Erdogan proposes to Putin a meeting with Zelensky in Turkey – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 06 – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he had offered Russian President Vladimir Putin to hold a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky in Turkey. This was reported by the independent Belarusian media Nexta. Yesterday Erdogan met Putin in Sochi, Russia, to strengthen economic and energy cooperation between the … Read more

Gazprom Reduces Nord Stream 1 Gas Flow to 20% of Full Capacity | War in Ukraine

by the minute The Russian Foreign Minister has announced that Moscow is determined to help the “liberation” of the Ukrainian people from the “anti-popular and anti-historical” regime in Kiev. Ukraine has announced that the country’s troops are successfully carrying out counter-offensives on Kherson with the help of Western-sent long-range artillery systems. July 25, 2022, 8:16 … Read more

“We will help the Ukrainians to get rid of the Zelensky regime” – Video

The Russian Foreign Minister in Cairo in a meeting with representatives of the Arab League «The Russians and the Ukrainians will continue to live together. We will certainly help the Ukrainian people to get rid of the regime which is absolutely unpopular and unhistoric, if they so wish ”. This was stated by the Russian … Read more

Draghi’s 17 months in government: from the curfew to Ukraine, the challenges he faced

13/16 © IPA / Photogram At the political level does not pass il referendum on justice of June 2022. In these 17 months of Draghi’s government, local elections punish the M5S e reward the Democratic Partywhose alliance wins a Milan, Naples, Bologna and Catanzarowhile the center-right prevails a Palermo, Genoa, Trieste and L’Aquila and in … Read more

Guerra al Brotzu, a general strike of all staff proclaimed: “Positive patients in unsuitable environments”

New winds of war at Brotzu, desperate trade unions: “COVID cannot be an extenuating disaster for this disaster. Departments without staff and the promiscuity of positive patients in unsuitable environments favors the circulation of the virus with the related dramatic consequences of infections”. There are no doubts for trade unionists: Gianfranco Angioni USB Sanità, Diego … Read more

an oil pipeline to transport oil to Europe (without passing through Russia)

Not only Ukraineper Putin and the Russia a new front opens up: that of Kazakhistan. Not a war in the strict sense – at least for now – but a battle of agreements and sanctions, which risks ruining the Kremlin’s plans. Kazakhstan has in fact decided to withdraw from the agreement of the Commonwealth of … Read more

“Russian colonels betray their troops, the position of soldiers in exchange for money”: shocking interception from Ukraine

Russian colonels are accused of revealing information on the position of their troops in exchange for money. This is what emerges from some wiretaps made public by the main intelligence department of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. E in Russia they would be starting to look with concern at what appears to have become a … Read more

Snake Island, Russian forces retreat: the epic of a strategic outpost

8/8 ©Ansa Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Valery Zaluzhny, on the afternoon of July 1, reported that Russian Su-30 fighter jets launched phosphorus bombs prohibited on Snake Island, from which Moscow’s forces had withdrawn. “The leadership of the armed forces of the Russian Federation does not even respect their own statements,” he said. “The … Read more

Kaliningrad, the compromise to defuse the escalation with Moscow and save Lithuania

Trade through the Lithuania with the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad it may return to normal within a few days. And how much they tell Reuters two sources confirming how European officials are approaching a compromise agreement with the Baltic state to defuse a dispute with Mosca. Kaliningrad, which borders European Union states and relies on … Read more