold back when it comes to Silvio Berlusconi and his “wedding not wedding” with Marta Fascina celebrated on Saturday in Arcore with a wealth … Read more

Fedez: Chiara Ferragni’s husband is seriously ill

After the Italian super influencer Chiara Ferragni (34) and her husband Fedez (32) made headlines, especially with rumors of a marriage crisis, a stroke of fate followed for the couple. Fedez makes his health problems public. “I’m here to tell you that unfortunately I’ve been diagnosed with a health problem,” he explains to his 13.5 … Read more