Mars helicopter completes ‘most complex flight ever’

And has now covered a total distance of no less than 1.6 kilometers. Mars helicopter Ingenuity continues to push its limits. For example, during its tenth flight on the red planet, the helicopter not only flew higher than before, it now also has a total distance of no less than 1.6 kilometers. Meanwhile, he explored … Read more

NASA’s helicopter flew a mile to the surface of Mars

NASA’s helicopter flew a mile to the surface of Mars NASA agency Mars helicopter Just an important milestone. Reports This creativity crossed The one-mile mark for the total distance of her tenth trip on July 24th when she crossed the Jezero Crater, the “higher elevations”. That might not sound like a lot of flying, … Read more

NASA Helicopter Breaks 1 Mile Total Flight to Mars [여기는 화성] and other foreign media reported on the 25th (local time) that NASA’s Mars helicopter ‘Ingenuity’ achieved the first mile (about 1.6 km) flight record from Mars. Ingenuity flew over rocky terrain nicknamed ‘Raised Ridges’ of the crater as an example on the 24th, and at this time, the total flight distance was over 1 … Read more

Chaudfontaine: the army evacuates by helicopter 90 carcasses of cars stuck in the Vesdre (photos)

Cleaning and clearing work continues in the municipalities of the province of Liège heavily affected by the deadly floods that devastated Belgium last week. Important helicopter hoisting operations have also been carried out since Thursday, said the Defense press service. Two Air Component helicopters took off from Beauvechain air base for the Chaudfontaine region in … Read more

an army helicopter tasked with clearing the carcasses of cars

In the mass of flood-related waste, there are many car wrecks. Some are inaccessible for conventional tow trucks. To evacuate them, the army therefore employs great means and calls on its helicopter. Since 11 am this Thursday, several paracommandos have been requisitioned to clear these carcasses of cars. The helicopter hoisting operation begins at Chaudfontaine, … Read more

Gaby had to be picked up by a rescue helicopter. – If the water had come one meter higher, we would have been dead

Gaby Kriechel is back at home. Everything she owns is gone. On Saturday, residents of the Ahrweiler district were in full swing. Many have been confirmed dead. Published: Published: Yesterday 14:39 Read the whole case with a subscription Already a subscriber? sign in

Nasa Will Soon Build a Bigger and More Powerful Mars Helicopter

In light of the highly successful and sustained flight of the NASA Ingenuity Mars helicopter, engineers turned their attention to the future airship for the Red Planet. One such concept is the Mars Science Helicopter, which was advocated as a way to expand the exploration zone on Mars including the possibility of diving deep into … Read more

The First Planet Mars Helicopter Success, NASA Develops a Bigger and Sophisticated One

AKURAT.CO, As the Mars Ingenuity helicopter breaks interplanetary records and grabs the public’s attention, NASA is quietly researching bigger and better helicopters to navigate the Red Planet’s rugged terrain. The next spacecraft to be sent to Mars has not yet announced its budget, design, and launch date. Even so, a NASA research team and a … Read more

Russia Tests 320 Types of Weapons in Syria, Its Weapons Business Secrets Selling Well

loading… MOSCOW – Military Russia tested more than 320 types of weapons during their operations in Syria . The statement was made by the Russian Minister of Defense (Menhan) Sergei Shoigu, reported by the Russian News Agency (TASS). “We examined more than 320 different types of weapons, including, by the way, your helicopter,” Shoigu said … Read more