YIT puts into operation the first building of Silva House :: Dienas Bizness

The construction company and real estate developer “YIT LATVIJA” puts into operation the first building of the four-building complex “Silvas nami” on Dzelzavas Street, Riga, next to Biķernieku Forest. The apartments in it have already been sold out, and almost all the apartments in the second building have been sold out or reserved. However, the … Read more

Leao: “With my first salary I bought my house. In the future…”

Rafael Leao was interviewed in the Corriere della Sera monthly Login, dedicated to innovation, science and new technologies. Il Milanista editorial staff June 27 – MILANO Rafael Leao was interviewed in the monthly Corriere della Sera Login, dedicated to innovation, science and new technologies. SOCIAL RELATIONS – “It is not us who feel this difference, … Read more

The deal is the largest in this country .. Selling the most expensive house for 111 million dollars

On Monday, Hong Kong witnessed the sale of the most expensive house for 111 million dollars, in a deal considered the largest in the world China this year. The house has an area of ​​740 square meters and is located in one of the richest neighborhoods in the city, which is inhabited by some of … Read more

Reggio Calabria, an elderly man died in an abusive retirement home: five people under house arrest

The two owners and three employees are accused of ill-treatment and neglect of an incapable person, with the aggravating circumstance of having caused the death of an RSA guest. Duration five months, the investigation started in January 2021, when the family members of the elderly, with serious illnesses, reported the death of the family member … Read more

The knight of Egyptian cinema.. Abdel Nasser’s envy and Sadat’s generosity died after their house was demolished during the Mubarak era.. and the shocking surprise in his identity!!

2022/06/26 It’s 10:10 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite Despite the departure of the knight and Prince Ahmed Mazhar, his roles still constitute a prominent mark, whether in his personal history or in the history of Egyptian and Arab cinema. Mazhar was born in the Abbasid district of Cairo on October 8, 1917. He joined … Read more

Loans will be more expensive – Are you paying house, car, card? This is how the Banxico rate hike hits your credit

The Board of Governors of the Bank of Mexico raised its interest rate by 75 basis points to place it at 7.75 percent, which will cause an increase in the costs of mortgage and automobile loans and in the interest charged on credit cards. Mexico City, June 25 (However).– If you are paying a car … Read more

The girls’ match at Clash of the Stars shocked the audience! Angie from LIKE HOUSE didn’t watch her breasts

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These are the reasons why your home needs a courtyard foyer all

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Foyer is one of the areas in house which is located after the front entrance and before the living room. In House design present, area foyer is rarely found. However, it turns out that the presence of this area provides many benefits for the residents of the house. One of the main … Read more

Niurka Marcos returns to The House of Celebrities 2

Telemundo Niurka Marcos was the sixth eliminated from La Casa de Los Famosos and returns to the competition to present her point of view Niurka Marcos go back to The House of the Famous 2 after a week in which he refused to be present at the galas due to alleged manipulation of his image … Read more

He decided to build a house without knowing if there would be enough money: a large family shared what mistakes they had made and how they won

“There was enough space for us in the apartment, because everything was furnished to a minimum, so our apartment was very functional. But children are growing and their needs are changing. We started to realize that the apartment was getting cramped, ”Ilze recalls. However, the idea of ​​building one’s own house was not born at … Read more