Catcher lets venomous snake back into customer’s kitchen after not being paid – News

One snake catcher was called to rescue a red-bellied black snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus) from a kitchen in Australia, but let the animal escape again. THE animal, with potent venomwas withdrawn by the professional, but the client refused to pay, believing that the service should be offered by the country’s government. Colin Shoemark is a professional … Read more

The Siko family empire will be lost for the first time in thirty years. He expects a loss of up to 100 million

“They build less. People from the construction industry report that sales of lost formwork – a basic component for the construction of single-family homes – dropped by eighty percent in December and January. This is already evident here. From last September until the end of the year, our sales in volume units were falling, at … Read more

Don’t let it through the kitchen door: it rots your heart! Worst foods for your health

There are many factors that affect heart health. Stress, harmful habits, malnutrition can cause heart diseases. In order to protect cardiovascular health, which is among our vital organs, we need to pay attention to our nutrition. The foods we consume in our daily life increase the risks of cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, cancer and heart … Read more

The world’s best restaurant closes – is the end of haute cuisine coming?

Noma in Copenhagen is an institution. It has been named the best restaurant in the world five times. Accepted as a symbol of innovative trends in haute cuisine, the project of Chef René Redzepi, also awarded three Michelin stars, was considered the most influential restaurant of its time – in the research and search for … Read more

Wall Street Kitchen

Before going further in this column, as it is the first of the year, my duty is to wish you an excellent year. All my best wishes for a slightly better stock market year than the one we have just experienced, but also all my best wishes for the rest. Well, now that “that” is … Read more

CES 2023 – LG brings a good mood to the kitchen – The MoodUp is a party fridge

At CES 2023, LG presented a refrigerator with LED panels that should make your kitchen something very special. But what exactly can he do? Let’s look at that now. More … <!– –><!– –> At CES 2023, LG presented a refrigerator with LED panels that should make your kitchen something very special. But what exactly … Read more

Lidl kitchen robot with scale and new options, the perfect gift for these Three Wise Men

Every time a new one goes on sale household product from Lidl sales multiply, and it is that without a doubt the quality that they offer to the consumer are really positive. In this case, you have launched the new Kitchen robot Monsieur Cuisine Smart with new features and more power than ever. In addition, … Read more