FDA adds warning about Janssen vaccine and Guillain-Barré syndrome

First modification: 13/07/2021 – 02:57 The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) added a paragraph to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine information sheet stating that some people who have received that dose have developed the neurological disorder. , although he clarifies that the probability of this happening is “very low”. This Monday, the US Food … Read more

warn that it does not generate enough antibodies – El Financiero

The COVID vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, which is a single dose, produced relatively low levels of antibodies against Delta variant in one study, raising questions about the efficacy of the vaccine against the strain that accounts for the vast majority of cases in the United States. The lab study, published on the bioRxiv preprint … Read more

Johnson & Johnson Reveals Its COVID-19 Vaccine is Effective Against the Delta Variant of COVID-19

INDOZONE.ID – Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine is reportedly highly effective against the highly contagious delta variant, the company announced on July 1. Although the analysis was conducted on only a small number of participants and has not been peer reviewed, it has shown that it is Johnson & Johnson vaccines, such as Pfizer and … Read more

Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine is effective against Delta variant – El Financiero

The pharmaceutical Johnson & Johnson assured that his Janssen vaccine, in a single dose, against COVID-19 neutralizes the delta variant spreading rapidly and provides long-lasting protection against infection more widely. The company said in a statement Thursday that its vaccine recipients produced strong neutralizing antibodies over the course of at least eight months against all … Read more

Johnson & Johnson vaccine will need booster from Pfizer or Moderna

NEW YORK – Two weeks ago, virologist Angela Rasmussen received a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine to boost her immune system, which was already primed by a Johnson & Johnson vaccine. No US health agency has recommended this combination of vaccines. And Rasmussen, a research scientist with the Organization for Vaccines and Infectious Diseases … Read more

Experts: This vaccine requires re-vaccination

The vaccination campaign is in full swing. But are all vaccines equally effective, especially against the more contagious Delta variant and possible new mutants? Virologists have great doubts about a vaccine. The Delta-Variant hovers as a bad omen over autumn in Germany. Last but not least, it makes it clear that the more contagious variant … Read more

The J&J vaccine deals with the delta mutation. Pfizer and Moderna also report success

In addition, the latest company data show that humans are protected from dangerous variants of coronavirus for at least eight months after vaccination. In addition, the advantage is that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is only a single dose, so a person will only be vaccinated once. “Current data from the eight months studied have … Read more

Does the BioNTech vaccine cause infertility?

According to CNN’s report, “Does the BioNTech vaccine cause infertility?” question has been answered. A newly published study has revealed that the Covid-19 vaccine does not have any effect on sperm count, as the opponents of the vaccine claim. According to research data published in JAMA, it was found that no young and healthy men … Read more

The EMA approves the use of the Pfizer vaccine in young people aged 12 to 15 years

First modification: 28/05/2021 – 19:35 With the green light of the European regulator, countries will be able to decide whether or not to apply the vaccine to their adolescents. In other news, the United Kingdom approved the use of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine in adults, while in Brazil, President Bolsonaro filed a petition with the … Read more