Before taking a used Honda Mobilio CVT, if you have these symptoms, be alert – Honda Furniture become one of the 7-seater LMPV that is in great demand because it has economical fuel consumption and is also comfortable thanks to the transmission CVT automatic (Continous┬áVariable Transmission). But behind the pleasure of CVT in Honda Mobilio, for those of you who want to take Used Honda Mobilio, need to … Read more

2022 Honda ADV350: X-ADV’s little brother confirmed

Honda ADV350 2022 The new ADV350 It is manufactured at Honda’s Atessa factory in Italy. Following the success of the X-ADV, it mixes the technology of an urban scooter with the ability to face any type of trail terrain, something that stands out in its appearance and adventurous design. The motor is the well-known 330cc … Read more

Formula 1 | Honda wants Red Bull to take ‘one step further’

Max Verstappen hoped to win the Grand Prix in Qatar, but it was Lewis Hamilton who ultimately won the first race in this country, signing a second victory in a row for Mercedes F1 and a crucial comeback in the drivers’ championship. Although Toyoharu Tanabe, the technical director of Honda F1, is disappointed with the … Read more

Valentino Rossi Asks Honda to Give a Motorcycle when Wins the First MotoGP World Title : Okezone Sports

URBINO – Valentino Rossi asked Honda to give him the bike when he won the world title MotoGP for the first time. The motor is planned to be displayed in his house. The racer nicknamed The Doctor rode the NSR500 motorcycle when he won the world title in 2001. At that time he was still … Read more

Not for sale yet, but Honda PCX Electric can be rented, this is how much it costs per month

Mavellyno Vedhitya/ Honda PCX Electric is officially launched in Indonesia as a new breakthrough for electric motorcycles – Not For Sale, But Honda PCX Electric Can it be rented, this is how much it costs a month, is it common? Present in the Homeland, Honda PCX Electric was introduced in 2019 ago. Although it … Read more

Sales Reach 1,511 Units, Best Selling Model Not BR-V

Jakarta – PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) can sell thousands of units at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Autoshow exhibition. This Japanese manufacturer recorded sales of 1,511 units during the period 11-21 November 2021. PT HPM’s Business Innovation and Sales Marketing Director Yusak Billy said the sales were still contributed from the government-borne luxury goods sales … Read more

Wow, the Honda CB150X has just launched, there are already competitors, the face looks like the BMW GS Not long ago, the Honda CB150X already has a new challenger, looks like a BMW GS! MOTOR – Just launched, Honda CB150X Already have a new challenger, look alike BMW GS! The presence of a new adventure sport motorbike Honda CB150X In Indonesia, it makes two-wheel lovers excited. Not only that, it also … Read more

Indonesian racer’s report card at the Mandalika Circuit: Almost on the Podium

Jakarta – The Mandalika Circuit successfully held its first racing event last weekend. Not only followed by racers from abroad, Indonesian racers also enlivened it. Several Indonesian racers took part in the Asia Talent Cup (ATC) and World Supersport (WorldSSP). What was the result like? First, for the ATC Mandalika event, the riders fostered by … Read more

Honda Brio in Aceh Penetrated by Road Barrier, 1 Killed

BIG ACEH, – Accident death occurs in the region Aceh Besar, Aceh Province. Car Honda Brio hit the road divider until the iron penetrated the body of the car, resulting in the death of one passenger. A member of the Leupung Police, Brigadier Bahauddin said the accident occurred on Sunday (11/21/2021) on the Kilometer … Read more

List of Used Motorcycles Priced at IDR 3 Million, Didn’t Expect to Get a Honda BEAT – List used motorcycles the price of Rp. 3 million, I didn’t think I got a Honda BEAT. Used motorcycle old alerts are certainly an attractive option for those who want a motorbike at a low price. With a price tag of IDR 3 million, the choices are quite a lot, ranging from automatic, … Read more