voters no longer vibrate to the idea of ​​a new Constitution

On the pedestrian avenues of Santiago de Chile, some activists struggled to distribute their leaflets for their candidate for the future Constitutional Council. Passers-by did not really pay attention to it, although more than 15 million Chileans had the obligation to move this Sunday, May 7 in the polling stations, to elect 50 constituent councillors. … Read more

Van Domselaar is criticized: “I was already completely…

Daphne van Domselaar at FC Twente Foto: © Pro Shots FC Twente Women narrowly lost a visit to Ajax Women last weekend and has therefore lost the lead. RTV East journalist Tijmen van Wissing saw the game and thought that the winning goal of the team from Amsterdam resulted from a blunder. “Boy, what opportunities… … Read more

Planet Twice the Size of Earth Found, Its Surface Covered in Sea

Planet Twice the Size of Earth Found, Its Surface Covered in Sea. Indy100 Reporter: Merdeka – A rare planet has been discovered hundreds of light years away. This finding is claimed to be the key to understanding the formation of planets outside the solar system of the universe. More than 5,300 exoplanets have been … Read more

a body found in a stream (photo)

A terrible discovery was made by young people this Sunday afternoon in Dentergem, Flanders. While they were in the middle of scouting activity, a body was found in a stream. Police and firefighters were dispatched to the scene. The site was completely evacuated by young people from the youth movement. A young girl, who is … Read more

A fawn found dead in the domain where around 5,000 revelers illegally entered Sint-Truiden

The local police of Saint-Trond, in Limburg, and the army intervened on Saturday morning on the military estate of Brustem, where some 5,000 people gathered for a clandestine party. No arrests were made in the disused military hangar, the objective being to end the festivities in peace, said this morning the mayor of Saint-Trond, Ingrid … Read more

doors, hood and bumpers removed!

We were talking about it earlier in the week, the phenomenon is more and more visible, without however experiencing a real explosion. This Friday morning again, a completely boned car was found in Trazegnies, rue Allard-Cambier, in Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont, a few steps from Trazegnies (Courcelles). ** ************ ***** **** ******* ********** **** ** ***** ** ******* … Read more

It turns out that this is the number of planets outside the solar system discovered by NASA

It turns out that this many planets outside the solar system have been found by NASA. NASA, ESA, AND M. KORNMESSER (ESO) Reporter: Merdeka – NASA believes that the Milky Way Galaxy is home to billions of planets, it is estimated that there are at least 100 billion planets there. But NASA scientists seem … Read more

“My mum was found in a village I don’t even know,” says her daughter

The federal police announced the sad news this Friday evening: the lifeless body of Laurence De Coster was found. The 50-year-old had disappeared Thursday morning from her home in Jemeppe-sur-Sambre. His disappearance had been considered worrying by the authorities, the latter had issued a search notice on Friday morning. Her daughter Alisson confided in our … Read more

Ukrainian refugee who had fled war in his country for Belgium found dead along a road

A 63-year-old man from Voer was killed on Easter Monday in a hit-and-run traffic accident in Slenaken, the Netherlands, just across the Belgian-Dutch border. He was found dead along the road. A 50-year-old from Eijsden-Margraten in Dutch Limburg was arrested for questioning, according to local police. of videos Dutch police were informed around 9:15 p.m. … Read more