Singing figure with Covid-19 symptoms: “I have a fever and my skin hurts”

This week, two full teams from Singing 2020 They were isolated after their coach’s positive test for coronavirus Natalia Cociuffo. Last Thursday the results of the swabs were known: they all tested negative. But this Saturday Angel of Brito informed how much Lola latorre how Brian Lanzelotta They are with symptoms, for which they had … Read more

The fever for Messi raises the football temperature within hours of the Bolivia-Argentina appointment – La Razón

Bolivia will seek to regain its confidence as a squad and its faith and hope in prospects for the World Cup Qualifiers, when tomorrow at the Hernando Siles stadium (16.00) it plays with Argentina, who arrived last night with their main star, Lionel Messi. Despite the fact that the elimination contest has just begun, the … Read more

José María Listorti has coronavirus: “I had a little fever and a sore throat”

The comedian is isolated at home after testing positive for coronavirus (Instagram) Jose Maria Listorti joined the list of celebrities who were infected with coronavirus. The driver has been in isolation at home since Sunday, the day he began to feel some symptoms. After taking a swab and confirming that he had COVID-19, he posted … Read more

Queries to leave the City are growing: can the coronavirus have the “exodus” effect of yellow fever?

There are diseases that come to change everything: not just the health situation. Also the ways of working, relating and even inhabiting the city. As well as cholera and yellow fever Buenos Aires moves from south to north and out a century and a half ago, today the coronavirus pushes the desire of middle and … Read more

Trump to be hospitalized after experiencing fatigue and fever from coronavirus – NBC Utah

El presidente Donald Trump, quien tiene COVID-19, sería llevado al centro médico militar nacional Walter Reed el viernes por la tarde en su helicóptero como medida de precaución, según confirmó un alto funcionario de la Administración a NBC News. The president is “fatigued” and was given an “experimental cocktail of antibodies” to mitigate the symptoms … Read more

The anti-mosquito brigade drives out the vector of dengue fever in Martinique

Under the authority of the Regional Health Agency, anti-mosquito brigades go to the places most affected by dengue in Martinique. More than 900 additional patients were diagnosed in August 2020 in the territory. The trend is towards a clear increase in the number of new confirmed cases of dengue in Martinique in recent weeks. In … Read more

Which part of guava is more effective in treating dengue fever?

TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID – A study found that the fruit with the scientific name Psidium guajava has healing properties in dengue cases. The study conducted by Malaysian researchers published in the Journal of Natural Medicine in 2013 confirmed the efficacy of guava fruit in overcoming dengue fever. The property in question is to increase the decreased platelet … Read more