Nicole Neumann furious: the rule that her daughter will not respect when moving into Fabián Cubero’s house

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 16:00 Nicole Neumann, indiana cubero y Fabian CuberoToday they make up the triangle of family discord. The internal one that exists between the three, led to the father and daughter allying themselves against the model, with whom there are different frictions. Related news First of all, it must be taken into … Read more

Former participant of The House of Celebrities leaves the live gala for this reason

Former participant of The House of Celebrities leaves the live gala for this reason | People in spanish Skip to content Top Navigation Close this dialog window Discover People in Spanish Close this dialog window Share & More Close this dialog window View image Former participants of the house of celebrities leave the gala live … Read more

The Neighbors Take the Initiative to Hold Tahlilan at Syabda’s House Without Family Members, Joining in the Sadness – The news of the death of Syabda Perkasa and his mother shocked the neighbors. Even though Syabda Perkasa and his mother had been buried in Sragen along with his grandmother, the neighbors around Syabda Perkasa’s house held a tahlilan. Neighbors took the initiative to hold tahlilan at Syabda Perkasa Belawa’s house, even though … Read more

FACT CHECK: Ganjar Luxury House Confiscated by KPK, After Being Involved in the Sri Mulyani Case, Really?

The luxurious house belonging to the Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo reportedly confiscated by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK)KPK). This is called becoming the aftermath of engagement reward in the case of Sri Mulyani. This information is disseminated through videos uploaded by the YouTube channel POLITICAL CCTV on Tuesday (22/3/2023). In his upload, the … Read more

Meloni in the House against the opposition. “From you slander.” And then accelerate on the beach dossier

Thirty-eight minutes of intervention. Which closes with more than heated tones on Ukraine and with a gesture that in the unwritten code of the Montecitorio sessions is more eloquent than a thousand words. Giorgia Meloni, in fact, concludes the reply of the government’s communications to the Chamber in view of today’s and tomorrow’s EU Council … Read more

LIVE | White House: ‘China imitates Russian propaganda’ | Abroad

23.00 – US does not consider Chinese mediation in war impartial China is unable to mediate impartially in the war between Russia and Ukraine, the United States says. The criticism follows two days of talks between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The talks in Moscow included the Russian invasion … Read more

Mortgages, to buy a house you need an income 27% higher than last year. How to navigate with the new rates

Mortgages, increasingly high rates and heavier installments for those who have taken out a variable-rate loan to buy a house or are preparing to apply for a loan. According to the analysis by, with the current levels of interest rates, 18.6% of borrowers who applied for a loan last year would today not be … Read more

South Jakarta Guest House Prone to Fighting, SOTR Convoy Will Be Disbanded!

Jakarta – Pesanggrahan Police ban the activity of undercover convoys sahur on the road (SOTR) during Ramadan. This is done in order to prevent the occurrence of brawls that often occur in Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta. “According to the direction of the Kapolda, we will protect the area from disturbances from security and order. During Ramadan, … Read more

Jans: “It is such a pity that he is not owned by…

Ron Jans is disappointed Foto: © Pro Shots FC Twente won 2-1 at home against AZ on Sunday evening and Manfred Ugalde accounted for both goals by the Tukkers in the first half. Afterwards, trainer Ron Jans was full of praise for the small center striker from Costa Rica. “Why did I hem then not … Read more