Hacker sells data of 48.5 million people who used corona app Shanghai – Computer – News

A hacker claims to have personal data of 48.5 million people who used Shanghai’s corona app. The data includes phone numbers and health information and is being offered for sale on a hacker forum for $4,000. Hacker XJP’s database contains names, phone numbers, national identification numbers and health records of 47 million people and is … Read more

“Soul Hacker 2” is the first to try, the technological and stylish “Shin Megami Tensei” derivative RPG | 4Gamers

ALTUS, a subsidiary of SEGA, will release the latest work “Soul Hacker 2” on August 25 this year. Recently, we accepted the invitation of Taiwan SEGA to experience this work with the same worldview as “Shin Megami Tensei” and “Persona”. The scope of this experience is about three hours from the beginning of the game. … Read more

Hacker enables dual boot with Windows on Chromebooks with AMD chips – Computer – News

nice of you to claim that, but do you have a source for that or does it only apply to you and your hacker friends? – of course that sounds a bit condescending, but you also have to remember that language is first created by ‘the language rules’, then by organic language use, and lastly … Read more

China Experiences Biggest Data Theft Case in History

KOMPAS.com – China is having a leak data massively. Because, hacker (hacker) claims to have data on 1 billion Chinese citizens stolen from database police in Shanghai City, with the amount of data reaching 23 Terabytes. Because of the large amount of data hacked, this case is called the largest data leak in China’s history. … Read more

Rogozin, who sneered about the coordinates of NATO headquarters and satellite photos, received from his own: “Roscosmos” – a hacker attack from Yekaterinburg

This is reported by the publication “Exported“, according to the head of the press service of the corporation Dmitry Strugovets. Strugovec wrote on his Telegram channel that the state corporation’s website had been attacked DDoS “after Roscosmos published satellite photos of the ‘decision-making centers.’ The official also added that the resource was attacked not from … Read more

A hacker hacks the international star’s phone and publishes a picture of him completely naked

A professional hacker hacked the phone of David Frattisi, the star of the Italian national team and midfielder of Sassuolo, 22, and stole a nude picture of him, and then shared it through the Story feature on the player’s account on Instagram. Frattisi appeared in the picture completely naked, and he became aware after hours … Read more

Russian hacker group claims cyber attack on Lithuania after rail blockade | NOW

Government institutions and companies in Lithuania were hit by a DDoS attack on Monday, which made websites inaccessible. This is reported by the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense. Russian hacker group Killnet claimed responsibility, saying the attack is a response to Lithuania’s decision to block the transit of goods to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. “The … Read more