3 things that you don’t have to let go of.Your feeling of “I don’t want to throw it away” was right – STUDY HACKER | Study method for working people & English learning

For improvement of mental health and efficiency of learning“Throw away unnecessary things” “Let’s get rid of them”I often hear that“Even if you say so, I can’t throw it away…”Some people think so. It’s okay if you don’t rush to say, “I have to throw it away even if I can’t force it…”. Why don’t you … Read more

Beware, Hackers Modify the OpenVPN Application on Android to Become Spyware

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – The perpetrators of crimes related to espionage on the internet, were caught trying to lure Android users with fake VPN app. ESET researchers say that this fake VPN on Android is a trojan version of the official application SoftVPN and OpenVPN. Collect Bleeping ComputerMonday (28/11/2022), this method aims to steal contact and … Read more

Musk hires PlayStation 3 hacker to fix Twitter

Elon Musk has hired a PS3 hacker to fix TwitterPhoto: Carina Johansen (Getty Images) George Hotz is best known for making jailbreak to iPhone carrier lock and hack the PlayStation 3. Now, Elon Musk has put him through his most momentous technical challenge: fixing Twitter in three months. Okay, not everything. He was hired to … Read more

Hacker breaks into local Belgian police systems and places data online – Computer – News

In September, a hacker broke into the IT systems of the local police of the Belgian municipality of Zwijndrecht. The person had access to all data from 2006 to September 2022 and placed this data on the Tor network. According to the Flemish newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws the hacker took advantage of substandard security in … Read more

Critical vulnerability can cause it for aircraft and space rockets

Researchers at the University of Michigan in collaboration with Nasa have discovered a serious vulnerability in the TTE (Time-Triggered Ethernet) network protocol. Given that TTE is used by, among other things, aircraft, space rockets and power plants, the vulnerability is considered critical, as there is a risk that it can be exploited by hackers. In … Read more

Is the FTX hacker SBF himself? New CEO: SBF hacked into FTX and transferred assets under the order of the Bahamas government |

FTX’s latest court filing shows that the company accused the Bahamian government of gaining unauthorized access to FTX’s systems in order to withdraw assets after filing for bankruptcy, but did not specify which transactions were unauthorized and how.(Recap:FTX Bankruptcy Progress” only found 740 million mg of cryptocurrency; Alameda had a secret immunity that “wouldn’t blow … Read more

A hacker arrested in Canada is believed to be a major player in one of the world’s most lucrative ransomware organizations

Paris justice told AFP on Tuesday that a man arrested in late October in Canada, suspected of being a major player in one of the most lucrative ransomware organizations in the world, would be linked to at least “115 attacks against French victims. The American and European authorities announced on November 11 the arrest at … Read more

Ftx, about 2 billion deposits vanished. In the night “suspect” hacker attack. Elon Musk also intervenes

ServiceServiceContent based on facts, observed and verified by the reporter directly or reported from verified and trusted sources.Find out moreThe Lehman Brothers of cryptocurrencies Overnight the platform would have suffered a cyber attack for 600 million by Vito Lops November 12, 2022

Unexpectedly, This Popcorn Can Contains a Bitcoin Deposit of IDR 51.7 Trillion

loading… US police, during a raid on the home of a hacker, found a popcorn can containing a computer set containing a Bitcoin deposit worth more than IDR 51.7 trillion. Photo/US Department of Justice WASHINGTON – A hacker hid a computer device containing about $3.3 billion worth of Bitcoin deposits in a can popcorn. A … Read more

Hackers Hack One of the World’s Largest Telescope Hackers, What’s the Motive?

This telescope proved to be an invaluable tool for uncovering the secrets of the universe. It is considered the most powerful telescope for observing the coldest objects in the universe and its research is focused on observing stars, planetary systems, galaxies, and life in outer space.