Vienna Insurance Wiener Versicherung: The cops will be happy to hear that!

Price return currently no buy recommendation Vienna Insurance Wiener Versicherung achieved a performance of -11.98 percent in the past 12 months. Similar stocks from the “insurance” industry rose by an average of 1.69 percent, which means an underperformance of -13.66 percent for Vienna Insurance Wiener Versicherung. The “finance” sector had a median return of -0.26 … Read more

Mesut Özil’s ‘soap opera’ seems to have a happy ending in Turkey

The German’s agent stated: “We must not forget that you must first negotiate with Arsenal so that Özil can leave in this market. He still has a contract until the end of the season” January 11, 2021 19:16 hs Mesut Özil ends contract with Arsenal in June and from now on he can negotiate his … Read more

Happy anniversary of Resident Evil 4, which turns 16

Today is the 4th anniversary of Resident Evil, who turns 16. The game was initially released for the GameCube on January 11, 2005, becoming, since its launch, one of the games that revolutionized the series. With Resident Evil 4, the series abandoned the classic survival horror and fixed cameras and offered a more action-focused gameplay, … Read more

No happy ending! Thus ended an employee of Queen Elizabeth II who exceeded the limits of trust

The Queen isabel II it is of arms to take when they try to deceive her or make fun of her deposited trust. Your Majesty left Buckingham Palace in mid-March 2020, when the coronavirus (COVID-19) appeared in the UK. Since then he has not returned to his residence in London. She has spent the longest … Read more

FC Barcelona – La Liga: Messi is happy again: Goals, posts, Pichichi, new partners and third place

FC Barcelona – La Liga Was back to his best in Bilbao Messi celebrates a goal Enough / UGS Barcelona needed a match like the one they had at Saint Mames on Wednesday night, where they earned a 3-2 victory over Athletic Club. It’s not just because they won, but because of everything that performance … Read more

Mesut Ozil, close to an agreement with Fenerbahçe (press)

Istanbul, 6 Jan 2021 (AFP) -The former German international Mesut Ozil, separated from the team at Arsenal, his club since 2013, is close to signing for the Turkish Fenerbahçe, reports the Turkish press on Wednesday. The 32-year-old midfielder and Fenerbahçe have agreed to a three-and-a-half-year contract, according to the DHA press agency. The sports newspaper … Read more

“There are people very happy to know that they can recover Spanish nationality”

The first he did Laura Garcia Alfaya On October 20, in the midst of a pandemic and on the threshold of Brexit, he wrote to 1,300 Spaniards over 65 to inform them that Spain was opening a consulate in Manchester. In its demarcation, the colony is made up of 32,000 registered citizens. If the consulates … Read more

Turkey is happy with the opening of borders and airspace between Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Turkey welcomed the decision to open the borders and airspace between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. In the statement offered by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs the following was expressed: “We welcome the decision to open the borders and airspace between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.” This advance was indicated as an important step in the … Read more