Islam, Islamophobia | Why are all critical questions about Islam met with suspicion?

The debate post expresses the writer’s opinions. Over the past few years, I have tried to familiarize myself with both Islam and the life of the Prophet Muhammad. As a theologian, I have of course been interested in acquiring understanding and knowledge about the religion of Islam. I have occasionally allowed myself to ask some … Read more

Indian Chemist Killed After Supporting Humiliation of Prophet Muhammad

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The murder of a supporter of insult to the Prophet Muhammad from India happen again. This time the victim is Umesh Kolhe (54), a chemist in Maharashtra. Umesh was attacked and killed by two men riding a motorbike on June 21. At that time he was on his way home from … Read more

India heats up after despicable supporter of Prophet Muhammad beheaded

AFP, Associated Press & Reuters | CNN Indonesia Thursday, 30 Jun 2022 08:41 WIB Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — India has again been hit by clashes between Hindus and Muslims after a Hindu tailor was beheaded for supporting insults to the Prophet Muhammad.

UN Officially Designates March 15 As International Day To Fight Islamophobia

The General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) has officially designated March 15 as the International Day to Combat Islamophobia. . Pakistan’s envoy to the UN Munir Akram officially introduced that Islamophobia has become a growing reality in some parts of the world. . Munir Akram emphasized that terrorism cannot and should not be associated … Read more

Teacher Fired for Wearing Hijab When Teaching, So Controversy

Jakarta – The figure of Fatemeh Anvari suddenly became a public conversation. Fatemeh is a hijabi teacher in the Province of Quebec, Canada. She was told that the hijab she was wearing was against the controversial rules. Rules in Canada stipulate state officials cannot wear religious symbols while working. The law prohibits all civil servants … Read more

Islamophobia accusations: QS drops Quebec

A motion was tabled last Thursday in the National Assembly in relation to the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), an Islamist, homophobic, misogynist and anti-Semitic group, among others (see my previous posts on the subject here). Funded by the feds and Ontario, this group claims in an educational video that Bill 21 constitutes “Islamophobic” legislation. … Read more

UK apologizes for accusing Muslim man of extremism

“The government has been completely wrong for accusing Butt of being an extremist hate preacher who legitimizes terrorism. Therefore he must be protected,” said Legal Advisor to the Minister of Home Affairs Priti Patel in court. Reported Anadolu Agency, Wednesday (17/11), Patel apologized for the loss that Butt had suffered. In particular, the fact that … Read more

Shows Quran page covered in blood, Call of Duty game reaps condemnation

loading… RIYADH – Call of Duty branch Middle East sorry for the content Islamophobia in his new game Vanguard. The emergence of this Islamophobic content caused an uproar among gamers who demanded the removal of the “offensive” material. The game, which was released worldwide on November 5, features scenes with pages Al-Qur’an scattered on the … Read more

Because of his race and religion, the mayor of London was escorted by 15 police

The Mayor of London is a Muslim and he often receives death threats. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, LONDON — The mayor of London, England, Sadiq Khan said there was a need for protection police against him because of skin color and religion. At an event at the Labor Party’s annual conference he said he had received a number … Read more