José ‘Tin’ Angulo leaves Barcelona and is a new Manta FC player | National Championship | sports

He Blanket FC, a club that returned to the privileged category of Ecuadorian football after seven years, announced this Friday the incorporation of the forward Jose Angulo by 2021. The Tin Maintains the cast comes from Barcelona SC, where he had signed a contract until June, but finally did not enter the Canary Islands plans. … Read more

Villarejo had a false ID in the eighties despite being outside the Police: lawyer José Javier Hidalgo

The exceptionality in which José Manuel Villarejo’s police career developed for four decades lasted during his decade on leave of absence, between 1983 and 1993. He has had access to an unpublished document: the identity card that the Ministry of the Interior issued to Villarejo in July 1984 with a false name and profession … Read more

Javier Cámara, Jose Coronado and Roberto Álamo will be three desperate parents in ‘It’s for your good’

It may interest you Telecinco broadcasts tonight, at 11:00 p.m., a new pass of ‘It’s for your good’. Directed by Carlos Therón in 2017, the film stars José Coronado, Javier Cámara, Roberto Álamo, Pilar Castro, Carmen Ruiz, María Pujalte, Silvia Alonso, Georgina Amorós, Andrea Ros, Miki Esparbé, Luis Mottola, Miguel Bernardeau, Manolo Solo, Luis Callejo, … Read more

After questions, José Ricardo Muñoz says goodbye to television

Wednesday, January 13, 2021 – 6:39 pm Muñoz assured that he recently took this position and that he will perform it in a professional manner After it will circulate on social networks that the journalist, José Ricardo Muñoz of the National Television remains on the payroll of the Municipality of Panama as an advisor. The … Read more

«From José María Nunes I inherited his enthusiasm and passion for cinema»

Julio Lamaña (Barcelona, ​​1966) is a lover and film expert from all its aspects. He is a film club player, cultural manager, professor of film history and, since 2015, also a director. Lamaña, who lives and works in Bogotá (Colombia), will present the screening of Ink night, by José María Nunes, this Saturday, at 6:00 … Read more

José Luis Uriarte and music in restaurants: “We are wrong in the way we communicate it, but there is support. In places with music, people speak louder, so there are more droplets suspended in the air ”- Duna 89.7

Jose Luis Uriarte, Undersecretary of Tourism, referred to the health measures that the Government took to stop the spread of the pandemic. 💬 #NadaPersonal | @JLUriarteC: “We have a level of contagion that is not what we would like, part of the decisions are corrections to the Step by Step plan. First for learning and … Read more

José Maya, the owner of the Pavón theater complains about the bad gesti

The owners of the Pavón Theater complain about the attitude of the Kamikaze company, and claim to have suffered defamations by this group. The lack of resources and the economic crisis has forced the company to say goodbye. After almost five years of adventures on stage, at Pavón Theater the fateful moment has come to … Read more

FA Cup: Who are eighth-tier Marine, preparing to face Jose Mourinho and Tottenham?

FA Cup Merseyside club are the lowest ranked team to meet a Premier League side Marine FC celebrations @MarineAFC With England being hard hit by a new strain of the coronavirus, it’s hard to come across feel-good stories, but Marine AFC‘s is certainly that, as the modest side prepare to face the might of Jose … Read more

Does it affect the theater? Famous actor spoke with José María Listorti after the new restrictions and impacted

Amid the uncertainty due to the increase in cases of Covid-19 The national authorities recommended to the governors to limit nighttime traffic in the strip that you go from 23:00 to 6:00 in the morning. After the mentioned, Jose Maria Listorti spoke with the actor Mauricio Dayub that settled in Mar del Plata with his … Read more

Oribe Peralta is my ‘sensei’; José Juan Macías does not hide his admiration

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 07.01.2021 14:09:29 In 2012, Jose Juan Macías saw on television Oribe Peralta be a fundamental part of obtaining the gold medal of Mexico in the Olympic Games of London and now who is your partner in Chivas, cataloged the Brush as his ‘sensei’. The young rojiblanco striker did not hide … Read more