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Sometimes we buy a console and we just know how to play without taking advantage of all the features. Sony has shared on its official blog five tips to control the gaming experience, either because you have children at home and you want to limit the access of the account or how to report inappropriate … Read more

They married him to improve his mood.. He committed suicide with a knife hours after the wedding

The family of a 36-year-old Egyptian man was shocked by the news of his suicide a few hours after his wedding ceremony. The sad story of the young man filled the Egyptian newspapers and social networking sites. She spoke about the young man’s suffering from a severe psychological crisis that led him to stabbed himself … Read more

Xbox knows it needs to improve video capture and sharing features

Jason Ronald, Xbox’s director of project management, acknowledged that both the Xbox Series X/S’ video capture and sharing features could be improved upon and confirmed that this is a top priority for the team. VGC reported that Ronald used it during the Iron Lords podcast discussed whether the company wants to improve the recording capabilities … Read more

This graph shows how quickly a third dose of vaccine can improve immunity

Two injections is good, but when it comes to preventing symptomatic infections from Covid-19, three injections could be even more effective. It’s hard to say what the long-term benefits of the coronavirus booster shots will be, as no one has had this third dose for long enough in their body. But immunologists generally agree that … Read more

Improve your eating habits, one habit at a time

Consider the whole diet (the variety and amount of foods eaten regularly) instead of focusing on specific foods, according to the American Heart Association. (Photo: The Canadian Press) Healthy eating habits aren’t enough to support heart health, recent guidelines from influencer warn. American Heart Association: we must also be able to incorporate them into our … Read more

France is considering changes to sports laws to improve stadium security

The French government announced today, Tuesday, that it is considering changes to sports laws to improve security in football stadiums, after the recurrence of recent violent incidents, the latest of which was last Sunday, when Dimitri Payet was attacked. Today, Tuesday, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin met with the Ministers of Justice and Sports, Eric Dupont-Moretti … Read more

RZ600 Series Wi-Fi 6E, AMD and MediaTek Improve Laptop and Desktop Connectivity

MediaTek and AMD announce collaboration to co-design cutting-edge Wi-Fi® solutions, starting with AMD RZ600 Series Wi-Fi 6E modules equipped with MediaTek’s new Filogic 330P circuit. The Filogic 330P chipset will be at the heart of the next generation of AMD Ryzen laptops and desktops from 2022, offering fast WiFi speeds with low latency and less … Read more