The first foreign ship has sailed from Mariupol since the beginning of the Russian invasion, according to Ankara

The presidents and prime ministers of the 27 countries of the European Union are waiting for a key decision at the upcoming summit in Brussels whether to grant Ukraine the status of a candidate for membership in the European bloc. However, other impacts of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine will also be a topic. … Read more

The invasion of Ukraine strengthens Europeanism in EU countries (also in Italy)

Listen to the audio version of the article BRUSSELS – The Russian invasion of Ukraine has strengthened pro-European sentiment in EU member countries, according to a Eurobarometer survey, published today, Wednesday 22 June. The trend is also present in Italy, a country that has expressed growing Eurosceptic sentiments in recent years. At the same time, … Read more

Invasion of grasshoppers in Sardinia: after fields and farms, now the insects arrive in the houses. The mayor: “Send us the Army”

They started with the pasturethen they moved on to fields cultivated. Countless and greedy, they have devoured everything and they went as far as i centers inhabited. Attacking flowers and lemons. Carrying distressafter having nullified the work of shepherds e farmers, even among the owners of commercial activities. There Sardinia continues to deal with the … Read more

The war in Ukraine. Live. 118th day of the invasion of Russia

Zelenskiy spoke with Orban. “We will develop cooperation” – It was a day of very active foreign work – almost a marathon of telephone negotiations – said the Ukrainian president in the latest video. – We are increasing the circle of people who support the candidacy of Ukraine and we believe that the decision of … Read more

India is buying Russian coal and oil en masse. Significant increase since the invasion of Ukraine

In connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the West imposed broad sanctions to Russia. Moscow announced in April that the EU would restrict Russia coal will have the opposite effect as raw material will be redirected to another market. The EU’s sixth package of sanctions against Russia has entered into force Russia sells coal … Read more

Tomorrow begins a historic week for Ukraine / GORDON

“Tomorrow begins a truly historic week. The week when we will hear from the European Union about the status of the candidacy for Ukraine. There is already a positive decision of the European Commission, and at the end of the new week there will be a response from the European Council. I think it is … Read more

US 007: “Moscow will try to undermine Midterm’s vote” – World

Moscow “probably” will try to discourage the vote and undermine the confidence of Americans in the Midterm elections in November, as a retaliation for the American-led Western response to the invasion of Ukraine: CNN reveals, citing a new declassified document from the intelligence office of the Ministry of the Interior. “We expect Russian interference in … Read more

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – “Babushka Z”: -Would not be famous

Since the beginning of April, Kremlin propaganda has been celebrating “Grandma Anya”, an elderly Ukrainian woman waving a red Soviet flag, as a Russian propaganda symbol of the invasion of Ukraine. This happened after a video of her meeting with Ukrainian soldiers went viral. The woman has become known by the nickname “Babushka Z” which … Read more

Sardinia, invasion of locusts in Ottana. Crops devoured and countryside invaded: “They eat everything, it’s an impressive thing”

The swarms of grasshoppers which for days now have invaded some countries of the Sardiniaare devouring fields and crops. In this villa a Ottana they attacked the olive grove and ruined all the fruits and plants in the garden. Peppino Urtu and his wife no longer know what to do to get rid of the … Read more

Opinion | The first months of war show how bad and pointless the Russian invasion is

Defense gets billions more. Fine, there have been complaints for years that things had been neglected and that the armed forces had been cut back as a result. There has been talk of a ‘geopolitical holiday’, from which Putin has shaken us roughly awake with his invasion of Ukraine. Ko Colijn is a defense expert … Read more