Ice cold humiliated: this is how Belgian student Sanda Dia died during hazing | NOW

27.2 degrees: this was the body temperature of future engineer Sanda Dia when he was taken to hospital in the evening of December 5, 2018 by members of the Belgian student association Reuzegom. The blood came from his nose and mouth and his organs stopped working. Next week, eighteen people involved will be in court … Read more

Blackpink and Selena Gomez’s ‘Ice Cream’ serves up scoops of saccharine style

Written by Marianna Cerini, CNN Contributors Jake Kwon, CNN After teasing fans with posters, snippets and stills for weeks, South Korean megaband Blackpink and American pop princess Selena Gomez unveiled their track “Ice Cream” on Friday. And in addition to the song’s dangerously catchy, upbeat vibe, the accompanying video is a stylistic treat, too. Serving … Read more

BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez Share Video for New Song “Ice Cream”

K-pop ensemble BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez have a new song called “Ice Cream.” Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet co-wrote the track. Watch the video below. “Ice Cream” is the second single from BLACKPINK’s debut full-length, which is out October 2. The record also includes “How You Like That,” which the group shared in June after … Read more

Ice hockey: stadiums are half empty despite the mask requirement

Getty Images 1/8 Half-empty hockey stadiums: Federal Councilor Alain Berset’s proposal stipulates that every second seat should remain empty. Andy Mueller/freshfocus 2/8 New reality: The fans sit in the stands with masks on during a test match in Rapperswil. 3/8 Fans watch what’s going on in Lausanne. 7/8 With this decision, the SCB … Read more

Scientists are stunned: 28 trillion tons of ice melted in 30 years

That writes The Guardian. The images show a significant decline in the amount of ice at the North and South Poles, glaciers and in high mountains. Current pace The scientists, at universities in Leeds, London and Edinburgh, describe the decline in the amount of ice on the Earth’s surface as ‘staggering’ and warn that the … Read more

Bolu Governorship announced: Cigarettes, ice cream and seeds were banned!

Due to the increase in corona virus cases in Bolu, especially in the last 2 months, new measures have been taken by the Provincial General Hygiene Council. The council convened under the chairmanship of Bolu Governor Ahmet Ümit stated that the rate of spread of the epidemic, positive cases, the number of citizens who were … Read more

In the Arctic, the sea ice is melting faster than expected

In the Arctic, sea ice is melting faster than current models predict, researchers at the University of Copenhagen warned on Tuesday. ‘Our analyzes of conditions in the Arctic Ocean show that we clearly underestimated the rate of increase in temperature in the atmosphere closer to sea level, which ultimately melted the pack ice faster than … Read more

Greenland Ice Sheet Entering Critical Period, Sea Levels Continue to Rise, Floods Threaten the World

SERAMBINEWS.COM, GREENLAND – Melting it ice sheet in Greenland, Denmark has happened to such an extent. So that it can no longer be changed, with snowfall no longer offset the loss of ice. Even if global warming will end today, according to researchers. “The Greenland glacier has passed a tipping point, where the snowfall that … Read more

Climate – Arctic sea ice is melting faster than expected

According to the researchers, the temperature rise currently observed in the Arctic is only preceded by a similar increase during the last ice age. Posted today at 11:21 am Sled dogs progressing painfully in a fjord whose pack ice is covered by two or six centimeters of melted ice: the photo had been around the … Read more

Greenland ice cream is melting faster than it reforming, study finds

Greenland’s ice melt, which covers 1.7 million km2, has accelerated compared to previous decades, say the authors of a study published by the journal Nature Communications Earth and Environment. A team of American scientists from Ohio University found that in recent years, the Greenland ice sheet is losing mass faster on average than it is … Read more