Here’s the Mode of Kidnapping in Central Bangka, Luckily the Students Managed to Escape

BANGKA BELITUNG, — Either one student at SDN 08 Namang, District Central Bangalore almost fell victim kidnapping. This happened when the child go home school on Wednesday (25/1/2023). Modus kidnapping that unknown person did to approach students who had just returned home school and asked the students to leave. This event occurred when student … Read more

The torture devices were ready: dock worker testifies about attempted kidnapping by drug mafia (Antwerp)

In the photo: client Yannick W. (35). The torture devices were already ready with which the drug mafia dock worker Pedro wanted to make it clear that he had no choice but to work for them. His kidnapping failed, the victim was able to escape his attackers. They were sentenced to five years in prison … Read more

WHO condemns the kidnapping of a doctor of the organization in Mali

Published on : 24/01/2023 – 18:02 A World Health Organization doctor was kidnapped on Monday in the town of Ménaka, in eastern Mali, said a statement from the UN organization’s regional office for Africa. L’World Health Organization (WHO) revealed and condemned, Tuesday, January 24, the kidnapping, the day before in the east of Maliof a … Read more

Afraid of Kidnapping, Elon Musk Hires 100 Bodyguards to Guard His Father, Fortified House

loading… Retired engineer Errol Musk. Photos/instagrams WESTERN CAPE – The home of retired engineer Errol Musk in the Western Cape, South Africa, has been treated to an expensive security makeover. That’s thanks to his billionaire son Elon Musk who has expressed growing concern about potential attacks on his family. The 76-year-old patriarch described the security … Read more

After news of her kidnapping, he revealed the circumstances of the disappearance of a “famous artist’s assistant” in Egypt

On Sunday, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani held talks with Egyptian officials and the Arab League in Cairo, which focused on regional security and the conflict in neighboring Libya, in addition to sensitive bilateral issues. Tajani said that he raised with the Egyptian President the case of Giulio Regeni, an Italian graduate student who was … Read more

In Burkina Faso, the army freed kidnapped women and babies

Burkina Faso’s RTB television channel, referring to the army’s “operation”, showed pictures of the women freed and brought to the capital Ouagadougou on Friday on its main evening news. This news was confirmed to the AFP news agency by several security sources. The women and babies were abducted last week, Thursday and Friday, near Arbinda … Read more

62 women and babies rescued after kidnapping in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, soldiers have freed 62 kidnapped women and four babies, according to state television and a security source. Pictures of the women who were taken to the capital Ouagadougou after the liberation were shown on Friday on state television in the West African country. Several security sources confirmed to the AFP news agency … Read more

Afraid of Becoming a Kidnapping Victim, Schoolgirls in Gresik Desperately Jump from Public Transport: Driver Asks for Doors to be Closed – MDM (17), a student from Kebomas, Gresik Regency, East Java (East Java), had to undergo treatment at the hospital after she decided to jump from the bus she was riding. MDM was determined to carry out this action because he suspected that he would become a victim of being kidnapped by the bus … Read more

Top 3 Metro: Labor demonstration against unilateral layoffs, Ciliwung Sodetan Operates in March to Overcome Floods

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The three most popular metropolitan news stories on Sunday morning started with the voices of female workers at labor demonstrations who were worried about becoming victims layoffs unilateral. The women workers complained about the Job Creation Law which they thought was detrimental to workers due to unclear layoff rules. The second news … Read more

Horrible! Pastor in Nigeria Burned Alive, 5 Congregations Kidnapped

Before Expulsion – Armed attackers burn alive a Catholic priest in Nigeria. Besides that, the perpetrators too kidnap five worshipers in two separate attacks in central Nigeria and northwestern Nigeria. As reported by AFP, Monday (16/1/2023), the attack occurred at around 02.00 local time in the village of Kafin-Koro in the state of Nigeria. Perpetrators … Read more