British royalty women’s perfumes

We tell you the perfumes that the royals chose for their wedding day, which you can also have. Be part of the british royalty implies luxury and elegance. That is why royals are attentive to every detail of what they are wearing, including their perfumes. It is said that the scent of a perfume reflects … Read more

Actress Marion Cotillard, new face of Chanel’s iconic N5 fragrance

Chanel has announced that Marion Cotillard will be the face of the new ad campaign for her iconic No. 5 fragrance. This is the first time that the French actress has lent her image to a perfume. Marion Cotillard has been faithful to Chanel since the beginning of her career and perfectly embodies French natural … Read more

What is the essence of a scandal? Meet So Scandal !, the new fragrance by Jean Paul Gaultier –

Model Irina Shayk is the face of this perfume, which captures the spirit of those who are not afraid of being the center of attention. What does a scandal look like? What is its essence? Irina Shayk knows of scandals: a life in the public eye, highly visible relationships with Cristiano Ronaldo Y Bradley Cooper … Read more