“I wanted a ride but no one stopped.” The judge orders the prison- Corriere.it

from Carlo d’Elia The 22-year-old had also threatened the policemen who intervened on Friday to block him: If you get close, they’ll scam you. The arrest in the trial has been validated by direct line If you get close, they will throw you. I’ll kill you all. These are the threats that Elsayed Donia, a … Read more

The anger of Donatella Hodo’s boyfriend commits suicide in prison: “They left her alone.” The lawyer: “Everyone is committed, even the judge”

Anger from the boyfriend of Donatella Hodo, 27-year-old committing suicide in prison after inhaling gas from the cell stove. “It wasn’t the suicide in prison of a drug addict. Donatella, my Dona, had been clean for a year. Now that it’s gone, I read and hear poison comments. Too many are making judgments without knowing … Read more

Adrianna Biedrzyska confirms parting with the third meme. He is sad to judge the relationship

Adrianna Biedrzyńska and Sebastian Błaszczak met in Canada in 2012. As “Fakt” informed at the time, Błaszczak was the announcer during the performances in which the actress was to take part and was delegated to pick her up from the airport. The couple was united by love at first sight, and five years later they … Read more

Judge denies suspension against resumption of works on the Mayan Train

And Federal judge refused to suspend the resumption of the works of the Mayan Train in Section 5 South after admitting for processing the extension of an amparo claim promoted by three inhabitants of the municipality of Solidaridad who challenged the construction of the project. The resolution issued by the First District Judge of the … Read more

The judge: “Archie will die in the hospital.” Parents: this morning at 11, pray

<!––> Archie Battersbee, 12, has been in a coma since 7 April – Ansa / Fb Archie’s family reports that vital supports will be removed this morning at 11.00 am and asks to pray “for anyone involved in this moment”. No comments from the hospital. Bishop John Sherrington, Auxiliary of the Diocese of Westminster and … Read more

Regrets killing Astri and Lael, Randi Badjideh promises this in front of the judge

KUPANG, VICTORYNEWS – Defendant in the murder of mother and child in Kupang, NTT Astri and Lael, Randi Badjideh confessed that he was sorry for killing Astri and Lael. The regret is expressed Randi Badjideh when reading his defense in court with a reading agenda pledoi from Kupang District CourtMonday (1/8/2022). Randi Badjideh believe that … Read more

Abu Nawas Gives a Gift of Grapes to the Judge of the Palace, Abu Nawas: Alhamdulillah for my nose

BondowosoNetwork.com – Abu Nawas is a famous Islamic comedian figure, because his behavior is funny but impressive to everyone. Without realizing the little things that are done Abu Nawas able to make other people around him laugh out loud. They will laugh happily at the antics Abu Nawas which was funny but a little annoying … Read more

Did Lechia Gdańsk leave LKE? Dusan Kuciak: The judge was weak, he collapsed

news–gallery#beforeOpenGallery lgAfterOpen->news–gallery#openGallery lgAfterClose->news–gallery#closeGallery lgAfterSlide->news–gallery#openPhoto [email protected]>news–gallery#openFromState news–slider:slideChange->news–gallery#slideChange click->ga–news#sendEvent copy->news–copy#copy [email protected]>news–poll-placement#place”> Dusan Kuciak has a grudge against the referee of the match between Lechia Gdańsk and Rapid Vienna. photo: Mateusz Słodkowski / Trojmiasto.pl ” class=”photoMarker__link”> – We “fell asleep” at the beginning, but in the second half we showed that this promotion was within our reach. Why … Read more

Given the task of guarding the key to the cash box, Abu Nawas for the Judge, Hide it in the safest place

JemberNetwork.com – Here is the story Abu Nawas who was tasked by Mr. Judge to take care of lock the chest. Destination Mr. Judge assign Abu Nawas to keep people’s money stored in the chest. Mr. Judge not clearly stated lock the chest Where should it be stored, he surrendered to Abu Nawas as long … Read more