The increased base interest rate is not stopping consumption yet

On July 21, the ECB raised key interest rates by half a percentage point, and they may be increased even more in the fall. However, it is difficult to say whether such a policy affects spending, as neither banks nor real estate sellers feel changes in consumer behavior. However, bank customers are more actively interested … Read more

Yang Hyun-suk during the trial “It’s really annoying”… hot public interest whistleblower

[이데일리 권혜미 기자] In the final statement, Mr. A, who reported the allegations of retaliation threats from former YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk, appealed for severe punishment against Yang. On the morning of the 8th, the 23rd Criminal Settlement Division of the Seoul Central District Court (Judge Cho Byung-gu) held the 8th trial on charges … Read more

Interest Rates Will Keep Rising, Fed Officials Say

Mary Daly said a half percentage point increase could be “absolutely” appropriate in September. A pair of top Federal Reserve officials are signaling that additional interest rate hikes are on the way as the central bank struggles to bring down decades-high inflation. Crypto Billionaire Points FED Out of Recession. San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly … Read more

China won’t stop practicing! ready to counter the US debtors prepare Rising interest I TNN Know about investment I 08-08-65

China won’t stop practicing! ready to counter the US debtors prepare Interest has risen I TNN Know about the investment I 08-08-65 Live: TNN program Know about the investment Monday, August 8, 2022 Time 15:00-17:30 #Jirathiti #Thitikon summarizes the daily conditions of the Thai stock market after the market close, along with news for investment … Read more

Contributed to the Rakumachi Real Estate Investment Newspaper, “The Bomb of ‘Rise in Interest Rates’ in Japan’s Mortgage Loans” – Textbook for Bankers

Contributed an article to Rakumachi Real Estate Investment Newspaper titled “Rise in Interest Rates Bombed by Japanese Housing Loans”. Condo prices continue to rise. Tokyo’s apartments are of a standard that ordinary office workers cannot afford. Still, there is no doubt that one of the factors behind the strong sales of housing such as condominiums … Read more

Europeans are losing interest in Xiaomi: the smartphone manufacturer is losing its feathers

Will Xiaomi’s soaring flight be followed by a crash? At least Europeans are slowly losing interest in the Chinese manufacturer’s smartphones, as new figures for the second quarter of 2022 show. At least Xiaomi can make decent gains in a European country. The reason is simple. The European smartphone market shrank by 11 percent in … Read more

Lu Yuren – High Debt Stocks Should Be Avoided for a Rebound under Interest Rate Increase | Financial High Tea | Headline Daily

The Hong Kong stock market was plunged into a political market last week. The US Democratic Party Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted on visiting Taiwan, stirring up tensions across the Taiwan Strait. Beijing showed dissatisfaction with its naval exercises in Taiwan for several days. People on the island are concerned about whether military exercises will be … Read more

“Wall Street” .. weekly gains amid concern about a higher interest rate hike

Despite geopolitical tensions worrying markets over the past week, US stocks posted weekly gains after a surprisingly strong jobs report that eased recession fears, but paved the way for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates sharply at its next meeting. The “Standard & Poor’s” index suffered a decline, Friday, and fell 1.1% during the … Read more

“Douyin 818 Discover Good Things Festival” launched, global interest e-commerce helps the sales of good things in the country

“Douyin 818 Discover Good Things Festival” launched Guo Ruiqi 2022-08-06 11:10:13 DoNews News on August 6th (Guo Ruiqi) On August 6th, Douyin e-commerce launched the “Douyin 818 Discovery Goods Festival”, which will give full play to the characteristics of global interest e-commerce, and meet the diversified operation of merchants through short video, live broadcast, pan-mall … Read more