Heavy gusts of wind from storm Francis cause damage

Summer storm Francis, which has been traveling across the country since last night, has caused damage and nuisance in the coastal provinces. This mainly concerns facade damage, fallen trees and water damage. In The Hague, a woman ended up partially under a tree. Passers-by helped her out from under the tree, after which she was … Read more

Heavy gusts of wind and trees blown down by summer storm Francis | Inland

Rail traffic, among other things, is struggling with the consequences of the storm. For example, early Wednesday morning between Amsterdam and Den Helder, there are fewer intercity trains due to the weather conditions, there are no trains between Boskoop and Gouda due to a tree on the track and there are no trains between Breda … Read more

Summer storm Francis causes damage and incidents here and there | NOW

Summer storm Francis caused damage and incidents here and there on Tuesday evening and in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. In Heerhugowaard a scaffolding collapsed and in The Hague a woman ended up under a falling tree. In The Hague, according to Broadcaster West a woman on Laan van Meedervoort fell under a tree, … Read more

Summer storm Francis on the way: heavy gusts of wind, trees may fall | NOW

The Netherlands will have to deal with summer storm Francis on Wednesday. Weather Plaza warns that weakened trees could fall and advises vacationers to take precautions. The wind is already increasing strongly on Tuesday evening. At sea it gets stormy with heavy gusts of wind up to 100 kilometers per hour. In the night from … Read more

Francis Lalanne 62-year-old dad: how the singer met his 24-year-old partner?

Francis Lalanne is 62 years old for the fifth time! At the turn of an interview with Gala, the famous singer has indeed revealed that his young companion of 24 years old gave birth to a little girl in the greatest of secrets a few months ago … Non Stop People tells you more . … Read more

Seskam / Francis before ‘Rally Liepāja’ a slightly more aggressive team image

Publicity photo LMT Motorsport Academy crew Mārtiņš Sesks / Renārs Francis presented the new design of the team’s sports car and overalls at the press briefing today, August 10. Publicity photo “Every detail counts in the competition. The design of the overalls and car forms part of the energy and mood of the race, but … Read more

Here it all begins: Francis Huster and Elsa Lunghini casting the new TF1 daily series

The character of Maxime Delcourt, played by actor Clément Rémiens, will also be present in this new fiction which should be scheduled for the fall just before Tomorrow belongs to us. Cast of choice for the new daily series of TF1. The private channel is about to start filming Here it all begins, building on … Read more