From the Botanical Garden to Quinta das Lágrimas, a journey that deserves to be, above all, felt | report

A previous note is necessary: ​​this route is not meant to add up kilometers, count ups and downs in the hiking curriculum. This route is to be done calmly, looking at the heritage, feeling the power of nature and recognizing the importance that water has in our lives. Of Botanical Garden of the University of … Read more

The world strikes and travels COVID-19: flight canceled, look for another, sorry! | Business

Monday strike organized by three Belgian unions. Thursday a three-day strike Brussels Airlines staff promised to launch. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lifting of travel restrictions, travel demand has risen sharply. Many people who miss a normal holiday are in a hurry to travel, but after a quieter period, airports are … Read more

The win-win of an all-inclusive patient journey

But since the recent images of the huge queues and the accompanying chaos at several major European airports, that comparison has lost some of its popularity. Understandable on the one hand, perhaps incorrectly on the other. The ingredients for the chaos that has arisen may be instructive. Without knowing the exact background for each situation, … Read more

Couple sharing an infertility journey online: “It seemed that pain would simply destroy us”

Ingrid, you create exclusive educational content – you share your infertility story on YouTube. There are not many people talking about this topic in Lithuania so widely. How did you decide to share your personal life in public? As soon as we started our “children’s journey”, I read a lot online and watched a lot … Read more

Ondřej Kudely’s journey in Slavia ends. What was said in the last interview and how does the public react?

Source: SK Slavia Prague Prague’s Slavia has released its last interview with Ondřej Kúdela for its YouTube channel. An experienced stopper has become a legend for many stitched fans during his tenure. However, his journey ends in Slavia and he sets out on a mission to Indonesia. What was said in the last interview and … Read more

Aliyev’s Birthday in Italy with Beloved Nerius: Even More Fun | Names

Goda Aliyeva, who was on holiday in Italy at the beginning of June, did not hide – she was delighted by the most beautiful places in the country! Both Milan and the towns around Lake Como, with their narrow streets, museums and nature, have left an indelible impression on it. Photo album of personal album … Read more

Human contamination reached Mars: a NASA robot found garbage during its journey

The NASA’s Perseverance Rover on Mars it found debris for the first time since its arrival on the Red Planet in February 2021, two kilometers from where it landed. the find It happened last Tuesday. “My team detected something unexpected”he pointed the official account of Perseverance on Twitter. “It is a piece of thermal blanket”, … Read more

The development of the “fedayeen” .. the journey of the Palestinian presence in football

The Palestinian national team witnessed a great development in the technical level (Getty) After Palestine became a member of the International Federation for football In 1998, “Al-Fidaya” began participating in the qualifying tournaments world Cup And the Asian Cup, starting from the 2002 World Cup and the 2000 Continental Championship, and from the beginning, he … Read more

Mobile vaccination center continues its journey administering anticovid and flu doses

The mobile vaccination of the Honorary Commission for the Fight against Tuberculosis and Prevalent Diseases (CHLA-EP) continues this week its tour of different areas of Montevideo. It should be remembered that vaccines against the coronavirus and the flu vaccine are administered. To receive the flu vaccine, you can also attend the vaccination course of the … Read more

The new Japanese simulation work “Fox and Frog Journey” will be on Steam, the ghost island adventure of the white fox girl and the frog | 4Gamers

Fox and Frog Travelers, an indie game derived from the paintings of Japanese illustrator rias, exhibited a new promotional video at this year’s Summer Game Fest 2022, and the game is expected to appear on the Steam platform. The art of “Fox and Frog Journey” is inspired by the paintings of rias, and it is … Read more