Samsung boss dies, his heir is subject to IDR 156 trillion tax

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – If anyone pays sky-high taxes, it will be the family of late Samsung Boss Lee Kun-Hee. Reportedly the inheritance tax reached US $ 10.8 billion or Rp155.6 trillion. No wonder the tax is up to trillions. Because during his lifetime, Lee Kun-Hee is estimated to have a fortune of US $ … Read more

Rome transfer market, Real Madrid assault for Sergio Ramos’ heir

Calciomercato Roma, the summer of the Giallorossi will see many movements in and out. The disposals, however, could not only concern the players considered outside the project but could also lead to a removal of some pillars. The players of Cagliari and Rome (Getty Images) Certainly Pinto will try to find solutions to place players … Read more

Inter transfer market, 18 million for Lukaku’s heir

Romelu Lukaku’s heir would come from Germany. He is a Brazilian talent that has long been in the crosshairs of Inter management Romelu Lukaku (Getty Images) The rumors this morning that (re) speak of a possible large sale of theInter to put the accounts in order. Among the suspects there can only be Romelu Lukaku, … Read more

Get to know Diaz-Canel, the New Leader of the Cuban Communist Party Heir Castro

loading… HAVANA – Shifting of power Because from Raul castro finally happened. The country’s Communist Party hierarchy on Monday selected Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel as the party’s First Secretary, replacing Raul Castro who resigned last week. As head of state and leader of the only political party permitted by law in the country, Diaz-Canel must … Read more

Facts about the Ex-Foreign Minister’s Office for Sale, Prices Reached Rp. 400 Billion and Reasons for the Heir to Sell Page all

JAKARTA, – Plans to sell the relic of the first Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Achmad Soebardjo Djojoadisoerjo, reaping the spotlight. Because, the house located at Jalan Cikini Raya Number 80-82 had time to be the first office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the early era of Indonesian … Read more

It’s still a shame, a 29-year-old girl makes her ex-boyfriend an heir of tens of millions of rupiah

Illustration still love ex-boyfriend. (Source: Shutterstock via BEIJING, KOMPAS.TV – In recent years, more and more young Chinese generations have prepared wills without secret. One of them is Lili, a 29 year old girl from Guangdong Province. Lili even included her ex’s name in the will. The former becomes one of the heirs with … Read more

[Biografi Tokoh Dunia] President Bashar Al-Assad, heir to brutality in Syria page all – President of Syria now, Bashar al-Assad is the son of the previous president, Hafez al-Assad. He underwent a brutal government inherited from his father. According to, notes biografi Bashar al-Assad, initially did not intend to enter political life, let alone be the president of Syria. However, his father’s insistence changed his thinking. At … Read more

JRPG’s new work “Heir of the Stars” exposes “FF” series well-known developers Kazunari Nojima and Sakimoto Hitoshi participate in the production of “Astria Ascending”-Bahamut

Game publisher Dear Villagers recently unveiled the new 2D JRPG work “Developed by Artisan Studio” in the latest independent game show event [email protected] successor(Astria Ascending)”, scheduled to be launched on the PC/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S/Nintendo Switch platform this year. “Heir to the Stars” was developed by Artisan Studio located in Quebec, Canada and Montpellier, France, … Read more