Woman says she saw a shark and forces her to raise a red flag on Monte Gordo beaches – Portugal

The red flag was hoisted on several beaches in Monte Gordo and Manta Rota, this Wednesday afternoon, after a bather said she saw a shark on Cacela beach, in Monte Gordo. The Maritime Police patrolled the area but did not see any marine animals of the type that were allegedly seen by the woman. .

Forced to remove the red and white flag, now the police continue to hunt down the perpetrators

GARUT, KOMPAS.TV – Action of forced removal Red and white flag of Arrowroot, West Java, captured by surveillance cameras. Even though they have an identity, the police are still pursuing the perpetrators. The video on this news shows a 24-second surveillance camera recording depicting the seconds of a group of youths carrying out a takedown … Read more

Indonesian Red and White Flag Similar to Monaco, What is the Explanation? All pages

KOMPAS.com – In two days, 17 August 2020, Indonesia will commemorate Independence Day the 75th year. Warning HUT ke-75 RI This was enlivened by the raising of the Red and White flag in all corners of the country. Related Red and white flag, it is not only Indonesia that uses this color. Monaco also has … Read more

Negotiation by the Apparatus Failed, the Flag of the Moon and Stars Keeps Flying with Red and White in Aceh

Commemorating the 15th Aceh peace day on Saturday (15/8/2020) was marked by the raising of the Moon and Star Flag beside the Red and White flag on the courtyard of the Great Mosque of the Islamic Center in Lhokseumawe City, Saturday, August 15 2020. (Source: KOMPAS.com/MASRIADI) ACEH, KOMPAS TV – A flag red and black … Read more

Negotiation by the Apparatus Failed, the Flag of the Moon and Stars Keeps Flying in Lhokseumawe

LHOKSEUMAWE, KOMPAS.com – The 15th Anniversary of the Peace Aceh on Saturday (15/8/2020) there was the raising of the moon and star flag next to the red and white flag on the courtyard of the Great Mosque of the Islamic Center of Lhokseumawe City. The flag had flown around 09.00 – 09.30 WIB. After holding … Read more

They place flag upside down in San Jerónimo, users report on networks and turn it over

The error was quickly reported by users (Photo: Twitter @ alsnig) The National flag was placed backwards in the roundabout of San Jerónimo from Mexico City for what internautras of social networks they denounced the situation to which elements of the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) went to change it a few minutes later. In … Read more

Apart from the Molotov Bomb, the police confiscated the Anarko flag from the gang that wanted to infiltrate the DPR demonstration

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The Polda Metro Jaya detained eight of the hundreds of people who were arrested when they wanted to join the demonstration against the Work Creation Omnibus Law Bill around the DPR / MPR Building, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Friday (14/8/2020). The eight people were suspected of being an intruder who wanted to create … Read more

Ice cream parlors are super happy with good weather but are not yet flying the flag | NOW

Thanks to the warm weather during the holiday season, it is a great time for the ice cream parlors. These weeks are making up for a lot, but according to the Association of Craft Ice Center (VAI), the season has not been saved yet. “Thanks to the beautiful weather and because it is also a … Read more

The largest Swiss flag hangs undamaged on the Säntis

Five members of the state government address the citizens at August 1st celebrations. At 150 farms, they have the opportunity to participate in one of the traditional brunches – all taking the corona protective measures into account. Minister of Economics Guy Parmelin combines both today: in the morning he will take part in the brunch … Read more