20th Anniversary of the Iraq War: How the 2003 Anglo-American invasion threw Iraq into chaos

Article related information reporter, Jeremy Bowin reporter, BBC News March 20, 2023 The March 2003 US and British invasion was a disaster for Iraq and its people. In the desert outside Sinjar in northwestern Iraq, not far from the border with Syria, there is a place that clearly shows the broken lives of Iraqis. It … Read more

20 years after the US invasion, the future of Iraq remains uncertain / Article

In many parts of the United States, the invasion remains highly ambivalent. As Iraq experts also admit, of course Saddam Hussein’s regime imprisoned, tortured and killed Iraqis. However, at the same time, the invasion, the insurgency, the civil war and the fight against the Islamic State have also resulted in the loss of many lives. … Read more

Škoda Auto lost CZK 17 billion due to the Russian invasion

According to Chairman of the Board Klaus Zellmer, the high loss in Russia was caused by the need to maintain the sales network and production plants there, even though the automaker no longer produced or sold cars. At the same time, he called the loss a one-time item, and since there is no chance of … Read more

The Hague prepares the first arrest warrants for the Russian invasion. Moscow has signaled that it is not interested

The International Criminal Court (ICC) plans to seek the arrest of Russian officials over the forcible deportation of children from Ukraine and attacks on civilian infrastructure, the agency said Monday Reuters. Daily New York Times specified that the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, will ask the pre-trial judges to approve the arrest … Read more

Russia is buying the remaining residents of Mariupol. Concrete and pensions

After ten months of Russian occupation, fear and distrust are the two most common reactions western media journalists encounter in Mariupol. Residents of the city in southeastern Ukraine are still exhausted, but also very cautious, after a long siege and heavy Russian shelling that ended last May. “I think you are a Russian journalist. You … Read more

Rau reveals what he heard from Lavrov before the invasion of Ukraine. “I got assurance”

A few days before Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Zbigniew Rau paid a visit to Moscow. Lavrov assured me that the State Duma would not agree to recognize the two split self-proclaimed republics in eastern Ukraine as sovereign subjects, recalled the head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on TVP Info. In an interview … Read more

War in Ukraine: the Russian invasion had little impact on trade between Belgium and Russia

A year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and despite the sanctions, trade between Belgium and Russia has not decreased, even without taking into account the surge in gas prices, according to figures for the year 2022 of the Agency for Foreign Trade, relayed Friday by the newspaper De Morgen. War in Ukraine: Russian teenager … Read more

Tiger does not approve Invasion of Stuttgart Leading the crowd together with Dortmund (highlight clip) | Thaiger Thai news

German Bundesliga football season 2022-23 week 23 is a clash of Stuttgart enter the field to meet with Bayern Munich Watch live football on Saturday night, March 4 at 12:30 a.m. Live football results, football results tonight, see highlights, check Bundesliga football results. Football results last night, German Bundesliga, Stuttgart 1-2 Bayern Munich, Bundesliga highlights … Read more

Russia built torture chambers in the occupied territories, say investigators

The investigation reportedly revealed that Russian forces in several occupied areas were acting according to a very specific plan, he writes Ukrainian justice. “The first phase is to detain and in many cases kill people who are called ‘leaders,’ those who might physically or culturally resist the occupation,” said Wayne Jordash, head of the group … Read more

Brazilian stars longed for a Russian passport. Putin has already given them the nod

Malcom and Claudinho are officially citizens of Russia. At the end of February, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree granting citizenship to a list of 38 people, among whom were the reserve players of the leader of the Russian league. The St. Petersburg club immediately congratulated two of its shining stars on the networks for … Read more