The famous actress goes to jail! She wanted to get her children to school by fraud

American actress Lori Loughlin is to spend two months in prison. The information was brought by an American portal ABCNEWS. She, along with about 50 other people and another actress, Felicity Huffman, was accused of fraud in an attempt to get her children to college by fraud. The system worked in such a way that … Read more

Actress Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky from “Full House”) two months in jail for student fraud

The couple wanted to have their two daughters at the prestigious University of South California (USC). Documents were drawn up to show that the girls were part of the university’s rowing team. In reality they did not practice that sport at all. But such documents make it easier to pass the strict university admission rules … Read more

Restaurant owners, with the “living hope” after reopening

After almost five months without attending in person, 30 restaurants reopened their doors to diners, as part of a pilot plan under strict biosecurity protocols. This medium made a tour of some of the restaurants and spoke with customers and owners. Both stressed that “it was already necessary to have those spaces for people.” Several … Read more

They released an accused of rape due to the risk of coronavirus: he got out of jail and shot the victim to death

Virginia police, in U.S, said a rape suspect released from jail in the middle of the pandemic of coronavirus he killed the woman who had denounced him. Ibrahim E. Bouaichi he was found by authorities on Wednesday, August 5. But he shot himself and his condition is serious, the newspaper reported The Washington Post. Bouaichi … Read more

The great revelation of Bohdalová! I will say everything, he is shocked

“The basis is the message itself, only according to its content it will be seen whether we will make touches, for example, in the prison where her father was sitting, or in the Theater in Vinohrady, in the Na Jezerce Theater, on both stages or completely elsewhere. I simply want to be inspired by new, … Read more

They are the new lawyers who will seek to prevent Emilio Lozoya from stepping in jail.

Miguel Ontiveros Alonso and Alejandro Rojas Pruneda, the lawyers of Emilio Lozoya (Photo: Special)Emilio Lozoya, former director of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), contract the services of two renowned lawyers. Miguel Ontiveros, ex sub-attorney of Human rights of the defunct Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) during the sexennium of Felipe Calderón. AND Alejandro Rojas Pruneda was … Read more

Massager whose customer is threatened with 9 years in prison – DA (40), masseus origin Surabaya, East Java, who raped his own customer threatened 9 years jail. Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Sukolilo Police, Iptu Abidin said, for his actions the perpetrators were charged under Article 289 of the Criminal Code regarding sexual abuse. “The reason is 289 Criminal Code, 9 years imprisonment,” … Read more

Three years in jail for a man who assaulted a woman for almost 40 years in Valença

It was short-lived. The municipalities of Caminha, Cerveira and Paredes de Coura, after several weeks without any active case of covid-19, again registered new infections with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The data are from the Local Health Unit of Alto Minho (ULSAM), cited by the municipalities. The most recent case arose in Paredes de Coura and … Read more

Year jail for Belgian (77) who ‘decorated’ his own house with swastikas

George B. himself made swastikas, flags and pamphlets which he hung on his house and mailbox and in trees. According to The standard the man also brought the Hitler salute in his front yard. Approve genocide A complaint from it Interfederal Equal Opportunities Center Unia made sure that B. had to answer in court. He … Read more

To Loughlin and Giannulli prison for bribery of universities | Stage

BOSTON – Actress Lori Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, have agreed to plead guilty in the university bribery case and serve a prison sentence, according to court documents released today. The couple will plead guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud in a settlement with the prosecution filed in Boston federal court. … Read more