More than 40 dogs on the mountain will soon run out of water and food. Volunteers deploy rescue operations and urgently seek a large number of temporary care

[Animal News]There are more than 40 dogs on a certain mountain that will be without water and food due to the completion of the site at the end of May. The volunteers decided to launch a large-scale rescue operation after receiving help from the dog feeding sister who was working on the site. The most … Read more

The latest battle situation: Russian Bakhmut has made progress, Ukrainian armored vehicles have assembled in large numbers | Russo-Ukrainian War | Ukraine Counteroffensive | Putin | Nuclear Threat | Bakhmut | Zelensky | Xi Jinping | International Criminal Court | Arrest Warrants | Turkey |

[Voice of Hope, March 30, 2023](Comprehensive report by our reporter Tang Yu) The Russian-Ukrainian war has lasted more than 13 months, and the Ukrainian military said the Russian army had made some progress in Bakhmut. A video of a large number of Ukrainian armored vehicles gathering has been circulated on the Internet, and the outside … Read more

Large increase in killed Russians. A shocking number – WP Wiadomosci

share Tweet British Defense Minister Ben Wallace, citing the latest estimates from the US, gave figures on Russian losses during Putin’s war in Ukraine. The total number of dead and wounded reached 220,000. soldiers. War in Ukraine. Follow the latest information in our LIVE BROADCAST More than 220,000 people have been killed or injured since … Read more

A large van crashed into a buffer truck on the E42 towards Liège, in Horion-Hozémont

Large queues of vehicles formed along the E42 motorway in the direction of Mons-Liège around 6 p.m. this Thursday. The federal police informed that a major accident had occurred near Horion-Hozémont, in an area under construction. A large pickup truck crashed into a buffer truck. An extrication was necessary to extract the driver. Finally very … Read more

What are the signals sent by leaders of many countries and a large number of foreign company executives rushing to visit China? | blog post

March 29, 2023 14:35 Last Update: 15:12 At present, Sino-US relations are at a historical low point since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The United States regards China as its most important strategic competitor and the most important geopolitical challenge, and has engaged in economic decoupling and technological containment against China. … Read more

A power bank for fishermen for a few crowns: it offers a large capacity and charges quickly

<!–A power bank for fishermen for a few crowns: it offers a large capacity and charges quickly | XThis website uses cookies for analytical and advertising services of third parties in accordance with the legal protection of privacy. By clicking “I accept” you agree to the use of these cookies and our privacy policy. … Read more

Anna bequeaths her house and a large sum of money to the municipality

It is a fabulous donation that the municipality of Colfontaine will receive. Anna, a resident of Warquiginies, died on February 16, 2022. She decided to bequeath her heritage to three entities and organizations. ** **** ** ** ******* ** ************ ******* ** ** **** ****** ** ** ********* ************* ********* ********** *** **** ** *** … Read more

China and Saudi Arabia join forces to fight against the United States, and Saudi Aramco has successively announced large projects in China | Blog post

March 28, 2023 16:03 Last Update: 16:13 On March 10, under the mediation of China, Saudi Arabia and Iran agreed to restore diplomatic relations and reopen their embassies within two months. President Xi Jinping had a telephone conversation with Saudi Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman today (28th). Xi Jinping pointed out that … Read more

The first German Leopards arrived in Ukraine. However, German companies cannot deliver new machines on a large scale

A few days ago, there was news that caused malicious satisfaction in the West: Russia is deploying tanks from the “museum” on the Ukrainian battlefield. The emergency forced the Russian leadership to pull out of storage 60-year-old T-62 machines, which, among other things, “distinguished themselves” during the crushing of the Prague Spring. According to the … Read more

– As always, the turnout is very large – E24

Rolex launched its new 2023 models on Monday. Demand is the same as before, despite an uncertain world economy, reports Urmaker Bjerke. CAUSES INTEREST: Spectators are in place outside the Rolex stand in Geneva, Switzerland on Monday. Photo: FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP Published: Published: 27. mars Copy link Copy link share on Facebook share on … Read more