Not Called Up by the National Team for Cambodia’s 2023 SEA Games, This Is the Journey of Beautiful Volleyball Athlete Yolla Yuliana in International Events – The beautiful volleyball athlete Yolla Yuliana was not called up by the Women’s Volleyball National Team for the 2023 SEA Games in Cambodia. Together with Shella Bernadetha, these two talented volleyball athletes were absent for the highest sporting event in Southeast Asia. In fact, Yolla is a key figure in the Women’s Volleyball … Read more

“I felt on the side of the dead, I had to rebuild a path to the living…”

She spoke of her physical recovery, after being burned on her face and hands, of her psychological recovery afterwards, thanks to the help of many people and in particular of what she calls “the group of little friends”, who together with four other women survivors of the explosion in Maelbeek. Finally, she spoke of her … Read more

Premier League|Tottenham didn’t finish the black and then hurt Emerson dry land: the journey is over and I wish you all the best

Tottenham “No handsome” Tottenham’s room leaked and it rained all night. The Brazilian international right gate Emerson was injured when he represented the national team in Morocco last weekend. After the game, it was confirmed that he needed knee surgery or had to rest for 6 weeks; The Spurs are still confident that the 24-year-old, … Read more

The University of Bern is ready for the journey to Jupiter

The “Visions du Réel” festival, which takes place from April 21 to 30 in Nyon, will screen the two documentaries that won at the last Venice Film Festival and at the Berlinale. Powerful films that take the pulse of the times. Documentary cinema has emerged from its ghetto and joined the major international festivals. At … Read more

Sidqon’s Journey to Promote Astronomy at Islamic Boarding Schools, Portraits of the Milky Way Using Xiaomi

Jakarta – Activating astronomy in Islamic boarding schools is certainly not an ordinary thing. Especially if the activity only uses a smartphone or smartphone. However, that is what Nur Sidqon, Director of the Yanbu’ul Qur’an Kudus Observatory has done. Since elementary school, Sidqon has loved learning about celestial bodies. According to the man who was … Read more

The Botanical Garden takes its visitors on a journey to Mars

On the way to explore the beginnings of life on earth. The Botanical Garden of Neuchâtel inaugurates its new exhibition “Traces of Life”, which will take place from March 26 to December 3. Produced in collaboration with research institutions such as the microbiology laboratory of the University of Neuchâtel, it is intended to be accessible … Read more

Sega ‘Sonic Frontier’ Update 1st Spring Journey Distribution

On the 23rd, Sega Publishing Korea introduced the first free large-scale update of ‘Sonic Frontier’, ‘Spring’s Journey’. It can be enjoyed through PlayStation (PS) 4/5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Through this, the company unveiled a ‘jukebox’ that can change the music played on the island’s field. If you collect the … Read more

Ahmed Ramzi.. The first and last appearance with the companion of the journey, Omar Sharif

Mahmoud Turk Thursday, March 23, 2023 06:00 AM Today marks the 93rd birthday The star Ahmed RamzY, who was born on March 23, 1930, was known as “the naughty boy” in Egyptian cinema, due to his performance as the light-hearted, naughty young man. The artist, Ahmed Ramzy, studied at Orman School, then Victoria School, then … Read more