KAI Commuter Opens Up About Men’s Pubic Rub Against KRL Passengers

Jakarta – A woman with the initials DY (40) became a victim of sexual harassment on the commuter line or electric train (KRL). The KRL side strongly condemns the actions of the perpetrator with the initials M (45). “To prevent acts of sexual harassment, KAI Commuter continues to invite all KRL users to always be … Read more

Teng Niu·Qianling FC3-1 Zhongchi·Jinjia Auto Repair Yang Kai scored the best goal_TOM Sports

At 12:00 noon on June 26th, the 21st Guiyang Amateur Football Division C League, hosted by Guizhou Sports Online, guided by Guiyang Olympic Sports Center, and co-organized by Guiyang Olympic Event Operation Center, will be held in Linquan Football Park. At the end of the third game of the fifth round, Teng Niu·Qianling FC3-1 Zhongchi·Jinjia … Read more

PT KAI plans to close a plot of road crossing where the Avanza and Argo Sindoro fatal collision occurred Page all

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – PT KAI Daop 1 Jakarta plans to close level crossing KM 34+4/5 plot of the Cikarang-Tambun road was the result of an accident involving the Argo Sindoro Train with the Avanza minibus on Tuesday (21/6/2022). Head of Public Relations of PT KAI Daop 1 Jakarta Eva Chairunisa said that the closure was … Read more

PT KAI: Sexual Harassment Perpetrators Can’t Take Trains Anymore

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) will carry out blacklist against passengers who do sexual harassment during the train journey. This is a firm measure taken by KAI to prevent sexual violence on trains. KAI’s EVP Corporate Secretary, Asdo Artriviyanto said that this policy was to provide a deterrent effect and prevent perpetrators from … Read more

Viral male groping female passenger’s thigh in carriage, KAI opens voice

Jakarta – A video showing the action of male train passengers performing stunts abuse groping the thigh of the female passenger next to him went viral on social media. PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) open voice. From the video that circulated as seen detik.com, Monday (20/6/2022), the man suspected of being the perpetrator was wearing … Read more

Stunned, Foreign Media Reveal Plans for Future KF-21 Boramae Development

ZONAJAKARTA.com – Korean Falcon aka fighter jet KF-21 Boramae will make its first flight next month. KF-21 Boramae plans to build 8 prototypes, 2 of which are used for ground testing. KF-21 Boramae it only has semi-stealth capabilities as it does not have a built-in bomb bay, it is said that the RCS is smaller … Read more

Haven’t Worked Already Stressed

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Electric rail usersKRL) admitted that he was stressed about having to transit and jostling to get a train at Manggarai StationSouth Jakarta. One of the KRL users, Imam Hanafi, said that he departed from Pondok Cina Station to Sudirman Station. Before the system changes, it does not need to transit. After … Read more

Starting June 1, Pangrango Train Tickets Can Be Purchased Online, Ride from Bogor Station All

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Starting June 1, passengers KA Pangrango by booking tickets through the application KAI Access or online ticket sales agents and minimarkets that have collaborated with KAI can ride from Bogor Station. Head of Public Relations of PT KAI Daop 1 Jakarta Eva Chairunisa said that prospective passengers of the Pangrango train who … Read more

KAI Wisata Job Vacancies for High School / Vocational High School and S1 Graduates Page all

KOMPAS.com – KAI Tour is opening job vacancy SMA / SMK graduates up to S1. Job vacancy These will be placed in West Java (Jabar) and East Java (Jatim). KAI Tourism founded in 2009 is recognized as one of the pioneers of rail-based tourism in Indonesia and is a well-established organization in the tourism industry … Read more