I’m happy for the hat-trick, but I’m not on the ice from the goals, Plekanec said

“Of course I’m happy for the hat-trick, but I’m not just there for goals. I’m mainly happy for winning, we scored some points in the table in the situation we are in. Goals are nice, but in our situation it doesn’t matter. We need to anyone enforced and we had points, “Plekanec told reporters after … Read more

List of Planets Made up of Gas and Ice All

KOMPAS.com – Some planets are dubbed “Giant Planets” because they are much larger than other planets. The four giants are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The giant planets are also known as “Jovian planets”. The term Jovian comes from Jove, the king of the gods in Roman mythology and also the initial name of Jupiter. … Read more

If this glacier breaks, West Antarctica will lose a lot of ice

NASA Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica. If these glaciers break loose and melt into the oceans, it could have an impact on the loss of the ice sheet in West Antarctica. Nationalgeographic.co.id – Scientists have reported Glacier Thwaites di Antarctica West, which is the size of East Kalimantan Province, is melting fast. That melting was … Read more

Countdown to the opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Xiamen’s ice and snow sports heat up – Xinhua English.news.cn

The opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has entered the countdown, and the popularity of ice and snow sports continues to heat up.Xiamen CityPeople’s yearning for snow is also more enthusiastic. In fact, citizens can watch the snow, experience ice and snow sports without leaving Xiamen, and feel the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics … Read more

Who are the investors who inject Rp 71 billion into Gibran’s Doger Ice Business?

Jakarta – A capital injection of US$ 5 million or equivalent to Rp. 71 billion from Alpha JWC Ventures to the Goola startup founded by Gibran Rakabuming, is now in the spotlight. The public spotlight was on Gibran after the son of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) was reported by a lecturer named Ubedillah Badrun to … Read more

Already talks about international remakes, but ‘Slippery ice’ is only now being broadcast on VTM: “Six years after our first brainstorm”

Lucas Van den Eynde as the kidnapped Phil Frisco in ‘Slippery Ice’. After a long time in the pipeline and on Streamz, the series now also lands on VTM. — © VTM Poke about the title, and wait for years for white smoke. The road to the screen was long before ‘Slippery Ice’. After the … Read more

[POPULER MONEY] Gibran’s Doger Ice Business Injected with IDR 71 Billion | Sanctions for Selling Cooking Oil Above IDR 14,000

1. Excited about the Doger Ice Business Gibran Injected with IDR 71 billion, Alpha JWC Ventures Open Voice Alpha JWC Ventures capital injection of IDR 71 billion to beverage start-ups Goola back into the discussion. In fact, the investment made by Alpha JWC Ventures was made in August 2019. Goola was founded in 2018 by … Read more

After the nomination for the Olympics, Gulaš considers the national team to be a closed chapter Ice Hockey Sport | Budejcka Drbna

Forward Milan Gulaš considers his work in the Czech hockey team to be a closed chapter. The 36-year-old captain of České Budějovice said this on the Czech Television’s Hockey program the day after in response to events surrounding the nomination for the Beijing Olympics. Gulaš’s name was missing in the 24-member selection, which was announced … Read more

Dream Crystal Winter Olympics venue “Snow Feitian” put on new snow and ice clothes – Teller Report

“Guns are fired in unison”, along with 11 snow-making equipments, the “Snow Flying” in the Winter Olympics venue, that is, the snow-making work of the Shougang Ski Jumping Platform, has recently started. This marks the beginning of the guarantee activities for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics snowboard and freestyle skiing events. The only snow competition … Read more