IMGW has issued warnings, among others of the first degree against frost and icing for the northern part of Poland

First degree warnings against frost and icing at night were issued for part of the country by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management. Winter is coming back to Poland, but according to forecasters, only for a while. Frosts may occur in the northern, north-western and north-eastern parts of Poland. Icing is forecast in the … Read more

Weather report – Western Europe is climatically ahead of two months, anomalous temperatures and thunderstorms as if it were summer. Frost and snow instead on the northern sectors « 3B Meteo

reading time1 minute, 37 seconds Weather – Anomalous heat and heavy thunderstorms in Western Europe, cold and late snow in the North While Northern Europe continues to experience abnormal cold and late snowfallthe flow of cicy torrents of arctic origin following the stratwarming at the end of February it ended up stimulating in the low … Read more

Northern Europe in the grip of frost and snow, storms and hardships; alert on Ireland, England and Scotland « 3B Meteo

reading time4 minutes, 18 seconds Northern Europe in the grip of frost and blizzards UPDATE FRIDAY. HEAVY SNOW IN THE BRITISH ISLES. The United Kingdom continues to be grappling with exceptional weather conditions, due to which there have been further events in the last few hours abundant snowfall up to lowland altitudes. In South Yorkshire … Read more

Frost, drizzle, snow… here are the weather forecasts region by region

The maxima will fluctuate between 4°C on the Ardennes peaks and 10°C in Belgian Lorraine. In the center, the MRI expects maximum temperatures around 7°C. The wind will be moderate from the northeast, gradually moving north in the evening. LFriday will start with gray skies in many areas with lots of low clouds and even … Read more

Negative temperatures, frost… here are the weather forecasts for the next few hours

LCloudy periods will be relatively numerous until mid-afternoon and may be accompanied by light precipitation, initially winter, in the northwestern part of the country. In the other regions, the weather will remain dry under partly to sometimes very cloudy skies. The maxima will vary from 1 degree in the Hautes Fagnes to 5 or 6 … Read more

Snowstorm and frost over the United States: over 1,000 canceled flights, blackouts in at least 29 states – The video

Over Usa Hundreds of flights have been canceled and tens of thousands of homes are without power as high winds and snows swept through the western and central states overnight. We talk about over 1,000 flights blockedboth incoming and outgoing. Cbs News reports that beyond 75 million of Americans are on weather alert in 29 … Read more

A historic cold night: the record set in Lithuania 67 years ago has not been broken by the speed of the ice to this day

“All over the country in 1956 both January 31 and February 1. at night, the minimum air temperature dropped below -30 °C. Even on January 31, the weather (as strange as it sounds) only warmed up to 24-30 degrees of frost. After such a very cold day, a record cold night came. In Utena, the … Read more

Long-term weather – February 2023. The polar vortex will collapse, winter will return. Snow storms and biting frost

Both December and January abounded in weather anomalies, including the warmest New Year in history, when thermometers showed dizzying 19 degrees Celsius. Already in the second half of January, winter made itself felt again due to cold weather fronts, which brought with them precipitation rain and sleet, and increasingly lower the temperature. Long-term forecasts weather … Read more

It hasn’t been this cold here for decades. The frost killed more than 150 people in two weeks

Afghanistan is struggling with severe frosts, the worst in a decade. Extreme cold has killed at least 150 people in recent days. A ministry spokesman said at least 150 people had died in Afghanistan due to the cold in the past two weeks. Around 70,000 livestock also died. Authorities are calling the onslaught of winter … Read more