70% of video game developers say they have no interest in NFTs

Game Developers Conference has published its traditional video game industry status report with surveys over 2700 developers on the hottest topics of today, as well as on its future perspective. Some of the questions revolve around the NFT (non-fungible tokens, in Spanish), a controversial technology that many companies like Ubisoft, Square Enix, SEGA The Konami … Read more

“I have dated millionaires all my life”: Julia Fox denies rumors of dating Kanye West for interest

Written in CELEBRITIES the 22/1/2022 · 12:16 hs It seems that Julia Fox She was already used to fame and money before she came into “Ye’s” life. The actress assures that she has dated millionaires all her adult life and denies rumors of dating Kanye West for interest. After being caught in Multiple dates from … Read more

Cigarette consumption in Europe: highest in Bulgaria; at least in Sweden

Special Consumption Tax (SCT) on alcohol and cigarettes has been increased by 47 percent as we enter 2022 in Turkey. According to the most up-to-date researches carried out before these price hikes, Bulgaria and Turkey were the countries with the highest smoking rates in Europe. Turkey is the country with the highest number of cigarettes … Read more

IMF warns more indebted emerging countries for risks of rising interest rates – World

The Director General of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva suggested on Friday to emerging countries with higher debt levels that they seek to extend maturities. The Bulgarian economist considers that it is time for these countries to “act now” to avoid compromising the recovery in more fragile economies. The alert comes at a … Read more

[US stocks closed]Worry about raising interest rates to hit the economy, the Dow plunged 450 points and the Nasdaq fell 2.7% – Hong Kong Economic Times – Instant News Channel – Instant Finance – Stock Market

Market worries about Fed tightening monetary policy, superimposed Omicron variant virus drags down economic recovery, US stocks on FridayAlthough it rose for a while at noon, it dived at the end, and the Nasdaq fell more than 2.7%. That is, the US stock market closes: The Dow closed down 450 points at 34,265 points; the … Read more

Housing helps low-income people open promotion Home loan at 1.5% interest

Housing helps low-income and vulnerable groups open promotion Home loan, first 4 years interest only 1.5% On 19 Jan. 65 reporters reported. National Housing Authority open promotion Low-income housing development loan project, only 1.5% interest for the first 4 years to help low-income and vulnerable groups It’s easier to own a National Housing Authority. Currently, … Read more

What are the expectations of raising the US interest rate on stocks and the movement of the macro economy?

Thank you for reading, what are the expectations of raising the US interest rate on stocks and the movement of the macro economy? Basrawi News Encyclopedia written by Israa Khalil, that the stock, bond and currency markets await the next meeting of the US Open Market Committee, which is entrusted with setting interest rates on … Read more

Savings Get 1% Interest, Borrowing Must Pay 10%

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Bank credit growth is still relatively low. Until the end of 2021, bank credit growth according to Bank Indonesia (BI) records only reached 5.24%. Willem A. Makaliwe, Managing Director of the FEB UI Management Institute, assessed that this was due to the high loan interest rates provided by banks. Where the … Read more

Significantly increased probability of an interest rate increase already this year

In December, the inflation rate according to the CPIF, ie the change from the same month last year, was 4.1%. Underlying inflation measured by the CPIF excluding energy was, however, 1.7%, below the Riksbank’s inflation target of 2%. The Riksbank’s latest announcement was also that the recent rise in inflation is temporary and that the … Read more

Fed raising interest rates to curb inflation high growth stocks is undoubtedly providing a good layout point | Anue Juheng – Expert Opinion

Wanbao Investment Advisor Chen Zirong pointed out that on Thursday (1/20), Taiwan stocks fell 9 points to close at 18,218 points, dragged down by the darkening of US stocks, and the trading volume shrank to 238.4 billion yuan. The news that the US Federal Reserve (FED) may raise interest rates by 2 yards in March … Read more