God will not forgive you, the superior of the Kyiv monastery threatens Zelensky. He refuses to leave with the monks

But the monks refused to leave the monastery and held a service on Thursday morning. Metropolitan Pavlo, superior of the monastery, announced that no one will leave the complex until the court decides on this dispute. The church challenged the authorities’ decision in court last week. “No committee will get in. Just because it’s a … Read more

According to Kiev, the Russians advanced at Bakhmut. The Wagners attack in the city, the army in the north and south | iRADIO

Russian forces have advanced near Bakhmut, but Ukrainian soldiers are generally holding defensive lines near this city, which has been besieged for months. This was stated by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army on Wednesday evening. Kiev 11:40 March 30, 2023 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Print Copy the url … Read more

Russia and Ukraine: Germany and Britain deliver the first shipment of advanced Leopard and Challenger tanks to Kiev, so what is the significance of that?

Ali El Gomaty BBC News Arabic March 28, 2023 image copyright Reuters photo comment, A number of Ukrainian soldiers have been trained on Leopard tanks at military bases in Germany The first shipment of heavy tanks, Leopard 2 and Challenger, arrived in Ukraine provided by Germany and Britain, to help it confront the Russian invasion, … Read more

Changes on the Russian Railways. They do not want the “Kiev direction” – o2.pl

share Tweet The Kiev direction of the Moscow Railway will be changed to Kaluga, the Moscow authorities have announced. The official reason is “simplification of passenger navigation”, but it may be related to an attempt to avoid words related to Ukraine in Russia. The Moscow authorities decided to name the fourth railway central diameter “Kalusk-Novgorod”, … Read more

Ukraine War – Kiev denies arbitrary execution of prisoners of war

Ukraine has denied UN allegations that, like Russia, it arbitrarily executed prisoners of war without trial. The foreign ministry in Kiev thanked the UN mission to monitor human rights in Ukraine on Friday for their investigations, while warning against any attempt “that could be interpreted as equating the victim with the aggressor.” It is “unacceptable” … Read more

The UN accuses Moscow and Kiev of torturing and killing prisoners of war

United Nations human rights monitors have documented dozens of summary killings of Ukrainian and Russian prisoners of war, the use of torture and other abuses that could amount to war crimes. This is revealed by a new UN report on the war in Ukraine which is based on interviews with about 400 prisoners of war, … Read more

three clues about the uranium ammunition that London will send to kyiv

Russia threatened to intensify attacks on Ukraine after the British government announced it would supply Ukraine with a type of ammunition that Moscow falsely claims has nuclear components. The British Ministry of Defense confirmed on Monday that it will supply Ukraine armor-piercing ammunition containing depleted uranium. This type of projectiles was developed by the United … Read more

The government stands with Kiev, left in no particular order and Schlein deserts the hall

The majority resolution passes, a small part of the opposition (the Third Pole) votes in favor of the part relating to support for Ukraine, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni goes up to Colle for the usual meeting with the head of state before leaving for the summit European Brussels. But the film of the day in … Read more

Ukraine. Vitaly Portnikov on the visit of the Prime Minister of Japan to Kiev

For the first time since 1945, the head of the Japanese government has visited a country where hostilities are ongoing. But the symbolism of this journey is not only that. Since the end of the Second World War, Japan has been in a territorial dispute with the Soviet Union and later the Russian Federation over … Read more

The Russians attacked Ukraine with drones at night. Seven people died near Kiev and the search is on for more | iRADIO

At least seven people died in the Kyiv region in a Russian drone attack overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday. Authorities initially reported four victims, but the toll rose after rescuers recovered three more bodies from the wreckage of the damaged building. With reference to the Kyiv regional administration and rescuers, the Ukrainska pravda website reported … Read more