“No flag, no Motherland”: Netrebko, who boasts of foreign houses, was rigidly put in her place

At the beginning of this year, opera singer Anna Netrebko managed to turn her compatriots against herself. In an attempt to sit on two chairs after the conflict with Ukraine broke out, the artist almost lost her job and definitely lost the love of many fans. Now, no matter what the star does, it is … Read more

Serbia is punished after the controversial flag

<div id="article_1208389" data-url="/vm-2022/serbien-straffas-efter-kontroversiella-flaggan-/" data-title="Serbien straffas efter kontroversiella flaggan " data-pagename="Serbien straffas efter kontroversiella flaggan " data-pagetype="Article" data-pagelinkid="1208389" data-description=" Serbia’s flag in the dressing room caused great anger in Kosovo.Now it is clear that FIFA is punishing Serbia. ” data-image=”https://imageproxy.a2d.tv/?source=https%3a%2f%2fwww.fotbollskanalen.se%2fImageHandler.axd%3fimageFormat%3doriginal%26guid%3d6e93882c-ca8a-4009-a920-517e3ba4351b ” data-publishedtime=”2022-12-07 17:13:00″ data-articletags=”Football World Cup 2022,Serbia,Kosovo,World Cup 2022″ data-styleurl=”https://www.fotbollskanalen.se/StaticHybrid /Styles/ifragasatt.css?ver=2022-12-01T13-10″ data-shareurl=”https://www.fotbollskanalen.se/vm-2022/serbien-straffas-efter-kontroversiella-flaggan-/”> Soccer World Cup 2022 … Read more

Not Accepting the Auction of the Widi Islands, TNI AD Raise the Red and White Flag

Jakarta – TNI AD through the Military District Command (Kodim) 1509/Labuha deployed soldiers to raise the red and white flag in Widi Islands. This action is to emphasize that the Widi Islands are part of the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). Dandim 1509/Labuha Lt. Col. Kav Romy Parnigotan Sitompul … Read more

Mondial 2022, juicy market of the national flag

We are in Rabat, in a well-established café, located on Avenue Fal Ould Oumeir, in the Agdal district. On this weekend morning, no Moroccan match is scheduled. However, many customers conspicuously display outfits in the colors of the national flag. Decidedly, before, during or after the matches… all the timings are good to show a … Read more

Alternative Russian “anti-Putin flag” spreads around the world.

A transcript from Dagens Nyheter, 2022-12-05 15:03 Original address of the article: https://www.dn.se/varlden/sa-sprids-den-ryska-anti-putin-flaggan-over-varlden/ Updated 2022-12-03 Published 2022-12-03 Cyprus 29 september. Photo: Thomas Karlsson It is the alternative Russian “anti-Putin flag” used by tens of thousands in protests worldwide, from Toronto to Tel Aviv. But whoever shows it at home in Russia ends up in prison. … Read more

Exclusive/White paper revolution spreads to Japan! Chinese People Waving the “Blue Sky, White Sun and Red Ground” National Flag | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

International Center / General Report ▲Chinese people living in Japan waved the national flag of our country on the streets of Shinjuku. (Photo / Authorized by Transparency Magazine) Recently, people from all over China took to the streets to mourn the victims of the fire in Urumqi and protest the authorities’ unreasonable anti-epidemic policies, setting … Read more

The first response from Mayan Al-Sayed to her attackers after she appeared with the flag of Palestine in

11:53 p.m Thursday 01 December 2022 Books – Mustafa Hamza: The controversial artist, Mayan Al-Sayed, was attacked on her social media pages, after she appeared yesterday evening, Wednesday, during the match between Saudi Arabia and Mexico in the World Cup in Qatar. Mayan appeared, carrying the flag of the State of Palestine, and wearing a … Read more

You play revolution under the US flag

Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın is close to the government. A News He participated in the live broadcast of his television and answered questions about the agenda. Speaking about the military operation planned to be carried out in Syria and Iraq, Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın talked about when the operation would take place. “It could be tomorrow, … Read more

Protester with rainbow flag banned from World Cup matches

DOHA, Qatar (AP) — The protester who ran onto the field during a World Cup match carrying a rainbow flag and wearing a blue Superman T-shirt with messages in support of Ukraine and Iranian women was banned Tuesday from attending any more matches during the tournament in Qatar. The World Cup organizing committee said in … Read more

A “distorted flag”… Iranian anger at the US team’s initiative to support the protesters

The US women’s soccer team is struggling to get equal pay with their male counterparts, despite their impressive track record. A lawsuit filed before a court in the state of California says that there is discrimination on the basis of sex in the financial benefits received by the players, and the newspaper says Washington Post … Read more