“nice to meet you!!!!!” Jeon Do-yeon’s immediate reaction to Yoo Jae-seok’s pretending to be close and fussing with ‘Seoul Institute of the Arts’ classmate is not a joke of reality, but bursts with bread (You Quiz)

Send SNS articles Send article to Facebook Send article to Twitter Send an article to Kakao Story Send articles to KakaoTalk Copy URL Send article to Find another share College classmates, but awkward between them…….. Jeon Do-yeon & Yoo Jae-seok ⓒtvN Wouldn’t everyone be like this if they met a college classmate after 30 years? … Read more

End of the Gulbenkian Institute of Science is underway | biomedicine

The merger of the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC) with the Instituto de Medicina Molecular (IMM), at the University of Lisbon, is being negotiated. The process is being managed with caution and secrecy and, if it comes to fruition, it will have a great impact on the Portuguese scientific universe. Objective: to create an institute … Read more

Putin apparently failed to negotiate an unlimited partnership with China, writes the American Institute | iRADIO

Russian President Vladimir Putin has probably failed to negotiate the open-ended bilateral partnership he had hoped for with China, the US Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said Wednesday night in its regular report on the war in Ukraine. According to him, the commitments that both countries accepted during the visit of Chinese President … Read more

what is this disease that worries the pasteur institute

Every year, hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide are due to shigellosis, according to National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm). This disease, also called bacillary dysentery, is an infection of the intestine caused by bacteria of four species called shigella. In France, it is the Shigella sonnei which circulates mainly. The latter worries … Read more

Learn about the best AI tools to make your work easier

(MENAFN- Youm7) It’s absolutely true that AI applications like ChatGPT can greatly improve the lives of workers, Marc Moreau, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, who has researched the impact of AI on the workforce, told Insider previously.He continued: “I tried 4 of the best AI productivity tools for a week to make my … Read more

Mexico ranks first in the world in number of new cases of monkeypox, warns institute

Jorge Saavedraexecutive director of AHF Global Public Health Institute from university of miamiwarned that Mexico has the “first place in the world in the largest number of new cases” of monkeypox. The latest reports that we have just received from the Health Secretary is that there are 51 new cases74 probable”, pointed out the specialist … Read more

The truth about the Aspen Institute. And to Peter Paul. Eliška Hašková-Coolidge clearly

Questionnaire Is it okay to threaten blockades of government buildings? voted: 25130 people The former director of the office of the American presidents believes that the basis of the performance of a good president is moral virtue. “It is absolutely impossible without it. The one above must be pure,” she said, adding that he must … Read more

Knife attack in the Schuman metro: the assailant will not go to a psychiatric institute

“He threatened and stabbed people with a knife, but it was only because of his illness” According to the assailant’s father, his son’s place is not in prison but in a psychiatric institute. “He is bipolar and takes medication for it. If he forgets them, he panics completely. This is what happened during the attack. … Read more

Knife attack in the Schuman metro: the assailant will not go to a psychiatric institute

The man who attacked three people with a knife in the Schuman station on Monday January 30 will not ultimately be placed in a psychiatric institute. “The chamber of the council which was held on March 3 decided to maintain preventive detention”explains Stefan Vandevelde, spokesperson for the Brussels public prosecutor’s office. “He threatened and stabbed … Read more