Chaos, chaos, chaos … Some sports clubs have started training

The Czech Sports Union (ČUS) found out how well it managed to restore the organized one despite the upheavals and confusion at the turn of last week and this week. “We have information that a large number of sports clubs or physical education units have started working towards young people, which is crucial. Some groups … Read more

ČUS welcomed Minister Arenberger’s statement on the launch of amateur sport

Picture from the Ondrášovka Cup match. Ondrášovka Cup On the contrary, according to the Minister at a press conference on Friday, organized athletes cannot use the indoor sports ground. “It is only in this that we disagree with the minister. Our interpretation is always based on official documentation. I understand the Minister’s opinion factually, but … Read more

Elite at the launch of Abu Dhabi Grand Slam for Jiu-Jitsu today

Source: (MENAFN – Al-Bayan) Abu Dhabi – Sports Statement Date: April 02, 2021 The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu Championship begins today, with the participation of the world’s best-ranked stars and classifiers from 52 countries from different continents, in all weights for adult purple, brown and black belts, and professors. The Abu Dhabi Professional Jiu-Jitsu … Read more

Donald Trump changed his look after the defeat: goodbye to yellow and hello to platinum

The public appearance of President Donald Trump in the meeting with the press to talk about his government’s response to the coronavirus after the defeat against Democrat Joe Biden caused surprise in all areas: not only because he did not talk about the election he lost, something which was predictable, but because showed himself with … Read more

Brexit: Goodbye Brexit Party, hello Anti-lockdown Party: Farage Strikes Back in UK

Last Thursday, in one of his last campaign events, Donald Trump improvisedly invited a guy to go up on stage with him, whom he presented as “shy” and “not controversial.” “He’s a friend of mine who many say is the most powerful man in Europe … Come on Nigel … Get up here … Don’t … Read more

Companies: Telefónica, TIM and Claro speak exclusively about Telefoní assets

Updated 08/07/2020 at 8:18 PM Brazilian telecoms firm Oi SA has agreed to grant preferential status to a joint acquisition proposal from TIM Participacoes, Telefónica Brasil and Claro for Oi’s mobile telephony assets, two sources familiar with the matter said. The agreement would grant the Business, which operate the main cell phone service providers in … Read more

Companies: TIM Brasil says dispute over Oi’s assets is not a matter of “life or

The dispute over the assets of the Brazilian Oi, which filed for bankruptcy, is not a matter of “life or death“Said Pietro Labriola, president of the mobile phone operator TIM Brasil, a subsidiary of Telecom Italia. “It is important to have more band, infrastructure and scale, but it is very important to highlight that the … Read more

Companies: Telefónica, together with Telecom Italia and Claro, bid for mobile business

Telefónica submitted a binding offer to acquire, together with Telecom Italia (TIM) and Claro (Mexico), the mobile business of the Oi Group, as reported by the Spanish company in a relevant event to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), stock exchange supervisor Spanish. The buy offer It has been done through the subsidiary Telefónica Brazil … Read more