Good insurance cover for more responsibility

Regarding the question of whether the insurance coverage applies to flu vaccinations, Arif emphasized that he could not give general answers, as the policies of different insurance providers differ greatly from one another. While some providers insure all activities in the pharmacy, other providers explicitly formulate the insured activities. In this case, an exact coordination … Read more

Share a “good” presentation with Microsoft teams!

0 ACTIONS ShareLinkedinTweetWhatsapp Welcome to 2020! The year we’ve been working massively at home since March. The year you occasionally see a colleague sharing a presentation without using presentation mode, too bad! You often see people sharing your screen, don’t start the presentation and just click on the slides … 🙂 There is only one … Read more

▷ Good news: farmers reactivate and increase lime production in Cajamarca | LRND

Latest news from Cajamarca | The Association of Agricultural Producers Señor de la Humildad, in the Cajamarca region, reactivated in the middle of the pandemic by COVID-19 and managed to increase their production to more than 9,000 kilos per hectare. This was reported by the National Institute of Agrarian Innovation (INIA), which through a press … Read more

Good television

Facebook 0 Twitter 0 WhatsApp 0 Now that the days are shortening and the horizon of a long winter of recollection is visible, television will once again become the fire around which many stories will be told. Just one click and the PIN of a credit card separate us from the largest audiovisual offer that … Read more

Words and books: no good justice without secrets – To read

Lecture : 4 minutes Writing a book is practically the exercise imposed on any lawyer who has achieved a certain notoriety. Some indulge in a retrospective panegyric, others concentrate on a precise subject, still others reveal a certain talent for biographer. With this book, Hervé Temime is doing much better than giving in to a … Read more

China customized boric acid foliar fertilizer CAS 10043-35-3 manufacturers, suppliers – good price

Product parameters: Origen: Liaoning Content: ≥99.9% Grado: Premium Packing specification: 25kg / bag Can be customized • Name of boric acid foliar fertilizer •Marca-DOER • Molecular formula H3Bo3 •CAS 10043-35-3 • Exterior-Uniform crystallization of 50-100 mesh • Quality standard: boric acid for foliar fertilizer • category: agricultural boric acid Index content(%) Boric acid (H3Bo3) ≧99.9 … Read more

Tyler Glasnow admits that “it was not a good execution”

ARLINGTON, Texas. – Tyler Glasnow had already allowed a two-run home run and four of his six walks when he came out to pitch in the fifth inning. Tampa Bay manager Kevin Cash may have waited too long to call on his bullpen in Game 1 of the World Series. Glasnow was responsible for the … Read more

Museum of Visual Arts receives the Grete Mostny Prize for “good museum practices” | Arts and culture

The Chilean chapter of the International Council of Museums (ICOM – Chile) presented the “Grete Mostny Prize for good museological practices” to the Visual Arts Museum (BLUE). This recognition was created in honor of the outstanding Austrian museologist, who was director of the National Museum of Natural History, founder of ICOM-Chile and organizer of the … Read more