Online Taxi Drivers in Medan Kidnap Female Passengers, Here’s the Motive

MEDAN, -Satreskrim personnel Medan Police Station and the Patumbak Police Criminal Investigation Unit managed to arrest an online taxi driver who was desperate to kidnap his female passenger. The action was carried out by the perpetrators because they wanted to control the victim’s cellphone, named Grace. Deputy Chief of Police for Medan AKBP Irsan … Read more

Aurélio was legally sentenced to 2 years 3 months for kidnapping

The Szeged Judgment Board sentenced him to two years and three months in prison VV Auréliót for kidnapping an acquaintance with a partner four years ago. The former winner of the Real World must also serve the two-year prison sentence he was previously sentenced for for other crimes. The man’s partner was sentenced to one … Read more

Man reports kidnapping through bank form

The victim had been taken to a bank to make a transfer for $ 40 million pesos. However, he alerted one of the cashiers to what he was experiencing, all through a brief message, so that they would notify the Carabineros. A man reported being kidnapped through a message written on a bank form on … Read more

Toddler who survived cable car accident can return to Italy after ‘kidnapping’

The six-year-old boy who the only one survived an accident with an Italian funicular, may be returned to his aunt in Italy. That has been confirmed by a court in Israel on appeal. The Italian-Israeli boy had been living with his aunt since the accident, but his grandfather had taken him to Israel two months … Read more

Australian 36-year-old charged with kidnapping four-year-old Cleo – VG

A 36-year-old Australian man is charged with kidnapping Cleo Smith (4), who disappeared during a camping trip with the family in October. Published: Less than 3 hours ago The four-year-old was found alive Wednesday, after police broke into a house in the coastal town of Carnarvon. She had been missing for 18 days after disappearing … Read more

‘El Mijis’ denounces kidnapping in SLP; they forced him to sing Lalo Mora’s melody to free him, he says

‘El Mijis’ denounced that he was a victim of kidnapping and torture in SLP and that his captors forced him to sing a song by Lalo Mora to free him Pedro Carrizales placeholder image, better known as’The Mijis‘, he denounced that his disappearance on San Luis Potosi it was because it was kidnaped, and assured … Read more

Kidnapping of foreigners in North Korea

13-year-old Megumi Yokota was kidnapped by the order of Kim Jong-il himself, who confessed to ordering her abduction in 2002. The girl was stolen from Korea to … teach local agents the Japanese language and the “Western lifestyle” The most controversial, however, is not the kidnapping and life of Megumi Yokota, but her death. Pyongyang … Read more

Colombian female journalist raped for 16 hours, country found guilty

loading… BOGOTA – The Inter-American Court of Human Rights (HAM) ruled that the state Colombia guilty of the plight of a local female journalist who was kidnapped, tortured and raped for 16 hours. The victim was abducted by paramilitary forces in 2000 for investigating arms smuggling in the country’s prisons. “Colombia is guilty of failing … Read more

The gang in Haiti abducted a group of 17 Americans, including children

The kidnapping took place in the Haitian capital as the group took a bus to the airport after visiting a local orphanage. Violence and kidnappings are not uncommon in this poor Caribbean country, but local authorities have been surprised that this time it is such a large group. In addition, the frequency of abductions in … Read more

An entire city celebrating: after the kidnapping Beethoven, the stray dog ​​mascot of Santa Bárbara, was found

Beethoven was gone. Taken away from those streets that have always been his home, where everyone takes care of him. The entire city of Santa Bárbara, in Antioquia, Colombia, was left in shock at the news of the kidnapping of this 8-year-old dog, a cross between Pitbull and Bulldog, not just a stray, but the … Read more