Golden Olympic strangeness. The Czechs had to shoot, the agreement of the highlanders passed

In the competitions of wrestlers and judokas, two bronzes are divided according to the rules. A rare phenomenon is the medal felt. It should not occur in measurable sports such as athletics. The optics can determine the order in thousands of seconds. In vertical jumps, at the same power, the final order should occur when … Read more

The fence will be “golden”: Šimonytė says that the physical barrier at the border will require over 100 million. euros –

1 photo Šimonytė states that the physical barrier at the border will require over 100 million. euros. Photo by Elta “There are a lot of probabilistic calculations here, because the costs, at least those needed to support migrants for a certain amount of time, also depend on the number of people and how well they … Read more

According to the press, Juan Carlos longs to return home. Exile in the Emirates became a golden cage – ČT24 – Czech Television

The daily El País described the daily regime of Juan Carlos I as somewhat monotonous. “Reading the Spanish press is one of the activities that fills the long boring hours of its golden seclusion in Abu Dhabi,” the paper said. Other common activities include watching movies and rehabilitation. “His greatest enemy is loneliness,” the letter … Read more

LOH 2021 Tokyo | The golden kayaker slept on his way home, then hurried to cuddle with the children

Water slalom medals are at home. The celebrations were big, so Jiří Prskavec slept for the whole year “We flew through Paris and it escaped quite quickly, because as we have accumulated success in recent days, there was no room for sleep during the celebrations in the Olympic Village. In fact, I didn’t close … Read more

Bencic hands Switzerland its first women’s singles Olympic gold

Switzerland’s Belinda Bencic won the Olympic gold medal in the women’s singles tennis at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan. Belinda Bencic’s crowning came at the expense of the Czech Marketa Vondrosova, after winning her in two sets to one, the details of which are as follows: (7-5) (2-6) and (6-3) in the final … Read more

World news today – Watch how scientists turn water into a golden metal in an “incredible” event… video

World news today World news today – Watch how scientists turn water into a golden metal in an “unbelievable” event… Video News source – news agencies with news details Watch how scientists turn water into a golden metal in an “unbelievable” event… Video : World news today – Saturday, July 31, 2021 The source is … Read more

We didn’t expect so many people, the golden Lipták was amazed. Then he sang Hana Zagorová’s hit

Jiří Lipták had a lifetime success when he won the qualification in a trap and subsequently won the Olympic finals. David Kostelecký has gold since Beijing in 2008 and has now added a silver medal. Fans appreciated their unprecedented success. There was no lack of chanting or confetti, and both shooters even sang Hana Zagorová’s … Read more

Germaine Acogny received her ‘Golden Lion’ at the Venice Biennale

Dakar, July 30 (APS) – Senegalese choreographer Germaine Acogny, winner of the 2021 “Golden Lion of Dance” at the Venice Biennale, received her award on July 24. “The Venice Biennale awarded the Golden Lion for her entire career to Franco-Senegalese dancer and choreographer Germaine Acogny on July 24, 2021”, announces the Ecole des Sables, an … Read more

USA – Qatar 1: 0, In the finals of the Golden Cup, US footballers and defending champions from Mexico will play

Qatar defender Pedro Miguel fighting for the ball with US forward Matthew Hopp. Scott Wachter, Reuters Mexico took the lead in Houston in the setting of the first half, when Orbelín Pineda converted the penalty. After the break, Tajon Buchanan leveled and in the fifth match he ended the bulletproofness of the defending champions in … Read more

Amazon closes Big Tech’s golden season: 5 groups, 75 billion in profits

A “booty” of over 75 billion dollars. And the amount of profits accumulated together by the five big American hi-tech players – Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Alphabet and Microsoft – in the last quarter. Confirming the leadership achieved in the economy and society and strengthened by the demand for services and technological and digital content that … Read more