Exceeding Last Year’s Figures, as of October 1, Dengue Fever in East Kalimantan Reaches 3,630 Cases with 27 Deaths

SuaraKaltim.id – Case hemorrhagic fever from East Kalimantan Until October 1, 2022, there have been 3,630 cases. Of the 3,630 cases, 27 of them resulted in death. The highest dengue fever case was in Samarinda City which recorded 1,299 cases with 9 deaths. Then followed by Balikpapan with 634 cases, with 2 deaths and Kutai … Read more

Dengue Fever in East Kalimantan Reaches 3,630 Cases, 27 Deaths

BALIKPAPAN, Inibalikpapan.com – The East Kalimantan Provincial Health Office released dengue fever cases until October 1, 2022, reaching 3,630 cases, with 27 deaths. The highest is Samarinda City with 1,299 cases with 9 deaths. Then Balikpapan with 634 cases, with 2 deaths and Kutai Kertanegara with 500 cases with 5 deaths. The two lowest areas … Read more

A couple in Central Kalimantan are sadly killed, the victim’s daughter sees a naked man with a thud

Palangkaraya – A teenage girl with the initials MY (17), the daughter of a couple who were victims of a sadistic murder in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan (Kalteng) is said to have witnessed the perpetrators of the murder. To the police, MY admitted that he saw firsthand the figure of the killer of his parents, a … Read more

The Story of Wife Being Abused by Her Own Grandfather to Giving Birth to Children, Husband in Berau, East Kalimantan Emotions Page all

KOMPAS.com – A PU wife (16) who just got married last February 2022 give birth The first was the result of his own grandfather’s molestation. The victim’s husband, BE became emotional after learning of this incident and reported the grandfather with the initials SA (64) to the Resort Police He East Kalimantan (East Kalimantan). It … Read more

BIAN’s achievements in Balikpapan are 80 percent the highest in East Kalimantan

BALIKPAPAN,Inibalikpapan.com – The Balikpapan City Government through the Balikpapan City Health Office (DKK) supports Dental and Oral Health Day (HKGM) which falls on September 12 every year. Head of the Balikpapan DKK, Andi Sri Juliarty, said that in Balikpapan there are 50 schools involved in the HKGM involving 4,700 students. “Today we support the implementation … Read more

Cool! Scientists Create First 3D Binary Star System Orbiting Planet

Dead Star Rips Planet in ‘Cosmic Cannibalism’ / Wion News JAKARTA, kilat.com- Search exoplanet we continue. With the help of the latest technology, we have built a powerful telescope that can not only scan the sky for what is visible, but also which can show the development of light that is invisible to the human … Read more

Tomorrow leaving for East Kalimantan, this is the composition of the NTT Pre Popnas Team

KUPANG, VICTORYNEWS – NTT Pre Popnas Team has undergone a training camp in Kupang since last Friday (26/8/2022). According to the plan, the Pre Popnas team will go to East Kalimantan on Friday (9/9/2022) accompanied by Manager Johny Lumba, Head Coach Patrich Domal and Assistant Coach Ibnu Sanda. Before leaving, NTT Pre Popnas Team will … Read more

God Fish Have Many Names, What Are? page all

KOMPAS.com – Fish God is a species fish fresh water that can be found in a number of inland water areas in Indonesia Indonesia. Although this fish is popular with the name god fishit turns out that in some areas, Dewa fish has many names. Latin name fish Tor sp It has various nicknames in … Read more

Persipura vs Central Kalimantan Men’s Results in Liga 2 2022 – Win 4-0, Top Eastern Group Standings

TRIBUNKALTENG.COM – 2022 League 2 Results today, Persipura Jayapura successfully won full points in the opening match of the League 2 eastern region. Persipura successfully conquered Central Kalimantan with a landslide score of 4-0 in the match which was held at the Lukas Enembe Main Stadium, Jayapura, Monday (29/8/2022). Although not accompanied by head coach … Read more

Ahead of Persipura vs Central Kalimantan Putra in League 2, this is the list of names of Laskar Isen players returning to Papua

TRIBUNKALTENG.COM – Facing the first match Liga 2 2022, Persipura vs Kalteng Putra, Isen’s Home Army brought 25 players to Papua for an away match. Persipura vs Central Kalimantan will compete at the Lukas Enembe Stadium, Jayapura, Monday (29/8/2022). This is the first match Persipura and Central Kalimantan belonging to the Eastern Region group Liga 2 2022. Currently, the … Read more