Jasikevičius is happy with the victory over Real: it is important to win this stage at any cost

“This victory will help us regain confidence in our own strength,” said Š. Jasikevičius. – We are trying to bring basketball players back to the rhythm of the game after injuries and coronavirus. It is very important to win now, and we are succeeding. We are happy with the victory and we are especially happy … Read more

Bitcoin 2022 Price Leaks from CEO, Traders Will Be Happy

GenPI.co – Seba Bank CEO Guido Buehler predicts crypto prices Bitcoin will accelerate this year. According to Seba Bank’s analysis, the price of Bitcoin will rise in the range of USD 50 thousand to USD 75 thousand. Previously, the price of Bitcoin had reached its highest point in November 2021, which was USD 69 thousand. … Read more

Manchester City is happy that Sergio Aguero’s incarnation has chosen the Etihad over Man Utd

Manchester City are excited after River Plate star Julian Alvarez chose to join the Etihad over their city rivals, Man United. Gilabola.com – The player who is also touted as the incarnation of Sergio Aguero, prefers to move to City to fulfill his dream of becoming a top European player. Alvarez shines on River Plate … Read more

Xbox Studio Rare “very happy” with Banjo-Kazooie for Switch

It was a bittersweet moment yesterday when Banjo-Kazooie has arrived in the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Service. As fantastic as it sounds to see the British developer’s legendary duo return to a Nintendo platform after such a long time. It’s now almost 20 years since Rare was acquired by Microsoft, and almost 24 years … Read more

VIRAL The Story of a Celebrity from the US Marries a Hotel Owner, Now Happy to Have 22 Biological Children

SERAMBINEWS.COM – VIRAL The Story of a Celebrity from the US Marries Ruragan Hotel, Now Happy to Have 22 Biological Children Since 2021, women named Kristina Ozturk has stolen the media’s attention. original woman Georgia, the United States has 22 biological children at the age of 24 years. In 2020, Kristina has only one child. … Read more

I’m happy for the hat-trick, but I’m not on the ice from the goals, Plekanec said

“Of course I’m happy for the hat-trick, but I’m not just there for goals. I’m mainly happy for winning, we scored some points in the table in the situation we are in. Goals are nice, but in our situation it doesn’t matter. We need to anyone enforced and we had points, “Plekanec told reporters after … Read more

Linked with Everton, Jose Mourinho: I’m So Happy at AS Roma! : Okezone Ball

ROMA – Coach’s name AS Roma, Jose Mourinho, is currently being linked with Everton. Hearing this news, Mourinho also strongly dismissed by stating that he was very happy to be at AS Roma. As is known, The Toffees-Everton’s nickname- has just fired Rafael Benitez from the coaching chair. The reason, the Spanish coach never improved … Read more

Successfully Happy Swimming 27 Hours After the Tsunami, This Tongan Man is Nicknamed Aquaman

NUKU’ALOFA, KOMPAS.com – Lisala Folau, male Tonga 57 years old, admitted to swimming about 27 hours after being swept into the ocean due to tsunami on Saturday January 15th. She is referred to as real life Aquaman in real life. Aquaman is a fictional DC superhero who is depicted as living in the ocean. The … Read more

Soprano to the angels: the rapper celebrates a happy event; a first for him and his… (photo)

You may well have another nationality or have left your country a long time ago, but you never forget where you come from. Regardless of the kilometers that separate a human being from his homeland, he still retains a strong bond with his nation. Rapper Soprano has just proven this philosophy yet again. Indeed, following … Read more

The characters of “Sing 2” arrived at the McDonald’s Happy Meal

McDonald’s Venezuela begins the year 2022 by welcoming the new Happy Meal toys, with the characters from the movie that became a classic, Sing 2: Come and Sing Again!, only in theaters. This new edition is available in all restaurants in the country and features the 12 main figures of the animated film distributed in … Read more