Behind the sandstorm, by Enric Juliana

Verónica Fumanal has described quite well what is behind the sandstorm: “The political headline of the year is that the pandemic does not take the government ahead.” (Verónica Fumanal, graduated in Political Science from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​with good friends at the PSC, was the communication advisor for Pedro Sanchez from his victory … Read more

Uribe blamed Juan Manuel Santos for the death of Juliana Giraldo at the hands of a soldier

According to Uribe Vélez, who is being detained at his home while being investigated for alleged witness trafficking and procedural fraud, Juan Manuel Santos is responsible for the current situation of moral and psychological insecurity that the military forces in the country are going through and that lead to events like the one that happened … Read more

This is the investigation into the death of Juliana Giraldo at the hands of a soldier – Investigation – Justice

A source from the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation – in Bogotá – confirmed to EL TIEMPO that this week charges will be brought against the soldier who shot on September 24 at the car in which three people were traveling, including Juliana Giraldo, who he lost his life immediately. “We are … Read more

The new details about the death of Juliana Giraldo revealed in the investigation

Experts from the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office determined that the shot that ended Juliana’s life was “direct and at close range,” according to sources from the investigating entity consulted by Noticias Caracol and El Tiempo. The foregoing distorts the story of the uniformed man involved, who had claimed that his shot hit the ground … Read more

María Juliana Ruiz, the intimate story of the first lady of Colombia

First Lady, María Juliana Ruiz / Presidency Maria Juliana Ruiz Sandoval He would not have imagined that dance would mark his steps in life: he enrolled in the prestigious Marymount School in Bogotá as soon as he could; on the boat where he taught salsa classes to survive while studying in the Institut Catholique de … Read more

This is how the investigations into the murder of Juliana Giraldo by Army shooting go – Investigation – Justice

At the Miranda military base, Cauca, the 19-year-old regular soldier responsible for the murder of Juliana Giraldo on Thursday morning remains, when he was traveling in a vehicle with his partner and two other people. The soldier, born in the north of Valle del Cauca and who turns 20 at the end of October, was … Read more

IACHR condemns the murder of Juliana Giraldo at the hands of a military man – Confidencial Colombia

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) this Friday condemned the death of Juliana Giraldo at the hands of a Colombian military in the department of Cauca, where she was shot, and has asked that a “quick” investigation be carried out to clarify what happened. In a statement released through its Twitter account, the Commission … Read more

Shocking: Army confirmed that soldier did kill Juliana Giraldo, in Miranda [VIDEO]

Through a press release, the Specific Command of Cauca, organic unit of the Third Division of the National Army, confirmed that, in effect, One of the bullets from his soldiers killed Juliana Giraldo Díaz, when she was moving with her husband on a road in Miranda (Cauca). In a concise, three-point letter, the Army referred … Read more

Assassination of Juliana Giraldo by shooting of a soldier: IACHR condemned the murder of Juliana Giraldo and called for a speedy investigation | International

Through your account Twitter, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights ruled on him murder of Juliana Giraldo occurred in the department of Cauca and called the State to do all investigations of the case with due diligence. The message says that the authorities “must take into account the identity and gender expression of the victim” … Read more

Uribe blames Santos for the murder of Juliana – Government – Politics

Former President Álvaro Uribe Vélez blamed Juan Manuel Santos for the murder of Juliana Giraldo Díaz, 35 years old, occurred on the morning of this Thursday on a highway in Cauca. (Context notice: The crude story that tells how a military man killed Juliana Giraldo) Uribe, who is in preventive detention, as the alleged determiner … Read more