YouScribe, the French start-up that is nesting in Ivorian publishing

YOUSCRIBE To satisfy the reading needs of its approximately 29 million inhabitants, the Ivory Coast currently has only twenty public libraries, ie one for 1.45 million inhabitants. A largely insufficient figure, point out professionals in the sector, in particular for schools whose documentation centers are almost all reduced to the bare minimum. And in the … Read more

The French press said ‘black day’, 1 million people took to the streets in the country! Big strike against 64 retirement age

More than 1 million people are expected to take part in opposing the controversial pension reform in France. strike And the performances began. At the call of the unions, the French took to the streets throughout the country due to the demonstrations in which many sectors, especially energy, transportation, education and health, would participate in … Read more

French growth reaches 2.6% in 2022

However, the fourth quarter was marked by a slowdown in this growth (+0.1%). Today, INSEE indicates that the economic activity growth French reached 2.6% last year. However, this growth was curbed in the fourth quarter (+0.1%) due to the decline in household consumption in the context of inflation. The end of the health crisis It … Read more

The electronic cigarette considered at least as harmful as the traditional cigarette by a majority of French people

The fourth Barometer of the National Cancer Institute (InCa) shows that while the electronic cigarette is known by almost all French people, the perception of its dangers remains very approximate, while a majority of its consumers do not not use this product for weaning purposes. The Inca Cancer Barometer, based on a five-year study carried … Read more

Sammy Mahdi: “French speakers will become the gravediggers of Belgium”

In an interview with Humo magazine, the president of the CD&V Sammy Mahdi attacked the French-speaking parties. “If the French-speakers do not want to reform, they will become the gravediggers of Belgium”, he declared in particular, returning here to the subject of pension reform.

Sistelo, the ‘little Portuguese Tibet’, featured in one of the biggest French newspapers

One of the biggest French newspapers, the Le Figaro highlights in its travel section, Sistelo, the “Little Portuguese Tibet”, in Arcos de Valdevez, as one of the ten most beautiful places in Portugal worth a visit, along with Piodão, Monsanto or Óbidos. O Le Figaro introduces Sistelo “dubbed the ‘little Portuguese Tibet’ for the magnificent … Read more

Burkina Faso: why is the junta asking for the withdrawal of French troops? | TV5MONDE

Burkina Faso’s government spokesman confirmed Monday, January 23, that Ouagadougou had requested the departure of French troops within a month. Paris replied that it was still waiting for clarifications from transitional president Ibrahim Traoré. Analysis by Ousmane Ndiaye, Africa editor at TV5MONDE.

A French university has banned students from using ChatGPT

“The use of ChatGPT at Sciences Po, or any other tool using artificial intelligence, is strictly prohibited for the time being, except for pedagogical use under the supervision of a teacher, for the preparation of students’ written or oral work,” the university said in a letter sent to all students and teachers. Sciences Po is … Read more

French multinational comes in with a flu remedy that mainly consists of sugar water –

Oscillococcinum is one of the most sold homeopathic remedies in the world. The French Boiron earned 455 million euros in 2021. It would help against the flu, but it’s pure deception. “The drug is made by mixing 35 grams of duck liver and 15 grams of the heart with glucose and some water and juice … Read more