Ice and snow covered the road. It is being demolished almost all over the Czech Republic

Updated 12:44, 31/01/2023 31. 1. 2023, 07:06 Firefighters in Vysočina have had a busy night. They had to go to traffic accidents in several places. In the most serious accident, two trucks collided. For one of the drivers of the wrecked truck, firefighters even had to use hydraulic tools to extricate the man from the … Read more

Dry ice. What is it for and how to make it at home? Learn this homemade trick – Teach me about Science

Dry ice is solid CO2 (carbon dioxide) with a low temperature of -78°C (-109°F). At atmospheric pressure, solid CO2 sublimes directly into vapor, without going through the liquid state. This material was discovered in 1835 by the French chemist Thirolier. However, it was used for the first time in New York, a century after it … Read more

Ice cubes spewed out of the faucet in the Miraculous View Taichung as the cold snapped – Life – Zhongshi

Ice cubes spewed out of the faucet in Wonderland Taichung as the cold snapped The temperature in many mountainous areas of Taiwan plummeted to below zero due to the freezing cold. The Shengguang Police Station, Heping Police Station, Taichung City saw the natural ice machine, turned on the tap, and squeezed out pieces of ice … Read more

“Feels like ice balls in my face”

Home » General » € » Lot has facial pain: “Feels like ice balls in my face” What started with a ‘simple’ toothache, became Lot’s worst nightmare: facial pain. She has been suffering from this since 2020 and has been trying to live with the severe condition for almost two years. She talks about the … Read more

Soko Kitzbühel: Ice cold from January 27th, 2023 at 5:40 p.m. – ORF-TVthek

Movie & Series | crime series Soko Kitzbühel: Ice cold On the way from the casino in Kitzbühel to the bank in Innsbruck, money transport driver Koberwein (Marcus Mittermeier) and his passenger Zeller (Valentin Schreyer) are attacked and robbed by a masked man. Koberwein survives, but Zeller is shot. The two were friends and in … Read more

Ice hockey: Gottéron still can’t do it

PublishedJanuary 27, 2023, 10:01 PM Ice Hockey: Gottéron still can’t do it Beaten by Davos this Friday at the BCF Arena (2-3), the Dragons conceded a fourth straight defeat in the National League. The Fribourgeois Nathan Marchon in contact with the Davosien Paschoud. Claudio De Capitani/freshfocus Fribourg-Gottéron experienced a new disappointment after that of Tuesday … Read more

Skodas on snow and ice

Very specific tests But enough numbers. Let’s go to driving impressions from a wonderful circuit on a frozen lake covered with a layer of snow. The author of the article could test all Škoda cars with all-wheel drive and almost the entire range of engines on the same track for hours, and compare them with … Read more

The ranking of the 10 best ice cream parlors in Rosario, according to TripAdvisor

Rosario It is the National Capital of Artisanal Ice Cream and it differs from the rest of the regions by offering high quality products, exclusive recipes and flavors that are not available in the rest of the country. There is an important variety of options to choose from, from historic ice cream parlors with traditional … Read more

Ideas for getting to know Jelgava during the Ice Sculpture Festival

From February 3 to 5, the 24th International Ice Sculpture Festival will take place in Jelgava. Jelgava the regional tourism center (JRTC) invites festival visitors not only to visit the area of ​​the event, but also to combine visiting the festival with the opportunity to see the city’s most popular tourist attractions. JRTC’s recommendations will … Read more