“She saw her father hitting her stepfather”

Posted on Monday, September 20, 2021 at 6:57 p.m. Through Cédric Ketelair Anthony, the alleged perpetrator of the beatings on his ex-wife’s companion, does not come to court. He faces two years in prison. Hearing expeditiously at the Criminal Court of Tournai, Monday afternoon, since all the files were folded after an hour. The fault … Read more

one took out a knife and hit (Namur)

The violent altercation occurred near the station. Éda – 501637693887 Sunday, around 4:30 p.m., near Namur station, a fight broke out between two homeless, one born in 1978, the other in 1992. The older of the two was stabbed (like penknife ) to the other. The two having also given blows. The stab wounded was … Read more

A foreigner in Zábřeh attacked a man with a knife

Fortunately, the injuries suffered by the victim during the incident did not endanger his life. “We were able to detain the attacker shortly after the incident. While his breath test was negative, the test for the presence of narcotics and psychotropic substances was positive for amphetamine, “the spokeswoman stated. The police did not communicate the … Read more

He went to his knees with a knife to his neck. I have been under pressure since I came to Teplice, Kučera claims that he is used to it

Šimon Gabriel, David Černý and Teplice coach Radim Kučera. Vlastimil Vacek, Right “I am still under pressure. For the whole time I came last December. For three-quarters of a year, “he admitted, he had not yet enjoyed some peace on Stínadly. And he won’t. Now it’s hard after the home loss to Ostrava’s Baník. “I … Read more

Terror in Sintra: Gas gang kills 27-year-old distributor with a knife – News

Michel Amorim, 27, was killed by stabbing his lungs by robbers who are terrorizing gas distributors. There will be four, but they always attack in pairs. They have been terrorizing gas cylinder distributors in the municipality of Sintra for about eight months. There have been several robberies, but none as tragic as the one on … Read more

In Vilani, a man threatens to rob a salesman with a knife

On Wednesday, a man in Vilani, threatening to sell the phone to a salesman of a home appliance store with a knife, informed Lāsma Kursīte, a representative of the Latgale Region Office of the State Police. On Wednesday, shortly before 11 o’clock, the police received information about a possible robbery in Vilani. Law enforcement officers … Read more

“Someone pulled out a gun to threaten”

On the night of Saturday 14 to Sunday 15 August, a fight broke out during a rally in the Cora parking lot in La Louvière. A 21-year-old young man had been stabbed there, fortunately superficially. This fact, in part at the origin of the ordinance against gatherings, also prompted the mother of the victim to … Read more

Turkish chef-millionaire Nusret Goekce fed Buzova with a knife

The TV star admired the personality and tricks of the Turkish star, TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova reported on the Web that she spent an evening on vacation with Turkish restaurateur Nusret Goekce. In his country, the virtuoso chef is a star, he has gained worldwide fame for his unusual culinary techniques. A romantic … Read more

Pentagon closed after knife attack – one policeman killed

Journalists at the scene heard several shots, and several wounded were reported. Tuesday night Norwegian time, the AP confirms that a policeman was stabbed and killed. The circumstances surrounding the episode are still unclear, but the incident happened at a bus stop outside the building. The episode was first described as a pure shooting episode. … Read more

The Pentagon was closed after a knife attack

According to police, a police officer was stabbed and later died of his injuries. The perpetrator was shot and died at the scene, according to AP. The Pentagon confirmed that the building was shut down as a result of “police activity”, but did not say what happened. According to the Pentagon’s own security force, the … Read more