350 firefighters in action

Fires Rome: the direct – Nine interventions for vegetation fires affecting the territory of Roma and province. 350 firefighters are engaged, also with reinforcements from Abruzzo, Campania, Tuscany, Umbria. Since yesterday, of the 406 total interventions carried out by the command, 193 have been for vegetation fires. In Ardea, in via Laurentina at km 27,400, … Read more

a thick column of black smoke visible for miles, the firefighters present in number

Published on Saturday, June 18, 2022 at 4:58 p.m. A major fire broke out this Saturday on a farm in Lille, in the province of Antwerp. A fire broke out on a farm this Saturday in Poederlee, Lille, in the province of Antwerp. A thick column of black smoke was visible for several kilometers. The … Read more

Hiker felts and roasts stolen sheep in the middle of nature reserve, firefighters prevent forest fire: “Everything could have burned down” (Ranst)

ranst – A hiker in the protected nature reserve Zevenbergenbos caught a man on Friday afternoon while he was roasting a freshly skinned sheep over a fire between the powder-dry pines. The Ranst fire brigade had to come and extinguish the fire. The sheep thief managed to escape. Around 5.30 pm the fire brigade had … Read more

A tragedy narrowly avoided: firefighters free a baby locked in a car in Wavre

Firefighters from the Walloon Brabant rescue zone were called to intervene, Wednesday around 6:45 p.m., in rue Henri Lepage, north of the city of Maca. The driver of a car in which there was an 18-month-old baby closed the doors of the vehicle while the keys were on the dashboard. The rescuers broke a window … Read more

Falling wall mobilizes firefighters — DNOTICIAS.PT

A wall at the entrance of a private residence, located at Rua Dr. Ernesto de Oliveira, in Funchal, collapsed this morning, but did not cause any injuries. The Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters were mobilized at 12:30, having deployed a light vehicle and three elements. The Municipal Civil Protection was also called in to signal and assess … Read more

Brussels firefighters rescue a woman who fell into a ten-meter pit

The emergency services were notified around 7:30 p.m. by neighbors who had heard a lady calling for help. This had fallen into a deep well in his garden, rue Joseph II in Brussels. Firefighters and their RISC (Rescue in Special Conditions) climbing team were dispatched to the scene, as well as an SMUR. When they … Read more

The story of the firefighters parades through the streets of the center

Viterbo – The procession, which started from Piazza San Lorenzo, finally reached the Memorial – PHOTOS AND VIDEO Viterbo – (dan.ca) – The story of the fire brigade parades through the streets of the center. A little while ago the procession of the national association, with the banners, the institutions, the protagonists and a body … Read more

Closes gang rape case against French firefighters – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

It reports the news agency AFP. The decision to close the case was made in April, but has not been known until now. The Norwegian woman, who in 2019 was 20 years old and a student in the French capital Paris, must first have had voluntary intercourse with a firefighter. According to the review, several … Read more

Firefighters will also run on electricity, they do not have to worry about a discharged battery

The first fire electric car enters service in Los Angeles, costing about $ 1.2 million. Firefighters in LA took over the Austrian electric vehicle Rosenbauer RTX. Amenities include an on-board Wi-Fi network and a reconnaissance drone. The electric car with a length of 8.25 meters has both axles driven and steered. The drive reaches an … Read more

Monreale, Monte Caputo is on fire: firefighters and foresters at work to defend the houses

Dozens of fires today (May 25) in the province of Palermo. It was only in the late afternoon that the fire in Monreale on Monte Caputo and Poggio Ridente was put out. In addition to the firefighters and foresters from the ground, a canadair and a helicopter went back and forth to put out the … Read more